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Jul 10 2019

Trees Emit Methane, a Greenhouse Gas

Everything must be hyper-regulated to the point of total suppression because everything causes global warming — even trees.

Via Wired:

Sunitha Pangala, a British postdoc researcher, spent two months traveling the Amazon’s waterways strapping gas-measuring equipment to thousands of trees. She found that trees, especially in the extensive flooded forests, were stimulating methane production in the waterlogged soils and mainlining it into the atmosphere.

Methane production, right there in the sacred rainforest.

[S]he had discovered a hitherto ignored major source of the second most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. It now seems that most of the world’s estimated 3 trillion trees emit methane at least some of the time.

The first most important greenhouse gas is not CO2. It is water vapor. Big Government had better regulate that too, or else the climate might continue to fluctuate the way it always has.

It has been known for at least a century that trees emit methane. Until now, no one thought to investigate how much in the context of global warming hysteria.

Meanwhile, moonbats lay the groundwork to ban meat because cows emit methane.

Now we learn that planting trees may not reduce greenhouse gases as much as we were told. More importantly, we learn that climate science is still in its infancy. At this point, it is too corrupted by political considerations to take seriously anyway.

Nobody knows what the climate will do. The only thing we can be relatively sure of is that allowing leftists to exploit climate hysteria to impose repressive policies is unlikely to have a perceptible effect, much less a beneficial one.

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