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Nov 06 2018

Trump Ad Networks Don’t Want You to See

NBC and Fox News pulled the Trump ad. CNN refused to run it in the first place. Facebook blocked the ad too. ABC and CBS were never asked to run it.

We are told we should not be allowed to see the ad because it is “racist.”

The Streisand effect has kicked in. By now everyone wants to see what is so horrible about the ad that the liberal establishment is afraid it will derange our voting behavior.

Actually, it is a variation on the ad that set libs’ hair aflame earlier:

If there is anything worse than a censor, it is a sanctimonious censor. The apple emoji is a reference to the widely ridiculed CNN ad falsely claiming that the infamously biased propaganda channel reports facts.

Under most tyrannies, the government censors the private sector. In this case, it is the other way around.

If the Trump ad is racist, then racist means, “anything the liberal establishment doesn’t want you to agree with.” Are we really expected to approve of crime and foreign invasion unless Caucasians are responsible?

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

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