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Aug 22 2016

Trump Begins to Pivot on Illegal Immigration

In the beginning, the only reason to support Donald Trump was his adamant assertion that he would deport most if not all illegal aliens and prevent more from coming in. Given that only a few years earlier he had denounced Mitt Romney for being “mean-spirited” by suggesting that illegals self-deport, it is astonishing that anyone took these promises seriously. Already the promises are in the process of being revoked:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump plans to present an immigration plan in Colorado Thursday that will include finding a way to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants, according to three people who attended a meeting between the candidate and Hispanic leaders on Saturday at Trump Tower in New York.

“I really liked that Trump acknowledged that there is a big problem with the 11 million [undocumented] people who are here, and that deporting them is neither possible nor humane,” said Jacob Monty, a Texas immigration lawyer who attended the meeting. …

Trump told the group of conservative Hispanic leaders he would announce a plan to grant legal status “that wouldn’t be citizenship but would allow them to be here without fear of deportation,” Monty said.

That is, amnesty.

“Trump is aware that he cannot deport 11 million people,” says Lola Zinke, wife of Ryan Zinke, a Republican congressman from Montana…

Really? Then why did he promise it over and over again?

For a while Trump toyed with touchback amnesty. But evidently that wouldn’t be humane either. Lola Zinke continues:

“It doesn’t make sense to force undocumented [immigrants] to go back to their countries to regularize their situation. Trump himself mentioned a possible solution: let them do it at the embassies or consulates of their countries,” she said.

We are talking about touchback amnesty without all the hardship of touching back.

Other people present at the meeting backed that idea, explaining that the candidate said he did not like the idea of forcing undocumented immigrants to go back to their countries to regularize their immigration status, and that it would make sense to allow them to do so without leaving the United States.

Listen and laugh as Trump’s latest campaign manager Kellyanne Conway sums up The Donald’s immigration policy with the phrase “to be determined”:

Immigration hardliner Jeff Sessions, who presumably climbed aboard the Trump Train because he believed the deportation promises, confirms that The Donald is now “wrestling” with what to do about illegal immigrants. Trump himself says he is “working with a lot of people in the Hispanic community to try and come up with an answer.”

If you are surprised by Trump’s abandonment of the immigration position that he originally sold his supporters on, please get in touch. I am selling oceanfront property here in Arizona, and I would like to give you a special deal. Purchase a lot by midnight tonight and I will throw in the Brooklyn Bridge, a conservative Supreme Court nomination, and a degree from Trump University.

On tips from Torcer and Varla. Hat tips: Right Scoop, Politistick.

112 Responses to “Trump Begins to Pivot on Illegal Immigration”

  1. Occam's Stubble says:

    Trumpkins to begin touting this as the best way to deal with illegals in 5, 4, 3…

  2. ramrodd says:

    Friday, August 14, 2015

    TRUMP the “OUTSTANDING” – illegal aliens you want to give a “Merit System”

    Before an illegal alien receives his/her first paycheck or cash payment, they have
    committed some 26 Federal, State and Local laws.
    1. They conspire to cross the border illegally. (1 count)
    2. They hire a coyote or are provided passage by a Drug Cartel in exchange for
    guided passage into the USA. (1 count)
    3. They cross the Border with a coyote and in many cases smuggle drugs. (1
    4. They travel, illegally, to their destination or to a destination determined by
    their “smuggler.” (1 count)
    5. They obtain fraudulent documents via identity theft, or via manufactured
    documents….driver license, green card, social security card, birth certificate
    (each count a felony). (4 counts)

    6. They look for work using these documents. (1 count)
    7. They fill out work documents falsely, i.e., Federal and State IRS forms, SSN
    forms, Immigration forms, Workers comp. forms (each a separate felony. (6
    8. They drive on our roads without a legal license, registration, insurance. (3
    9. They get paid via check or under the table, thus conspiring with the employer to defraud the government(s) via the use of false documents. (2 counts)
    10. They open bank accounts via the use of false documents in violation of Federal Law and the Patriot Act. (2 counts)
    11. They obtain housing via the use of false documents. (1 count)
    12. They obtain a car or truck via the use of false documents. (1 count)
    13. They obtain healthcare via the use of false documents. (1 count)
    14. They secure public service benefits via the use of false documents – food,
    housing, healthcare, etc. (3 + counts)

    At a minimum this list shows that they commit at least 28 crimes of identity theft,
    conspiracy, obtaining false documents making false statements, fraud, violation
    of Federal and State and Local laws, etc.


    The above list correctly demonstrates that they are not simply in violation of our
    laws just for crossing the Border, they are in violation for multiple misdemeanor and criminal acts in just a very short period of time and they continue to compound their violations via the passage of time, via falsification of documents, false statements, perjury and the list goes on.

  3. ramrodd says:

    Why Didn’t Trump Include His Grand ‘Touchback’ Amnesty Scheme In His
    Immigration Manifesto?

    Answer: Because he knew that revealing this scheme (that he’s been
    talking about on interview after interview since April 14, 2015) would cause a
    Conservative revolt and very likely cost him the GOP nomination, so he simply
    left it out.

    As a result, there is no “touchback” Amnesty mentioned
    nor is there a mention of his wanting to deport all 40 to 60 million illegals in
    the U.S. in his manifesto.

    However, Conservatives and others paying attention will not let Trump off
    the hook re: his Amnesty. We want “the truth”! We want to know “how” he’s going
    to get “touchback” thru both houses of Congress and we want to know how many
    illegals-once-removed he will try to bring back..
    dave levine show

  4. KHarn says:

    Sure we can’t deport EVERY ONE of them, but let’s deport as many as we can! That’s the law. As well, the police should enforce the border and make it hard for the ILLEGAL ALIENS to enter the country.
    But that might be that’s too much like common sense for some people.

  5. ramrodd says:

    Sept 2015 – Trump’s Deportation Proposal Isn’t Nazism, It’s A Senate Proposal Called ‘Touchback’ Amnesty..

    Marc Thiessen, former speechwriter to George W. Bush, in an appearance on
    The Kelly File Friday night, said that what Mr. Trump is saying when he talks
    about sending them back is an actual amnesty proposal called “Touchback” aka
    “Touchback Amnesty”. It was a Senate proposal that narrowly missed passage in

    It was endorsed by the New York Times but the National Review was opposed
    because they called it amnesty. It simply means if illegal immigrants want to
    stay here, they can go back home and then receive expedited approval to come
    back in and stay.Marc Thiessen explains in the next video and, as he said, Trump’s rhetoric is more fiery than what he’s actually proposing.

  6. KirklesWorth says:

    This as the best way to deal with illegals!…not. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  7. Bodhisattva says:

    Trump’s original position was intended to win GOP/Conservative votes.

    Trump’s pivot, which is so far not a full retreat but a suggestion one is coming, is clearly intended to scoop up any disgruntled liberal moonbats who want to teach the DNC a lesson for foisting Hillary on them when they clearly wanted crazy “B.S.” Bernie.

    We really cannot know what his eventual position – and resulting actions – will be, we can only hope it’s more sane than what we KNOW Hillary has PROMISED and LIKELY WILL DO HER BEST TO DO.

    Which doesn’t make me any more comfortable with the prospect of a President Trump, nor am I suggesting you should be either.

  8. Bodhisattva says:

    Got a link to any videos you mentioned?

  9. Bodhisattva says:

    I wonder, what is the alternative?

    I always said that anyone who has to be found, chased down & deported should lose the right to be here, under any circumstance, for life – particularly if they are found to have committed crimes (other than those listed by ramrodd above, which most of them commit as a matter of course) while here.

    Anyone who leaves voluntarily – should we let them have a chance to come back? Certainly NOT via ‘expedited processing’ or any such nonsense – all that will do is continue the incentive for people to come here illegally, establish their presence, then claim the right to an ‘expedite’. If anything they should have to wait an extra period of time, with the alternative being, as noted above, having to be found, booted out and losing any chance of being here.

    And if they whine about families being split up, nobody is stopping their family from joining them in their country of origin.

  10. KirklesWorth says:

    As long as he #1 builds some sort of border wall, #2 enforces border laws, and #3 starts deporting illegals from the newest to the oldest, I’d call that a positive move.

  11. ramrodd says:

    am sorry that you refuse to do your own research

  12. ramrodd says:

    40 – 50 million – Michael Cutler: There Are Very Real Reasons for Arizona’s
    New Immigration Law

  13. ramrodd says:

    ICE Agent: “My Job Obsolete, Borders Now Wide Open;” Career ICE Official:

    “We’re Being Kept in Dark;” 40 Mlln Amnesty, NOT Just 5 Mlln

  14. ramrodd says:

    They will be building the wall to close us in with 50 million invaders!!

  15. J.j. Cintia says:

    This is a fake story put out by Univision and gawker. Nice to see you were dumb enough to fall for it. I guess you #NeverTrump traitors are just grasping at straws now. Actually criticizing Trump for a fake story about him pursuing the SAME POLICY as Bush or Romney. Kind of pathetic, boys.

  16. Stephen says:

    It’s good to see pretending to care about immigration. One of the positive results of the Trump campaign is that it’s pushed the right … to the right … on immigration.

    Trump has been squishy and wishy washy on immigration matters from day one. It’s not news to those who are genuinely concerned. The case for Trump has been from day one not that he is perfect on immigration, but that he is better than any other Republican candidate whether we’re talking about this year’s primary or any other candidate in decades.

    If he waffles too hard on this he’ll lose a lot of support going into election. If he attempts to serve up amnesty after being elected he’ll be treated like GWB or Eric Cantor, but the upside will be that he’ll show that it’s possible to win an election while running tough on immigration.

  17. KirklesWorth says:

    Okay, it’s from Breitbart (aka “BreitTrump”), but here it is:

    Exclusive – RNC Official at Trump’s Hispanic Meeting Debunks False BuzzFeed, Univision Reports that Donald Succumbed to Amnesty Activists

    A senior staffer at the Republican National Committee (RNC) told Breitbart News Saturday GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump did not say or suggest that he was open to granting any legal status–amnesty–to any illegal aliens in the United States at his campaign’s National Hispanic Advisory Council meeting as reported in BuzzFeed and Univision.

  18. rambler says:

    If there were a will to deport 11 mil illegals, it would get done. There isn’t a will to do it, so we hear nothing but excuses. There is a whole industry set up to give the illegals the goodies to enable them to stay. Cut that off and bye-bye!

  19. Occam's Stubble says:

    This is why you do it with e-Verify. No jobs = no illegals. No Elian Gonzalez scenes for the media to run 24X7. They pick up their families including the anchor babies and move along.

  20. Stephen says:

    Right on.

  21. rambler says:


  22. Torcer says:

    BREAKING: Trump was going to give a big immigration speech on Thursday. Now it’s cancelled!

  23. KirklesWorth says:

    Oh no! He’s making a fundraising trip to Colorado! He must be tired from going to Louisiana to help flood victims. And before you wanted to know why he wasn’t fundraising…

    Donald Trump to make fundraising trip to Colorado, campaign now says no immigration speech expected

  24. FrozenPatriot says:

    His wall would do us all better if it were built around Washington DC to keep the progressive tyrants of both parties from continued unconstitutional meddling in our affairs…

  25. MicahStone says:

    “Trump Begins to Pivot on Illegal Immigration”
    —if only the Trumplings could understand what he doing – but then they wouldn’t be Trumplings !!!!

  26. MicahStone says:

    Spot the Trumpling….

  27. Grumpy Cat says:

    “Trump begins to look more like Hillary on immigration…so let’s make sure Hillary is elected!”

    You #NeverTrumpers are being played by Team Hillary like a stacked deck of cards. Fools.

  28. KHarn says:

    Send the kids that were born here back to their parents’ country. Let them grow up resenting their parents for forcing the stigma of being “damn gringos” upon them.

  29. KHarn says:

    That’s a big “if”, pal.

  30. KirklesWorth says:

    Better than a Hillary “not ever”.

  31. KHarn says:

    Back when Americans were AMERICANS!

  32. Occam's Stubble says:

    Feel the love from the Trumpkins. It’s infectious.

  33. Occam's Stubble says:

    Fundraising? I thought he was self-funding his campaign so that he would be beholden to special interests.

  34. ramrodd says:

    Oreilly Factor tonight used Trumps exact words from August 2015

  35. FrozenPatriot says:

    He loaned his campaign money during the primaries which he’s now repaying with donations. “Self-funding” was as big a lie as everything else he does. He’s also not using these donations to buy advertising. It’s almost like he doesn’t have a desire to win…

  36. man_wolf says:


  37. man_wolf says:


  38. KirklesWorth says:

    Here is the list of Torcer recommended articles to Dave Blount for the month of May regarding either Trump or Hillary.

    Torcer’s recommended articles from May with “Hillary”, “Clinton”, or “Shrillary” in the title:

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    Torcer’s recommended articles from May with “Donald” or “Trump” in the title:

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    34. Trump Favors Free Trade This Week
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    37. Trump and the 2008 Housing Market Crash
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    44. Major Endorsement for Trump’s Foreign Policy

  39. KirklesWorth says:

    According to this (older) Politifact article, 66.2% of his campaign is self-financed.

    According to an article posted by Torcer that asked the question “What if Trump’s goal is really a Clinton victory?” and “What if Trump’s idea of winning is electing Hillary Clinton? And devastating the GOP in the process?”, one of the pieces of “evidence” for this was his “apparent lack of fundraising”:

    His fundraising is tardy and halfhearted. He’s being battered by millions of dollars’ worth in unanswered negative ads like the ones that bloodied Mitt Romney beyond repair in 2012. His campaign staff turmoil dominated June news.

  40. KirklesWorth says:

    Which you would consider to be fine for your “educational agenda”, right?

  41. 762x51 says:

    Love? Seems more like Chlamydia.

  42. TrojanMan says:

    The naturalization laws need to be changed that states one parent must be a US citizen to grant automatic citizenship.No more squatter babies.

  43. 762x51 says:

    As Progressives, their knee jerk reaction is to deny the facts and shoot the messenger. They do it every time, just like the Hillary campaign. Not only is there no significant difference between candidates Clinton and tRump, there is no discernible difference between Hiltery voters and tRump voters. As I have observed here repeatedly, fascists are fascists, packaging is irrelevant.

  44. kirklesworthLickstRumpAss says:

    Really makes no difference to you does it wrinkledick? You’d suck tRumps dick whether he bathed or not. Yet all your lies, all your propping up of the weakest candidate imaginable and he is still losing to the biggest crook in America today.

    What is your boy on now, campaign manager number three or is it four? He can’t stay on message because the only message he has is how great he thinks he is. No body gives a shit about that except you cult followers, people see through the bullshit, you moron. There was only one way for Hillary Clinton to win this election and you imbeciles found it.

    How pathetic you both are.

  45. 762x51 says:

    Wrinkledick doesn’t care about facts. As a Progressive, he only cares about advancing his agenda. Instead of addressing the problem, tRump’s failing candidacy, he would rather attack the messenger who points out that failing candidacy, people like us who had no hand whatsoever in this train wreck. Just like every Democrat operative you have ever seen on TV. radio or in print. Attack the messenger even though your guy has no message of his own.

  46. 762x51 says:


  47. KirklesWorth says:

    Is it time for your hate already? My how time flies. What do you care as long as you get your anarchy?

  48. 762x51 says:

    Ever been to the border wrinkledick? No, you haven’t so once again you are blabbering about something you know nothing about.

    I don’t mean San Yisidro, El Paso or Yuma, I mean the real border where the drug smugglers and human trafficker and terrorists cross, every single night. Go try it for a couple of weeks and get back to me about building a wall in that terrain.

    Can it be done, possibly, should it be done, absolutely, but neither you nor your boy have a fucking clue what you are talking about doing down there, how long it would take and what it would cost.

    Even with 21st century technology, building a wall along that border will make building the transcontinental railroad and moon landing look like Saturday afternoon garage projects. Minimum ten to probably twenty years of all out effort and hundreds of billions of dollars In the mean time the drugs, illegals and terrorists will flow across the border like water. Neither of you fools have any idea what needs done so your “plan” is meaningless.

  49. 762x51 says:

    Your point number 2 is essentially correct with a small change. The drug cartels, not the U.S. or Mexican governments control the border. NO ONE crosses it without their permission which, as you point out, costs money or you carry a load of narcotics for them.

    Today, MJ is still trafficked but the main drugs they bring in now are heroin and Meth. Marijuana legalization in certain states has lowered the value of MJ so they can’t make as much, plus the Mexican farmers who grow it as their cash crop can’t make enough so they switched to processing heroin or cooking meth.

  50. 762x51 says:

    Not sure I understand what you mean?

    The vast majority of illegals have no documentation to base an e-Verify system on. Many, if not most, of them came from door-less, windowless, dirt floor shacks in the jungles of the interior of Mexico, Central and South America. Those countries have no system of recording like the U.S. where you get your prints taken and an identification number issued to you the day you are born and have for many decades now. Just like the hajji vermin being imported from the Middle East, you cannot vet any of them, it is simply impossible. A database is only as good as the data it houses. Though it sounds good in theory, e-Verify would be worthless in practice.

    Shutting down the jobs is certainly a good way to demotivate the flood of illegals, assuming you simultaneously cut off the welfare benefits to them as well.

  51. KirklesworththeCull says:

    I didn’t create the anarchy, asshole, you douche bag Progressives did. I’m just here to thin the herd when the time arrives.

  52. 762x51 says:

    An air strike is quicker, the loss of the historic landmarks would be regrettable, but well worth it. Besides, the replacement buildings would serve as a permanent reminder to future would be rulers that they are not as safe as they might think.

  53. KirklesWorth says:

    A distinction without a difference. You consider progressives your enemy and you want to execute them at your whim. Anarchy, tyranny, political extermination, take your pick.

  54. KirklesWorth says:

    Useful idiots.

  55. Occam's Stubble says:

    The e-Verify system does not verify people from other countries. It makes sure that persons working in this country are legal to do so. It would check SSNs to see if they are valid (i.e. not a dead person) and are not being used by multiple people. That is information our government has in spades.

    Employers would not be allowed to hire anyone who could not pass an e-Verify check.

  56. Occam's Stubble says:


  57. Occam's Stubble says:

    Trump. Now only 33.8% beholden to special interests.

  58. 762x51 says:

    As a civilian, you can go to the border with a militia group and make a dent in the problem. There is a group that goes a few times a year I’m told. I saw it on a TV news story.

  59. 762x51 says:

    Of course you aren’t smart enough to understand the difference. We will use force to resist your fascism, that is how fascism is always defeated. I rise in defense of the Constitution, you and your candidate would destroy that Constitution. You are the aggressor, little boy, not me.

  60. 762x51 says:

    Still made with 100% real cheese, though.

  61. Torcer says:

    1. That was a twitter headline of the story.
    2. Here’s another:
    Reports: Trump cancels Nevada, Colorado, Oregon events via @usatoday

  62. 762x51 says:

    Didn’t that start with Reagan? That is what the I-9 form you fill out when you get a job is for, right? I could be wrong, we don’t use them where I “work”.

    You can have a list of SSN but how would you “verify” the person was the actual one that the number was assigned to? The weakness in the database isn’t the SSN, it’s the actual person supposedly being identified. You get the same SSN from two different employers in two different states, maybe its an illegal stealing someones ID, maybe its a contractor working for two different companies, online. In the end, for it to work, it would have to come down to a national ID card that you get from the government after giving it absolute proof of who you are, which is what they want. That would give them everything they need to control you with the click of a mouse. Getting everyone “in the system” is a prerequisite of Progressive control. Welfare has proven to be too slow and ineffective as has criminalizing an ever wider set of activities. This e-Verify mess sounds tailor made to getting what they want, I’ll pass.

    Hey, I know, we just have our SSN tattooed on our forearms, it worked before.

  63. Occam's Stubble says:

    If you don’t think the SSN is already the national ID card, you’re fooling yourself. FDR was a fascist and knew exactly what he was doing. I’m an I/T contractor and recently worked on my state’s child support system. I was surprised to learn that the federal piece of child support is run through the Social Security administration. They need that so they can track deadbeat parents from state to state. How? With the national ID card.

    Since that’s the case, we should at least put it to good use.

  64. KirklesWorth says:

    Hillary: Now only 100% beholden to her special interests via the Clinton Foundation.

  65. KirklesWorth says:

    It’s a conspiracy!

  66. FrozenPatriot says:

    Progressives in both parties help my educational agenda, including the orange ones. 🙂

  67. KirklesWorth says:

    If you say so. I know somebody will be coming out this election being educated somehow.

  68. Torcer says:

    One would think that were it to be worried about trump’s campaign that it would be elsewhere fighting the good fight against the national socialist left.

  69. KirklesWorth says:

    That’s a laugh coming from you!

  70. Torcer says:

    Apparently you don’t know much about twitter…

  71. Torcer says:

    Why aren’t you doing that?

  72. KirklesWorth says:

    I’m busy asking you why you are suggesting dozens of anti-Trump articles per month and posting more anti-Trump articles within the threads of the articles. It’s time-consuming to follow your anti-Trump trial.

  73. KirklesWorth says:

    Non-sequitur. My comment was a tongue-in-cheek response to your “Reports: Trump cancels Nevada, Colorado, Oregon events”. Why not report on Hillary’s lack of press conferences for over 257 days? Just not that important to you?

  74. Torcer says:

    One would think that were it to be worried about trump’s campaign that it would be elsewhere fighting the good fight against the national socialist left.

    Again: Why aren’t you doing that?

  75. Torcer says:



    Apparently you don’t know much about meaning of certain words either..

  76. KirklesWorth says:

    Maybe you missed it, so I’ll post it again:

    I’m busy asking you why you are suggesting dozens of anti-Trump articles per month and posting more anti-Trump articles within the threads of the articles. It’s time-consuming to follow your anti-Trump trial.

  77. KirklesWorth says:

    Uh huh. So, wise one, explain how “It’s a conspiracy!” equates to “Apparently you don’t know much about twitter…”…?

  78. Torcer says:

    It refers to my previous comment about twitter.. having trouble following along?

  79. Torcer says:

    Perhaps your ‘efforts’ would be better suited to dealing with those adverse to our Commonsense Civil Right of Armed Self Defense such as this .. person:

    Question: Does the Constitution restrain the Government? Yes or No?


    Restrain is to prevent an action from another.

    Limit is to describe the point of the end of possibility or some other matter.

    The Government is designed to be limited. Hence three branches. However, it is not restrained.

  80. KirklesWorth says:

    Apparently you do, since the sequence went:

    1. “It’s a conspiracy!”
    2. “Apparently you don’t know much about twitter…”

  81. Torcer says:

    Apparently you do, since the sequence went:

    1. “It’s a conspiracy!”
    2. “Apparently you don’t know much about twitter…”

    Thank you for proving my point since it began with:

    1. That was a twitter headline of the story.
    2. Here’s another:
    Reports: Trump cancels Nevada, Colorado, Oregon events via @usatoday

  82. KirklesWorth says:

    Oh, NOW you cite what you were commenting on…maybe you should do that first before comment-jumping that results in non-sequiturs.

    So your “Apparently you don’t know much about twitter…” is just another pointless distraction void of truth.

  83. Torcer says:

    What are you talking about?
    That comment was within this thread..

    BTW, did you make yourself useful in dealing with this:

    Question: Does the Constitution restrain the Government? Yes or No?


    Restrain is to prevent an action from another.

    Limit is to describe the point of the end of possibility or some other matter.

    The Government is designed to be limited. Hence three branches. However, it is not restrained.

  84. KirklesWorth says:

    Don’t lecture me on your failure to follow the conversation:

    Torcer: 1. That was a twitter headline of the story.
    2. Here’s another:
    Reports: Trump cancels Nevada, Colorado, Oregon events via @usatoday

    KirklesWorth: It’s a conspiracy!

    Torcer: Apparently you don’t know much about twitter…

    KirklesWorth: Non-sequitur. My comment was a tongue-in-cheek response to your “Reports: Trump cancels Nevada, Colorado, Oregon events”. Why not report on Hillary’s lack of press conferences for over 257 days? Just not that important to you?

    I’m not your errand boy. If you are making a point, make it – no need to ask questions like “Does the Constitution restrain the Government?” like it’s my responsibility to do your busy work.

  85. Torcer says:

    And there you’re projecting again.

  86. KirklesWorth says:

    Oh, so you did answer why you suggest three times as many Trump articles as Hillary? Are you three times as determined to make Trump lose so that we get Hillary?

  87. KirklesWorth says:

    Pardon me if I ignore your suggestions about how my “‘efforts’ would be better suited” and instead question you on why you are tacitly trying to get Hillary elected…?

    Question: Does the Constitution restrain the Government? Yes or No?

    Again, as I explained to you before:

    I’m not your errand boy. If you are making a point, make it – no need to ask questions like “Does the Constitution restrain the Government?” like it’s my responsibility to do your busy work.

  88. Bodhisattva says:

    Incorrect – as Obama is flying them in, registering them to vote, giving them free housing, food assistance, tuition and the only catch is they have to breed lots of little dependent Democrats for life.

  89. Bodhisattva says:

    The question is basically whether we let those who’ve broken the law and come here illegally go back home and apply – and get in line like everyone else – or do they lose the chance due to their past actions? As I understand it, many of them cannot apply because there are rules to who can and cannot get accepted and they likely won’t get accepted – that is IF the liberals aren’t lying again. So going home means not coming back. Which suits me fine – they need to fix what’s wrong in their countries of origin, not bring their problems here and ruin ours.

  90. Bodhisattva says:

    Which was why Bill told him to run in the first place…

  91. Bodhisattva says:

    I was trying to figure out what he meant about twitter too – apparently the twitter reference was to a link found here about a tweet confirming an announcement:

    How that makes it a “twitter headline” and why that matters he hasn’t explained. More and more stories are being passed about on twitter – doesn’t decrease their impact or value.

  92. Bodhisattva says:

    And don’t forget her speeches (at high price) to various Wall Street fat cats…

  93. Bodhisattva says:

    Nope, it’s pasteurized processed cheese food. You forgot to read the label.

  94. Torcer says:

    I meant that often times the best way to quickly relay a story to others is by the means of clicking the ‘twitter’ symbol on the page such that it will have the headline and link to the story.

    And of course we have the other issue of those who perpetrate falsehoods based on that which I have no control.

    But that doesn’t stop some from trying to demonize others.

  95. Bodhisattva says:

    There has been a lot of petty bickering going on back and forth here lately. I had a guy try to start it with me. I just blocked him. I don’t have time for that nonsense.

  96. KirklesWorth says:

    So when I ask the question “Funny, you omitted why he was cancelling his immigration speech…hmmm…”, then I “perpetrate falsehoods”? What was false about that question? Funny how thorough you are with other articles…

  97. Torcer says:

    Yes, there has been a bit too much of that as of late. Especially those who insist of harassing others with petty insults instead of trying to convey information.
    Are you referring to KirklesWorth ? by any chance? Perhaps we all should abstain from engaging in it’s endless irritations…

  98. KirklesWorth says:

    Are you saying that stating the facts is “harassing”? I apologize for your delicate sensibilities – please indicate where I’ve been to harsh on you and I will tone it down.

  99. Torcer says:

    Addendum: It also has a tendency to use Strawman arguments in it’s obsession over which I have no say.

  100. KirklesWorth says:

    Oh, those pesky “straw man” arguments – kind of like anti-Trump polls and anti-Trump propaganda. Fortunately, I don’t have to set up a “straw man” argument when I can show that it works at least three times as hard to defeat Trump as it does to defeat Hillary.

  101. Bodhisattva says:

    No, I don’t have any issues with KirklesWorth – I’ve been watching the back and forth between him and a couple of you others. I’m trying to stay out of it.

    I forget the name of the guy who was hassling me, continued to say things ABOUT ME that I told him were incorrect, such as he kept saying I was a Republican even though I told him I am not. I’m about as sick of the Republican party at this point as I am of the Democrats.

    I also made it clear to him I’m not a “Trump supporter” and in fact may not be able to vote for him even to stop Hillary, though if I do wind up voting for him that will be pretty much the main reason.

    And yet he continued to badger me for being a “Trump supporter” and a Republican.

    So I blocked him.

    As far as I can tell, he left the thread – because his poss would show up but would be listed as “blocked” and I don’t see any. SO he was apparently here just to bother me. I think he was a lunatic liberal moonbat who followed me here from a more liberal thread.

  102. Bodhisattva says:

    Wow, someone actually created 41 new accounts just to harass you?

  103. KirklesWorth says:

    Actually, I stopped counting after 53:

    1. 762×51, 2. KirklesWorthisaDick, 3. KirklesworthtakesaStrapon, 4. kirklesworthLovesDick, 5. kirklesworthEatsShit, 6. kirklesworthisHillarysBitch, 7. kirklesWorthMoron, 8. kirklesworthProgtard, 9. KirklesworthProgressiveTroll, 10. kirklesworthBathHouseWhore, 11. kirklesworthLicksASS, 12. kirklesworthSuckstRump12, 13. kirklesworthEnablesHillary, 14. kirklesWorthDickSuckeR, 15. kirklesworthDoomApproaches, 16. kirklesworthSandyVaginA. 17. KirklesworthSpreads4Donald, 18. KirklesworthBlowsDonald, 19. kirklesworthisAPussy, 20. KirklesWorthDoucheBAG, 21. kirklesworthGooseStepping, 22. kirklesworththelittleBitch, 23. kirklesworthLonesPenis, 24. kirklesworthRino, 25. kirklesworthintheGround, 26. KirklesWorthisDishonest., 27. kirklesworthAsslickeR, 28. kirklesworthisaLIAR, 29. Kirklesworthevilagenda, 30. kikrlesworthcumguzzler, 31. KirklesworthRentFreeHead., 32. kirklesworthSuffering., 32. kirklesworthEatsIt, 33. kirklesworthFascistTrumpanzee, 34. kirklesworthFascistFucktarD, 35. kirklesworthDarkensDoor, 36. kirklesworthEnemaBag, 37. kirklesworthEnemyProgressive, 38. kirklesworthInfowarsTroll, 39. KirklesworthFACSISTFUCK, 40. KirklesworthSSspy. 41. kirklesworthLickstRumpAss, 42. KirklesworththeCull, 43. kirklesworthFascistAssholE, 44. kirklesworthGetsHis, 45. GoFuckYourselfKirklesworth, 46. kirklesWorthInfowarsTroll, 47. kirklesworthTrumpOperative, 48. kirklesworthProgressiveParrot, 49. KirklesworthFascistAsshole, 50. kirklesworthProgOperative, 51. kirklesworthCausedCivilWar, 52. kirklesToadStool, 53. kirklesDouche

  104. Torcer says:

    Fortunately you haven’t been plagued by KirklesWorth – but for some odd reason it tends to go after people on old threads seemingly trying to waste their time for unknown reasons. It would seem that it does this to maintain an air of reasonableness to most on the site.

    It first attacked me on a very old thread over an open letter I had posted Before the convention pleading with people to reconsider the choice of Trump. It did this after the convention which had chanced the situation immensely. Being an old thread no one else was around observe it’s tactics that are very reminiscent to that of the SJW’s.

    A prime example is it’s incessant repetition of the falsehood that reporting on Trump means one is supposedly a Comrade Clinton supporter based on it’s obsession with the number of articles I’ve recommended.

    It keeps on repeating the falsehood that daring to post anything negative about Trump is somehow tantamount to supporting Comrade Clinton.

    Of course, the point has to be reemphasized that I have no control over what the site administrator posts..

    Nor does criticizing Trump mean one is a Comrade Clinton supporter but that truth doesn’t matter to some who follow the Alinsky rules. It also loves to accuse others of it’s tactics.

    Please note that it carefully avoids answering questions or revealing it’s true belief system.

  105. KirklesWorth says:

    New disingenuous tactic by Torcer: post false narratives void of any EXCERPTS and Links in its answer that it demands of others. This tactic is served by commenting to others about me in lieu of a direct confrontation, as it knows it will be schooled by my responses. Examples of this tactic:

    Please note that it didn’t actually answer your question. Also note that it like to refer to so-called “conservative” so it makes you wonder what it’s guiding principles are.

    Yes, and meanwhile it will repeat the same falsehoods incessantly in a vain attempt at trying to make them the truth. Usually when it’s backed into a corner it will just plain refuse to back answer a question or back up it’s accusations.

    Please note that as usual KirklesWorth is having trouble dealing with the reality of the situation. Instead of dealing with the FACT that Trump is not doing everything he can to defeat Comrade Clinton.. Hmm could we say that his lack of effort ‘should not be passed over without credit.’?

    And every time it dares question my motives, I will post the graphic that demonstrates how much it is trying to get Trump defeated for its undisclosed purpose other than the laughable “explanations” of Brad Thor, Evan McMullin, and “that a candidate who champions liberty wins”

  106. Bodhisattva says:

    To the incinerator, dragging your soon to be incinerated corpse, that’s where.

  107. Bodhisattva says:

    Hey, more dead babies = less global warming…

    Or so the lunatic liberals think.

    Of course they also think that it’s better to help an unborn child avoid years of POSSIBLE abuse and neglect… by just murdering it outright.

    Seriously, that makes sense to them.

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