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Oct 16 2019

Trump Blamed for Black Female Obesity

The great thing about settling on one person to embody everything bad is you can blame him for anything, relieving yourself of having to take responsibility for your own problems and shortcomings. One moonbat even blames Donald Trump for black female obesity.

Via Campus Reform:

Rutgers University women’s and gender studies professor Brittney Cooper made the argument during an appearance on “Black Women OWN the Conversation” on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

See what you are missing if you don’t watch Oprah’s network:

There must be some truth to it; we heard it straight from a highly educated college professor.

Diets may help privileged white women, but it is different for blacks, who are oppressed not only by Donald Trump but also by racism and another sinister -ism, metabolism:

“It’s literally that the racism that you’re experiencing and the struggle to make ends meet actually means the diet don’t [sic] work for you the same,” she adds.

Out of state undergraduate tuition at Rutgers is only $31,282 per year. For that, you can’t expect professors who know how to conjugate the verb “to do.”

Professor Cooper afterward explained the mechanism by which Trump inflicts weight problems on people like herself. He does it by being “a racially polarizing figure that contributes to issues of racial stress for people of color.”

Since Trump took office, black unemployment has hit the lowest level since people started keeping track, as even CNN admits. But that hardly makes up for Trump imposing the hardship of black female obesity. Allowing more jobs to be created only generates more wealth that can be spent on junk food.

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