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Oct 17 2016

Trump Candidacy Tests the Resilience of Our Democratic Institutions

WaPo reports that faith in the American political system is deteriorating alarmingly:


Whatever its outcome, this dumpster fire of an election will continue to exacerbate the problem.

If he loses, Trump will of course scream louder than ever that the system is “rigged.” Those who believe him will not accept the election results. As with all truly destructive lies, this one is constructed around a kernel of truth. There really is voter fraud, and it needs to be addressed. But there is no evidence of fraud on the massive scale Trump implies.

Elections are an important safeguard of our liberty. Promoting the idea that the entire election process is invalid does vastly more damage than any level of fraud this country has seen.

If Trump wins, the damage could be worse still. It is horrifying that people continued to support him even after he proclaimed back in March that he would issue explicitly unlawful orders to murder the innocent relatives of suspected terrorists and to torture people. (He has made it clear that by torture he means “a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” He has also made it clear that he does not care whether torture is effective as an interrogation device, since his purpose is not to acquire information but to punish and to terrorize.) Someone who is elected after promising to issue unlawful orders is unlikely to recognize the limits free people place on government power.

It isn’t only suspected terrorists and their innocent relatives he has threatened. Due to Washington Post coverage not to Trump’s liking, owner Jeff Bezos, who also owns Amazon, could be in big trouble if he takes power. The same might have been said for the Ricketts family, who received this threat for donating $5.5 million to an anti-Trump super PAC during the primaries…

…except that they were probably forgiven after donating $1 million to Trump. He has promised to expand libel laws so that they can be used to crush those who criticize him.

His supporters go wild when he proclaims that he will throw Hillary Clinton in jail. Without doubt, an indictment for her evidently criminal mishandling of classified information is warranted. But whipping up mobs by shouting that you will imprison your opponent is banana republic behavior.

Charles Krauthammer puts it well:

Such incendiary talk is an affront to elementary democratic decency and a breach of the boundaries of American political discourse. …

It takes decades, centuries, to develop ingrained norms of political restraint and self-control. But they can be undone in short order by a demagogue feeding a vengeful populism.

If he is able to take power, Trump’s conspicuous vengefulness will escalate from demagoguery to action.

This election is not just about placing the nuclear codes in Trump’s hands. It’s also about handing him the instruments of civilian coercion, such as the IRS, the FBI, the FCC, the SEC. Think of what he could do to enforce the “fairness” he demands. Imagine giving over the vast power of the modern state to a man who says in advance that he will punish his critics and jail his opponent.

For her part, Hillary flouts the law, and has escaped indictment only because Obama is for the moment her political ally. She exudes such a foul miasma of corruption that virtually any candidate other than Trump would be preferable. Nothing about her helps restore faith in the system.

The reason this is a constitutional republic and not a democracy is the Founding Fathers foresaw potential tyrants getting elected. Whatever the results, this election will test the resilience of the system they devised to safeguard our liberty.

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80 Responses to “Trump Candidacy Tests the Resilience of Our Democratic Institutions”

  1. ramrodd says:

    Republic, Republic, REPUBLIC! – Freedom Outpost

    Much more than just a Democracy.. We The People in our U.S. Constitution;
    the most basic fact of civics, that these united States of America are a
    republic, a form of government guaranteed by We The People to each of
    the States in Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

    I’m talking about most of our presidents, members of Congress, university
    professors, journalists and others who should know better. Like most adults
    trained in government schools, they believe that Abe Lincoln was our greatest
    president, a preposterous ‘fact’ of propaganda on which Washington D.C. has
    relied for 150 years. In this
    previous blog article, we offered six books and one website that put that
    destructive lie to rest once and for all.

  2. ramrodd says:

    Democracy vs Constitutional Republic – What is America’s Real Form of Government

  3. ramrodd says:

    TPP: Dangerous Trade Agreements Great Betrayal – The CFR plans and
    facilitates things in a way they come to fruition practically unseen..Another Giant Sucking

    The Council on Foreign Relations and
    the Trans Pacific Partnership..

    Violating the US Constitution and chipping
    away at your freedom..

    TPP part 1 – Democracy: This is a term
    often used by Collectivists who have an esoteric meaning in their insider

    TPP part 2 – The CFR….Why does the Media
    avoid discussing it..

    TPP part 3 – The CFR…A
    sliver on the tip of the iceberg regarding the depth of this

    TPP part 4: Dangerous Trade Agreements Great Betrayal – The CFR plans and
    facilitates things in a way they come to fruition practically unseen..

  4. MAS says:

    I have no real faith for democratic politics (no other kind either) or sinful mankind in general…faith is reserved for the Lord alone. We live in a land that is under judgement for our gross sins and a big part of what the Lord allows in punishment is foolish and wicked leaders. It should be no surprise (to Christians) when all we have to chose from is two reprobates who support murdering babies and many other forms of sick immorality.

    In God we trust, all others keep your hands in plain sight.

  5. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Keep hammering away on Trump, because Stalina Clinton cannot wait to practice her own brand of Stalinism.

    Trump is not the antichrist, he would be comic relief at worst, Clinton WILL amass a body count of people who look and think like most of your readers including yourself. Congrats to you “never-trumpers” you are helping install Stalin’s ideological bitch of a bastard daughter.

  6. SLCain says:

    I used to visit the site with some frequency, but I stopped when you joined the Never Trump camp. A casual perusal of the site indicates that your comment count is way down. Well, you’ll always have Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Egg McMuffin, and Bill Kristol for company. Whether Trump loses or not, I expect this site to get lonelier in the future. To quote one of your heroes, G.W. Bush: Either you are with us, or you are against us. You’ve chosen, and so, obviously, have the large number of your former readers.

  7. Hungjumper says:

    Dave; moonbattery will cease to exist by the end of a Clinton presidency. You know that, right? Along with the ability to purchase firearms and ammo and the “fairness” doctrine will be reestablished……and a bunch of other wonderful things.

    But I know, Trump is SOOOO bad….blah blah blah. And I’m not even a Trump supporter.

  8. Veritas100 says:

    “If he loses, Trump will of course scream louder than ever that the system is “rigged.” Those who believe him will not accept the election results. As with all truly destructive lies, this one is constructed around a kernel of truth.”

    Kernel of truth? Are you kidding? What about the media deliberately avoiding subjects like Wikileaks, Clinton’s lesbian love connections and her health and her utter yet unspoken avoidance of camera flashes that might trigger seizures? If that was Trump don’t you think that they’d be all over the afore-mentioned 24/7?

  9. Stosh says:

    SMoD 2016 supporter here..BUT…
    “But there is no evidence of fraud on the massive scale Trump implies.”

    So long as no voters need ID and the voter registration rolls are not compared to death certificates and trunkfulls of “missed” votes are accepted as normal….massive voter fraud will continue to lack evidence.

  10. RecklessProcess says:

    Vote for Trump or allow the Republic to die.

  11. Alphamail says:

    The hypocrisy here at MB has become palpable. Moonbattery has reported for years of dead people voting, they reported on 100% of precincts voting only for Obama, they wrote of the probable involvement of Soros in election software, of Black Panther poll intimidation, of the Democrat efforts (and success) to eliminate voter ID, of the Lt. Governor of Nevada’s voter fraud participation during Obama’s election, of the withholding of military ballots because the military votes predominantly Republican, of the scores of voter fraud and deception for Obama – with some convictions – of ACORN, of the destruction of absentee Republican ballots by postal workers, not to mention the ongoing conspiracy by the media to hide voter fraud, to downplay it, and now to blow Trump’s comments out of proportion, without admitting to MB’s own participation in the past to demonstrate “rigging.”.
    I have watched for months now as my favorite hallowed website is slowly becoming who they profess to hate. Trump may have expressed it inadequately but the system IS fraudulent, corrupt, and biased – and that means rigged.

  12. Alphamail says:

    Believe it or not Trump has the endorsement of evangelicals, Tony Perkins, and Franklin Graham because he supports freedom of religion and a country that will protect it. His foul mouth and bluster is light years better that an atheist Marxist-Progressive who despises Christians and the Bible and will appoint gay and progressive Supreme Court justices who will eliminate your right to worship – and even your right to write what you just wrote.

  13. SkankHunt42✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

    Next: Trump declares right to bear arms is inalienable. MB argues against it! LOL! Because mahprinciplez and trump is hitler!

  14. Alphamail says:

    Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door – Airborne all the way!
    I didn’t vote for Trump but I promised I’d vote for whomever of the 17 candidates was nominated and it just so happens to be Trump, so he gets my vote. People at MB – or anywhere – have forgotten the consequences of a Hillary victory. America as we know it will cease to exist – no internet, no guns, no religious freedom, massive third-world influx, and a total breakdown in civil order. Trump doesn’t appear to have a presidential temperament so let’s just flush America down the toilet. Go figure!

  15. Bruce says:

    Trump and Hillary are equally dangerous.

  16. Marylou says:

    None of the above. It has never been a democracy, nor was it intended to be. It has always been a representative republic. No one can logically answer a question that is based on false premises.

  17. Hungjumper says:

    I agree completely.

    Don’t forget to “Beat yer boots…ya f*ckin’ leg”. Had a blackhat with a southern drawl and mild hairlip that would scream that at the top of his lungs.

  18. Alphamail says:

    The IRS goes after religious non-profits and conservative businesses, Lois Lerner is given immunity, thousands of IRS emails are purposefully destroyed, and, the Pentagon’s religious freedom section under Mikey Weinstein labels Christians as traitors and terrorists, and, Homeland Security calls the Tea Party and Christians possible terrorists and omits radical Muslims, and, the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ are all hand-picked leftists who disdain cops and support BLM, and, emails show the FBI colluded with Hillary to overlook her email scandals, and, Eric Holder is assigned to deconstruct the GOP if Hillary is elected, BUT nothing could possibly be dishonest or “rigged” as far as the election is concerned and so Trump’s insinuations have to be crazy……………….WTF…?

  19. Moonbattery Cuck Losers says:

    A message from God Emperor:

  20. Alphamail says:

    The biggest issue here at MB for many years has been amnesty – say anything FOR any kind of acceptance of people who are illegal (even a family here for 20 years and paying taxes).and you were tarred and feathered. Now this website won’t vote for the only candidate who can possibly beat Hillary, and the only candidate who advocates for a moratorium on Muslims, a border wall, and who is endorsed by ICE, the border agents, and law enforcement.
    Hillary is for open borders and a mass influx of 3rd-world immigrants including non-vetted Muslim “refugees.”
    The #NeverTrumpers here at MB have suggested Evan McMullen as a write-in for Trump when McMullen has worked with the U.N. in the Middle East to advance Muslim immigration……rather hypocrisy than survival.

  21. Alphamail says:

    Ft. Benning Sport Parachute Club 1962 (19 yrs. old) – went to Ft. Benning jump school as a “leg” with over 100 jumps in 1964. Best freefall 17,500 down to 2,000 (3 miles). Finally got to wear Cochrans – whoooeeeee………….
    Vote survival – vote Trump

  22. 762x51 says:

    Trumpanzee election losers.

    Clinton up 6.4 points 21 days out from election day.

  23. TED says: when your POPE defects to the side of EVIL.

  24. Bodhisattva says:

    Given the other polls I’ve seen about people’s confidence in government in general and our systems of elections in particular, along with comments (from both sides, mind you) about same, I don’t think the 40% number means a lot at this moment as it’s actually been worse before. I find it hard to believe it is a commentary on Trump any more than it is a commentary on Obama or Clinton.

    That said…

    Those certain Hillary will win may be surprised.

    Dozens Walk Out After Amy Schumer Trashes Trump During Comedy Show

    On Sunday night, about 200 people walked out of Amy Schumer’s show at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, after she lowed out that Trump was an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster.”

    NOW while the source does not report how many people actually showed up for the show, they do say:

    The number of audience members who booed and eventually left was relatively small, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

    I wonder, since they described it as “dozens” and then later “200” if that’s relative to the 20,000 seat capacity or the 230 people who actually bought tickets and showed up?

  25. TrojanMan says:

    The law has not ruled for some time. If it did Clinton would be swinging from the gallows. Continued slide into tyranny is what you will get with either one.

  26. 762x51 says:

    I should “dream on” that the RCP average is Clinton by 6.4?

    Hey, guess what? I checked the RCP site again and what do know? It’s now Clinton +7 points. ROTFLMFAO.

    Have a steaming hot cup of reality on me . . .

    Telling others to “dream on” while clinging to a fantasy is really quite humorous. Almost as funny as mocking you vermin will be on Nov 9th.

  27. seaoh says:

    Trump candidacy test resliencecy of our Democratic institutions

    Meanwhile Hillary supporters test resilience of civilized society

  28. Feet2Fire - The Deplorable says:

    Heard them citing on TV something like 18 million fraudulent votes, but didn’t catch where this was. Sounds like enough to throw the election, when it’s as close as this one seems to be.

  29. Feet2Fire - The Deplorable says:

    Thanks a lot, CHICAGO THUGS in D.C. “YOU BUILT THAT.”


  30. Rasmussen Poll: Trump Leads Clinton by 2 points

    Breaking News at

    Who’s laughing now 762×51??? You need to back off a bit. This polling thing is roller coaster ride and much of it is skewed in favor of Hillary. But you’re much too blind to see past Hillary’s behind.

  31. […] election fraud is a real problem, even if nowhere near the problem Trump has been pretending in an exceedingly irresponsible attempt to proactively excuse his drubbing next […]

  32. 762x51 says:

    I am laughing, imbecile. You can cherry pick the few polls you want, the major ones are all averaged in the RCP Average Poll. See averages are what smart people use to get a true number instead of a handpicked number that continues a delusion. You are losing and are too stupid to realize it.

    The polling thing WAS a roller coaster six months ago, the election is in three weeks, that’s right, it’s THIS YEAR, not next year. I think your boy is just waiting around to see if this new show of his gets picked up for next season. Some one should tell him there is no next season.

    Back off?!? Oh sonny, you haven’t seen anything yet. I intend to hound you swine to ends of the Earth for forcing America to endure a Clinton presidency. You picked your boy, forced him on everyone, you own him, for all time. Enjoy it, I know I will.

  33. MAS says:

    Oh I believe it but…

    “Believe it or not Trump has the endorsement of A FEW “evangelicals”…”

    Fixed it for you. This Christian finds Trump to be a disingenuous reprobate that supports the baby slaughtering business of Planned Parenthood, among more than a few other moral disqualifications. Tony Perkins and Franklin Graham do not speak for me, nor do any other so called leaders of the “evangelical” movement. Frankly the term “evangelical” has been so bastardized it means nothing anymore. Even less valid (if that were possible) now they have sold their Christian witness to a political cretin.

  34. Hound all you want. No one is listening, no one really cares what 762×51 has to say. Just write in your choice and be done with it. But I see you like to bully folks, so enjoy yourself at eveyone else’s expense.

  35. Alphamail says:

    I appreciate your good intentions but I wholeheartedly disagree. To say Trump supports Planned Parenthood is not accurate anymore, and Mike Pence is decidedly pro-life. Hillary Clinton is vociferously for full government support of Planned Parenthood and she and her party doesn’t flinch at the selling of fetus body parts (even post-birth). The 200 admirals and generals who support Trump – many of whom were replaced because of their Christian faith – are majority pro-life. To chastise Trump is to compare his misdemeanors (or infractions) to Hillary’s manifest felonies. Trump says he is for a nation under God while Hillary basically says Christianity is an excuse and Catholics are living a hoax.
    And further – as I respectfully submit – Trump has the endorsement of ICE, the Border Patrol, and law enforcement, while Hillary endorses BLM and one of her major supporters – George Soros – is paying BLM protesters to riot against the police at every chance.
    IMHO in ten to fifteen categories the difference between the two is so mountainous it is a no brainer.

  36. MAS says:

    “To say Trump supports Planned Parenthood is not accurate anymore…”

    Don’t you see that this statement actually highlights the integrity issue? So it was at some point accurate. Even if he has really changed his position (which I doubt) it shows his default is what seems to work at the moment instead of a consistent God honoring position. BTW I am not voting for Hillary either so y’all can drop that jaded rubric and stop trying to convince me that she is worse than your candidate. I agree but the difference is only a matter of which septic tank dweller is less smelly than the other. Frankly I was sick to death of the lesser of two evils justification decades ago and I don’t want to handle either of these feces smeared specimens. I am so sick and tired of the lesser of two that I have set basic standards for any candidate and your Trump fails those. Yes I do understand that humans aren’t perfect, holding to the concept of total depravity, but everyone must set a line and mine is way above both of these candidates.

    I am a hard to convince sceptic when it comes to trusting folks running for political office…aren’t you? Does pragmatic politics take precedence over seeking to honor and obey the Lord for you? You do realize He can see your every action and exhorts you to be holy as He is holy…don’t you?

  37. Alphamail says:

    So you would rather stand by a person who has amended his position rather than the worst of the worst when it comes to slaughtering the unborn. I do hope you don’t hold this hardline when forgiving sinners when they turn to Christ.
    To not vote is to concede victory. To not participate in an effort to save this nation under God is a sad non-statement on your country’s worth.

  38. MAS says:

    When Donald Trump admits he was wrong about his position on Planned Parenthood being a good organization that has done good things, maybe then I’ll start to reconsider. Until then he is simply another lying politician playing the religion card similar to your switching from the religion card to the straw-man argument card just now.

  39. Alphamail says:

    “Straw man” argument is a catch-all phrase used much of the time to deflect from a conversation. You know me well enough on this site to know that I am not switching anything – I am speaking my mind extemporaneously and relate items, issues, or ideas I feel are related at the moment. If you feel I am that cunning then we have no reason to converse – I don’t feel that way about you and you are certainly free to go back and forth from idea to idea to make an overall point. America has never had a perfect president, and, Donald Trump is boorish in rhetoric and temperament and I didn’t vote for him, but compared to his opponent and what is at stake I will take survival over bluster any day.

  40. 762x51 says:

    Yeah, because I care whether you are listening or not. How funny you consider having all the BS you and your kind have forced everyone else to endure being slung back at you to be bullying. You STILL won’t accept the reality that your boy was the wrong choice and instead want to make this about me. Here’s a newsflash for ya, refusing responsibility for your actions does not absolve you of the consequences of those actions. Most people learn that by the time they are in Jr. High, for some it takes longer, Progressives never learn it.

    Here is another FACT genius, Presidential elections are all about the electoral college. There was NEVER a chance that a plurality candidate, who received more votes from Democrats in the primaries than he did from Republicans, was EVER going to get to 271 votes(that’s how many it takes to win the election). Right now, your cult leader is going to be about 85 votes short, that’s YUGE.

    So keep chimping, the reality is your boy has to make up more than 7 points in less than 20 days

  41. MAS says:

    What transpired during this last back and forth was what you consider a “conversation”!? Over and out…

  42. Alphamail says:

    Not to totally forgive Donald Trump but he hasn’t been a politician and probably didn’t know squat about PP except they were an agency “that did wonderful work for women’s rights,” and didn’t know the depth of their immersion in abortion and later, selling body parts – you and I knew more than he did. But with Pence at his side, and meeting with evangelicals, and learning the horrible truth about the satanic nature of PP I believe he has changed because of what he has learned. I hope I’m not wrong is all I can say.

  43. Alphamail says:

    It was just my comment and my opinion – is that bad? Now that you have responded it begins to become a conversation – isn’t that how it works? People like Torcer on this site continually tell people they are engaging in projection, denial, a straw argument, a red herring, avoidance, etc.., and I just wanted you to know I don’t see every conversation that way, that’s all. It’s important to share opinions, like them or not, if we are to survive. If you want to criticize me every time we converse then I would be happy to stop commenting with you, but I hope that’s not the case.
    By the way, having said that, I will sound like an anal jackass, but there’s no such thing as “over and out,’ it’s either one or the other. Just sayin’……..
    Thanks Mas

  44. No so, ammo boy. The democrat-skewed polls are showing a dead heat. Your Queen Hillary just might lose her shot at the coronation. Enjoy. By the way, have you looked into a license to carry that gun legally?

  45. 762x51 says:

    Still using the binary thinking of your limited intellect, I see.

    Once again, for your shallow learning curve, here is reality:

    Umm, Mr NRA, the 2nd Amendment codifies a God given RIGHT to “bear arms” As in “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. One does not need a “license” to exercise a right, idiot, that’s why it’s called a “right”.

    Now go renew your government permission slip like a good little servant.

  46. Daniel Barger says:

    It’s worse than you think…..the question is if people have lost faith in “democracy.
    They are all too stupid understand America was NEVER INTENDED to be a democracy. Virtually nobody knows it as intended to be a Constitutional Republic. That’s how bad our predicament is. Democracy…..MOB RULE AT THE BALLOT BOX.

  47. I’d like nothing more than to see you advance the fight to preserve our 2nd Amendment. Having a CCW is not surrender. For you not to have one, you risk arrest and a possible felony charge that will compromise your 2nd Amendment rights for the rest of your life. So how are you going to advance the cause by being in jail? Use your head 762, unless you intend to be some kind of martyr.

  48. […] Trump candidacy tests the resilience of our Democratic institutions […]

  49. 762x51 says:

    You can deny your surrender all you want but that does not change the FACT that you have agreed to live under their conditions with their permissions. That is how a slave lives and I’m not a save. Gun control laws are flatly unconstitutional, they are what Justice Marshall called “repugnant to the Constitution” in Marbury v. Madison (1803) and are there fore null and void. That you have willingly surrendered you rights is your problem, I exercise mine and any who support the enemy become the enemy.

    I love the condescending smugness you Progressive servants exude when denigrating those of us will not surrender to your masters. Do I “intend to be a marytr”, no stupid, I intend to be an American, something you have forgotten how to be. Pathetic.

    Were there snacks at your surrender party?

  50. No snacks, no party, no surrender, no masters, not a progressive. Good luck. Hope you don’t get incarcerated.


  51. 762x51 says:


    I live in a free country, not some Progressive hell hole.

    I also belong to a team of operators who works with the local sheriff’s dept as an “aggressor force” when they train in active shooter scenarios. Our sheriff has openly refused to enforce the unconstitutional, anti-gun laws you seem to hold in such high regard. It has won him re-election repeatedly.

    Seems to me you need better LEO in your area, ones who will honor their oath not enforce tyranny, but that will require you to recognize your voluntary slave status and disavow it first. You won’t do it, you are to in love with servitude to take a chance on liberty.

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