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Nov 20 2016

Trump Has the Best Enemies

One thing Trump has going for him is the right enemies. Check out some of the people who have been exploiting his election as an opportunity to whip up unrest:

The key quote:

“Trump’s success confirms the bankruptcy of representative democracy.”

These moonbats are not protesting Trump’s policies, because no one knows what those will be. They are protesting his democratic election. That is, they are protesting against freedom.

Some oppose freedom because they are advocates of the ideology most diametrically opposed to it, communism. ANSWER staged an anti-Trump rally in radicalism-friendly Chicago yesterday:

As readers might recall from the days when ANSWER (like Trump) was whooping for W’s scalp over the Iraq War, Act Now to Stop War and End Racism is a literally Stalinist organization. If it ever has its way, most who have earned a decent standard of living will have their property confiscated and many will probably be liquidated for class warfare purposes, as under Stalin.

Small surprise that the Revolutionary Communist Party USA (REVCOM) was in Chicago, pitching their own rally:

Also on hand were representatives of the Workers World Party (for which ANSWER is a front group), the International Socialist Organization, the Socialist Equality Party, and more.

The best possible outcome would be if hostile screaming from the left pushes Trump to the right, without evoking the authoritarian inclinations that arose during the campaign. The more viciously communists in the streets and their fellow-traveling progressives in the media attack Trump, the more likely it is that his recent conversion of convenience from liberalism will take solid root.

On tips from Torcer.

71 Responses to “Trump Has the Best Enemies”

  1. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Sedition, Treason, Collaboration with foreign enemies are all federal crimes constituting a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the nation and are NOT Subject to Constitutional First Amendment protections.

    Send the commies to gitmo and perfect the waterboarding techniques on them.

  2. Fiberal says:

    Donald Trump’s policy statements

    Having seen this, and who is involved in riots after the election, are you never-trumpers absolutely sure you would rather have had Cowliary?

    Just admit it.

    You would.

  3. 762x51 says:

    Which is all that tiny little mind of yours can grasp, fibtard. Not tRump must equal Hillary, such an imbecile you are. Does your owner know you use the computer when she is out buying cat food, jackass?

    You have proven my earlier point that everyone must swear loyalty to tRump and the cult or be punished. As unAmerican an ideology as anything that ever came out of the Soviet Union. Many of us will not, now what are you going to do about it wussy boy?

  4. 762x51 says:

    As predicted.

    The D flavored Progressives are highly prone to “revolution” and other acts of civil unrest in order to foment their version of totalitarian rule so they can dictate what light bulbs you use and how much water your toilet flushes. Meanwhile, the Trumpanzees wallow in their starry eyed cult worship and goose stepping practice, slobbering over the ways they are gonna “get even” with any who have not joined them(witness the post by tertiary henchman fibtard below). Both groups bent on “ruling” neither on governing.

    This is going EXACTLY the way I said it would. Regardless of which “side” of the uni-party “won” the election, civil war results. So far, it looks to be right on track, nobody tell jerklesTwerp, let it come as a surprise to him, LMAO!

  5. SteveMGD says:

    ‘These moonbats are not protesting Trump’s policies, because no one knows what those will be.’

    Whatever they are, we know his policies will be anti-freedom, since that’s what his entire life has been. Progressives like Trump never change.

  6. NotKennedy says:

    There is probably not much recommendation for Hillary to be found on this website.

    I wonder how she would have done against John Edwards.

  7. NotKennedy says:

    If Rubio had not “taken the mark”, kissed the ring and ended up with his finger in Schumer’s belt loop, he might have had some prowess.

    On the uptick, we didn’t get hosed by Jeb. Trump is probably not a pandering globalist and I don’t expect for him to exert the force of federal government against Americans. That could never be said of Hillary.

    Trying to parse the difference between undesirable outcomes may be comparable to chemotherapy. Let’s hope that the patient does not die.

  8. Torcer says:

    LOL! Donations to the Clinton Foundation HAVE TANKED since the election…

  9. TrojanMan says:

    We are all familiar with Trumps words. His actions on those words have yet to be seen. It’s not like politicians lie or anything to get votes.

  10. Fiberal says:

    you mean in a court of law?

  11. Fiberal says:

    Many of us will not, now what are you going to do about it wussy boy?

    Will not what? Pass an IQ test?

    I’m black. Don’t call me boy.

  12. Fiberal says:

    You realize that only two people on this site talk to you, right?


    Just me and you.

  13. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Hummm…..I for one didn’t know you are black. Would you be OK if 762×51 called you boy if you were white?

    Do we really need to parse our comments on this site on the basis of the race of the person making the comment?

    Wouldn’t you rather be taken at face value, independent of your race?

  14. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Shocking!!! Considering all the good work that the Clinton Foundation has done, I’m shocked that donations aren’t actually up.

    I wonder if some from the Middle East are seeking refunds.

  15. Alphamail says:


  16. Alphamail says:

    Talk about taking a man’s comment into weird outer space – are you OK…? Are you really taking 762xWalkingDead’s delirious comment over Fiberal’s statement…true or not?
    Why would you even interject yourself into a spat between a ten-year veteran of this site who is a pure constitutional conservative (Fiberal), against a reckless dangerous violent blowhard who has openly advocated on this site for shooting liberals and who supports full blown revolution in America, and a sea of bloodshed..?
    You mentioned WHY the need to parse our comments – for blah, blah, blah, or whatever – when you are foolishly parsing the very idea of discernment.
    If you even understand what I’m saying…

  17. Jester says:

    That’s right, leftist losers. Keep going further to the Left. Further and further and further Left… Then you might get to find out firsthand where you’ll end up.

  18. Alphamail says:

    I see you like to call Trump…’tRump.’ It figures you’d be sexually attracted to the man’s butt instead of his real name and brain power, which by the way, virtually owns your own gay-greased posterior.
    Did you know Trump went to military high school and wore a real uniform – not like the girl scout uniform (with skirt) you wear that you bought at Good Will?
    Last, donning a grade school hall-monitor badge does not make you combat ready. Nor is a hairdresser apron an approved military uniform – I see how your Play Dough visions of grandeur lead you to hallucinate that you are a real patriot…butt no,,,butt butt, no……!
    Once a traitor – always a traitor.

  19. Alphamail says:

    762 x 51 = 38,862. That’s how many thumbs up I give you for exposing this dimwit with a room temperature IQ – when the heat is off.

  20. Alphamail says:

    There’s little more ‘Left’ for 762xTreason – Karl Marx is to his right as we speak. He may go a little fuehrer and fuehrer to the Left however……..

  21. TED says: TRY THIS leftist assholes!!!

  22. TED says:


  23. TED says:


  24. 762x51 says:

    LMAO, a coward and traitor who has abandoned his oath to the Constitution like you have has to make crap up about others to salve their conscience.

    Hey bachabaziMale, clean up the Earth, kill ISIS. That’s right bitch, I’m advocating the killing of a large group of people on the Internet. Now run along and “turn me in” like a good little Nazi. After all, you promised to do it.

  25. 762x51 says:

    WOW, that would be really important but for two things.

    1. It isn’t true like everything else you make up.
    2. I wouldn’t care if it was true. This isn’t my life, it’s just a distraction.

    But thanks for your usual substantive insight on the post at hand, douchebag.

  26. 762x51 says:

    He said “talk to me” not about me,imbecile. You haven’t the stones to address me directly bachabaziMale. No problem, I can denigrate you just as easily by remote control, LMFAO!!

    Hey douche breath, clean up the Earth, kill, Ansar al-Sharia!

    Oh no, I just accidentally advocated the killing of a large group of people on the Internet. Better run along and “turn me in” like a good little Nazi.

  27. 762x51 says:

    Of course you would think that, being an ass yourself.

    What a shame you haven’t the courage to say that crap to my face, you keyboard sissy. All you can do is sit at your computer and make up crap about others until your next diaper change.

    A REAL airborne school graduate would know better, but not a chairborne chronic masturbator like yourself, BachaBaziMale.

    Make up all the sh!t you want little man, it just proves you haven’t what it takes to face me in the real world.

  28. 762x51 says:

    Don’t care, wussy boy.

  29. 762x51 says:

    Ohhh BachaBaziMale, you are just sooo witty.

    GFY, leg.

  30. 762x51 says:

    If he really is black, which I doubt. They don’t call him fibtard for nothing. There is literally nothing he won’t say to try and have his way. Fibtard makes Hillary look like George Washington.

  31. 762x51 says:

    Oh nooooo, someone disagreed with your boyfriend AND he is a doubter of your cult. Better “turn him in”, BachaBaziMale.

    By the way, dunce, that I recognize the inevitability of civil war does not equal the supporting of revolution, but then a dunce like you has no idea what separates the two concepts.

    Also imbecile, I have been on this just as long as you two, go back and check if you doubt it, the record is there. That you lack the intelligence to recall those years pretty much sums you up.

  32. Bob says:

    someday these little commies will meet the real Americans.

  33. Mr. Freemarket says:

    While agreeing with your sentiments, nothing makes Hillary look like George Washington.

  34. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Thanks for your comments. I find it interesting that any Trump supporter would be classified as a pure constitutional conservative.

  35. Alphamail says:

    Your opinion and (non) support of Trump matches verbatim with that of Al Franken, Michael Moore, CAIR, and your BLM brothers on the Left. You’re finally in LOCKSTEP now, so you’re getting closer to your dream of a revolutionary army.

    BTW, I don’t duel with persons who are going to have trouble getting their BB Gun out of their skirt…it just isn’t fair to you.

  36. Alphamail says:

    Are you sure you want to agree with his sentiments…those are his emotional responses…have you seen a list of what this unhinged nut case has advocated for:…murder, duels, combat, revolution, blowing up those he disagrees with…?
    Try arguing with him or tell him of Trump’s good qualities and watch him turn on you like the junkyard dog he is. Or better yet, go get a straight-razor shave from him while you sing the praises of Trump and see how long you last…

  37. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I note that Fiberal spent a great deal of time here tearing down all those who didn’t support Trump. In almost any post, he offered his opinion that Cruz was ineligible as a presidential candidate.

    When I suggested to Fiberal that it was time to mend old wounds, he told me “not yet.”

    And now Fiberal posts that he is black and, therefore, offended by the term “boy.” Who knew that it would be offensive to him?

  38. Alphamail says:

    Have you ever climbed outside the plane and sat on the wheel of a U1A Otter, an L20 Beaver, or an H-34 helicopter at 5,000, 10,000, or 17,000 feet…? I didn’t think so chickensh*t..
    And have you earned your private, commercial, instrument, and flight instructor licenses (since 1971) and actually taught flying..? I didn’t think so you emotional cripple.
    Have you an open-water NAUI certificate since 1972 and dove with Mike DeGruy (The Shark Guy) – now deceased – and made him a shark deflector device for his National Geographic Special, or have you dove the western Pacific including Bikini Atoll and the Great Barrier Reef. I think not, you pussy.
    And have you worked on THREE Top Secret Air Force bases with Lockheed/Boeing’s Stars Wars Program – editing one base newspaper at the same time? Are you pals with the head military test pilot of Boeing, or do you drink Ouzo with Lockheed’s Star Wars missile silo manager..? The answer is NO because you are a man who thinks his butt is a p***y and who wears a skirt, and doesn’t have the emotional stability to be trusted with wet matches.
    And that’s just a START, you do-nothing wannabe wimp.


  39. Fiberal says:

    You find something that I said is untrue.

    You are a liar of the first order. You were never in the military, but you strut around here like you have a chest full of medals.

    So tell us, Midgebo (formerly 762 x 51 plus Rambo). What awards, decorations, ribbons, badges or medals did you earn as a solider from military service?

  40. Fiberal says:

    You will never know.

  41. Fiberal says:

    How would you know? And how does it matter what I say to 76 year-old psychotic hairdressers?

  42. Fiberal says:

    You are the master liar of this blog.

    So tell us, Midgebo (formerly 762 x 51 plus Rambo). What awards, decorations, ribbons, badges or medals did you earn as a solider from military service?

  43. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Mocking a psychotic person is generally a bad idea.

  44. 762x51 says:

    PROVE I was never in the military, jackass.

    I have never said a word about any decorations, or made any big deal about any actions, etc. Most of my posts have been about experience and training. I have never claimed any special status of any kind, ever. PROVE what you say is true, LIAR! Your hatred of me is based solely on two things, your cult mentality and the fact that I ‘dare’ to contradict your smug, arrogant elitist positions.

    There IS a LIAR here and it is you, you arrogant puddle of dog vomit. Among your many lies my age, you claim is 76, my occupation, you claim is “hairdresser”, an old mans term if ever I heard one, and my height, 5’4″. All lies from a professional LIAR, which is why we call you fibtard.

    PROVE ANY ONE OF THEM TRUE, jackass. I’ll show up for a photo op so you can prove them but you have to come in person. SO, back up your LIES you vile, pernicious turd eater. I dare you.

  45. 762x51 says:

    Your stupidity and continued cowardice proves you are a fraud and were never ‘airborne’. Your hatred, like your buttbuddy fibtard’s is based on my refusal to join your cult, anyone who refuses to join the cult is a leftist, LMFAO. With that much sh!t for brains, it’s a wonder you can ever find the computer, much less operate it sufficiently to spew your BS.

    What a cowardly way out you have chosen. You aren’t man enough to say your vile crap to my face and then claim you are soooo superior it “isn’t fair”, LMFAO!! What that means is you are a coward and a fraud who is terrified to meet me on the battlefield, who has to stay hidden behind a keyboard spewing lies and puffing yourself up with falsehoods, truly a BachaBaziMale.

    Every post you make adds to your record of cowardice, chickensquat because you aren’t man enough to say that crap to my face. SO hide on, you panty wearing homo coward, I’m laughing at your every word and waiting for you to back it up in the real world..

    GFY leg.

  46. 762x51 says:

    LMAO, sure you have, wannabe asswipe. All that and you can’t come out to play? Sounds like more of your lies to me.

    I have, in fact done many of those things though not on such antiquated equipment. Face it old man, you are just a washed up piece of crap who hasn’t got what it takes anymore and gets off by disrespecting those who haven’t lost it and can still fight. Based on the antique equipment you mentioned, it is clear you wouldn’t lst ten seconds in a firefight with me,so I now know why you are afraid to fight. It must be really hard being left to rot away, an impotent old prick who can’t cut it anymore.

    Poor useless dirt bag with no future, you are pathetic. I’d feel sorry for you if you weren’t such a smug, arrogant dishonest scumbag.

  47. 762x51 says:

    Not for fibtard, he is a good little hider. As a professional liar and coward, fibtard has all his bases covered. He hides out behind his keyboard and makes up what ever he wants about those who would dare to disagree with him or who refuse to join the tRump cult. He knows that as long as he stays hidden, he can say what ever he wants and never has to back it up. He would get his teeth knocked out for half the crap he says if he said it to a mans face but of course he is too cowardly to do that.

    Pretty pathetic overall. At least I’m willing to back up what I say in real life.

  48. 762x51 says:

    Belligerent little asswipe. Too bad all that arrogance is an empty shell encased in cowardice.

  49. Alphamail says:

    I’m years younger than you limpdick and still working, and just beginning my 20th or so complete kitchen remodel/or addition. I do everything you cannot do – designing the framing and beams and then building it, layout and then complete installation of electrical circuits and breakers which I wire into the panel, layout and install of the gas lines from the meter to completion, all plumbing layout and installation including new supply piping and drains (DWV), sheetrock, texture, and paint, and the entire kitchen cabinet system built from scratch after I design it, I build it, install them, and then install all the appliances and wire in the lighting.
    Are you keeping up wannabe…? I think not – few men can do that, and then combine what I’ve already told you. You are a hapless arrogant know nothing bloviating pile of phoniness. You can’t or haven’t done a fraction of what I’ve mentioned so far, simply because you are emotionally unfit for a higher order of functionality and your emotional rants and obsession with violence precludes your ability to reason with any effectiveness.
    Again, like I said before, I’m still just getting started on what I’ve done – and the list goes on. I’m not like you – I’m not a armchair dreamer, I’m an actual 24/7 doer – and God blesses me and gives me a miracle life.
    If I spit out the venom you did, I’d be a wannabe failure just like you. But I’m not…and I don’t lie. So eat your heart out – you’re talking to the real deal.


  50. 762x51 says:

    LMFAO!! “The real deal”, that is hilarious, you are a legend in your own mind but an impotent jagoff in real world.

    All the aircraft you listed are Vietnam era, they are from the 1950’s and 60’s, the Otter, for example was retired in 1972, the Beaver is even older than the Otter and the H-34 Sikorsky hasn’t flown in military service since 1973. Years younger than me? NOT! Your butt boy fibtard has deceived you but that is easily done since you would believe anything he said that denigrated me because I refuse to join your cult.

    Instead, you blithely accept fibtards lies as fact and join in making up BS about me that you cannot possibly back up while I offer to demonstrate for you in the real world. If you believed your own BS, you would accept that offer, it should be easy for you to prove if your lies are true. Then you could gloat all you wanted, justified in your claims. Seems like you either don’t believe what you are saying, thereby admit the lie or are just too afraid to prove your words.

    I am confident in my abilities and can fully back up what I say, unlike you or your wiener partner fibtard. Either put up or shut up douchebag.

  51. Alphamail says:

    So much for your knowledge of aircraft and flying – ‘nobody’ with ‘NO’ licenses, except for Google to fulfill your fantasies.
    Do you realize the B-52 is still in service…? As is a Cessna 172…? As are Otters (with turbines instead of radials), as are H-34’s (re-designated and retrofitted) and still in service in some places (mostly other countries), as are the powerful radial Beavers, which constitute the #1 model Seaplane in the largest current Pacific Northwest amphibious fleet…? I rode in one in October you clueless wannabe “NO” nothing pretender. You are a Looney Bird who has emotionally crashed and burned while the Gooney Bird is still “Airborne.” Use Google you wannabe and look it up.
    I had a girlfriend once who was a hairdresser (she liked boys just like you do) and she later retired as a hairdresser – and loved her job. I admire people who want to do only one profession in their life – if it fits them, then more power to them – but that’s not me. I draw the line though when one-profession people mouth-off as know-it-alls and can’t appreciate the vast experience a more curious person might have, and they then fabricate phony stories to make up for their own inferiority complex – which shouldn’t be – but tell that to someone like you who obviously has an emotional defect which prevents you from accepting other’s opinions or experience.
    OK – here’s more: I worked for a major Western passenger railroad as a videographer traveling around the west making educational and informational films, while living on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, in an old brick apartment building overlooking the Paramount studios. I quit to be LAPD, which I later quit to be a pilot (bartending at night in a Manhattan Beach Restaurant/Pub to pay for my licenses which I acquired by flying into EVERY airfield in the LA basin – including grass strips, and getting my commercial and instrument licenses at Hollywood Burbank and Ontario International). Years later I worked for my friend in his cabinet shop for two years, and his wife got me interested in plants, so I got a job in a plant nursery where I earned a certified Oregon and Washington nurseryman’s license in another two years. Here in the Evergreen State of Washington, I can identify and give you the Latin and common names (without misspelling) of over half of all the plants in the Northwest.
    And there’s much more Mr. Bigshot…I haven’t even talked of other sports, or business, or writing. Keep Googling and trying to live your fantasies – but, it doesn’t work that way, life is lived in reality – which your impetuous rants and toxic emotional outbursts prevent you from understanding.

  52. 762x51 says:

    The cartoonist forgot the frame where the son asks for his tuition check and living expense money before hitting the parent over the head.

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