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Aug 24 2016

Trump Supporters Respond to the Great Illegal Immigration Flip-Flop

A hard line on immigration was the raison d’être for the Trump campaign. That and his long since abandoned promise to self-fund and therefore not be beholden to corrupt donors like himself were the only reasons for anyone to vote for him against legitimate candidates. Yet no one who has followed this farcical campaign should be the least surprised that he has pulled the mother of all flip-flops by proclaiming that he will go soft on illegal immigration (hilariously, Trump says he is “working with a lot of people in the Hispanic community to try and come up with an answer” to the issue). Nor is it surprising that those who backed him even when there were conservative alternatives couldn’t seem to care less about the betrayal. For them, it was all about exploiting the cult of personality to advance their own interests. There does seem to be one exception: a rare bird who foolishly took the entire Trump swindle at face value.

The most shameless Trump sycophant has been Sean Hannity, who appears to be angling for a position as Secretary of Propaganda. Watch as he willingly participates in this astonishing switcheroo (or as Trump calls it, “softening”), as if it did not definitively prove that his cheesy idol is a fraud:

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been solid on border defense, but he is a shameless showboater, so it is par for the course both that he endorsed Trump for his immigration stand, and that he doesn’t mind watching that stand evaporate now that it has served its purpose. Watch him defend the 180° reversal:

Suddenly illegal immigration is complicated and shaded with nuance. If Marco Rubio had said so, Trump supporters would have called for his head.

Unlike Hannity and Arpaio, Ann Coulter doesn’t get it. She actually thought Trump was on the level:

Chris Matthews really pressed a desiccated pterodactyl identifying itself as “Ann Coulter” on what it thought about Trump’s softening. The desiccated pterodactyl said it was very upset at Trump’s softening, as she’s just launched a new book based on his not being soft at all.

Watching it slowly dawn on a dupe that she has been tricked can be sad:

The money quote, regarding Trump’s praise of the way Obama has handled immigration: “I don’t know why he just said that, it’s crazy.”

Yet even now she seems to cling to the hope that he didn’t mean it. True enough, he didn’t mean it. Trump never means anything he says.

Ann, that’s egg. You need to wipe it off your face.

On tips from Torcer.

300 Responses to “Trump Supporters Respond to the Great Illegal Immigration Flip-Flop”

  1. MicahStone says:

    “softening” !!!!
    Frankly, Trump and his supporters brains couldn’t get any softer !!!!!!

  2. MicahStone says:

    Hey Dave: here’s what you’ll get for daring to criticize the Trump’s FLIP-FLOP

  3. MicahStone says:

    “Ann Coulter doesn’t get it.”
    –true statement EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR – and TWICE ON SUNDAYS !

  4. Reverend Ken says:

    Now I remember why I stopped stopping by.

  5. KirklesWorth says:

    Funny how so-called “conservatives” eat their own.

  6. miforest says:

    As a trump supporter I can honestly say I am excited ! . This brings him into line with the Republican establishment. They ALL support amnesty. probably this will get him the complete financing and endorsement. Since this will greatly please Rince preibus, Paul Ryan, Mitch mcconell,, Karl Rove , Chamber of commerce ,the Koch brothers, weekly standard, mark Levin, and fox news. they will all be on board now

    This will almost certainly get him the support and backing from the party leaders, guaranteeing his victory. Absolute brilliance!

    doubters : florida polls from real clear politics :

    befor flip: Clinton +9

    after flip: trump +2

    proof for the doubters:

  7. KirklesWorth says:

    A blast from the past…of yesterday. Nothing new?

  8. KirklesWorth says:

    But that’s not what the anti-Trumpers say. They say people like me who support Trump are driving people away.

  9. KirklesWorth says:

    As opposed to you all-or-nothing “conservatives” and your “my way or the highway” attitude that rubs people the wrong way and gets you nowhere. Ted Cruz hasn’t taught you. Ronald Reagan hasn’t taught you. You anti-Trump “conservatives” are just a bunch of petulant children robbed of their favorite toy boy.

  10. Torcer says:

    So then what was the point of supporting Trump?

  11. Torcer says:

    Under Obama’s New Enforcement Program, Fewer Illegal Immigrants Being Captured for Deportation via @SiegelScribe @DailySignal

  12. Jack Bauer says:

    So….what’s really going on here?

    Is this “Torcer’s” website now? Every other post on here seems to originate on a “lead” from him — or should I say “them”.

    Not to construct a tinfoil hat for myself, but if you look up “Torcer’s Disqus account, which has only been in existence for nearly one year, you’ll find something like a staggering 47,000 posts made over that time!

    How in the hell could one individual make that many posts? Even if you were to average it out, it would be something like 130 posts per day, every day, 365 days a year. How could one person have the time for that, in ADDITION to sending leads to blogs like Moonbattery? You’d have to have no other life at all….lol.

    Seems more likely, “Torcer” is a political action group, with multiple individuals all using the same Disqus account.

    Just sayin……..

  13. KirklesWorth says:

    Torcer wasn’t so busy in July.

  14. F350 says:

    I’m with Trump 100%!! I would be with anyone running against the Hildog. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for Cruz, Bush, Paul, Rubio supporters to understand it’s either Trump or the felonius Hildabeast and her scandalous band of thieving assholes in the WH. Not a hard choice for me, but perhaps I’m not a “true” conservative because I want to win, keep my money, and not have to listen to four years shrill arguments about the why they need to tax me more, do away with guns, flood the country with Syrian men of fighting age, open the border, and allow men into the bathroom with our daughters. But again, that’s just me…

  15. Torcer says:

    While you were doing your ‘research’ you should have found the responses I’ve made to ‘Tom’ on the very same line of …

    BTW, part of the reason for those numbers is that I have re-post the same response over and over again..

  16. Torcer says:

    Donald Trump says he is open to ‘softening’ on immigration laws via @bi_politics

    Trump says immigration laws can be ‘softened’ in town-hall meeting with Hannity
    AUSTIN, Texas — Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that he was open to “softening” laws dealing with immigrants living in the US illegally, the latest sign that the Republican presidential nominee is considering easing the hardline stance he has taken since the beginning of his campaign.

    Trump, taping a town hall in Austin, Texas, for Fox News, was asked by moderator Sean Hannity whether he would change current statutes to accommodate law-abiding citizens or longtime residents who have raised children in the US.

    Trump has repeatedly declared that if elected, he would deport the 11 million people living in the US illegally. But he has hedged his stance in recent days, and during the taping he ruminated aloud about the fairness of breaking up families. He even polled the audience about what they would do about the crucial policy.
    Trump’s public deliberation could be the latest signal that as the general campaign heats up, he is moving away from one of his divisive, signature proposals from the Republican primary to broaden his base of support. Last week, he first suggested he was open to allowing some immigrants to stay, suggesting that he wanted a “fair, but firm” policy.

    That is a far cry from the early days of the primaries, when Trump vowed to use a “deportation force” to round up and deport the millions of people living in the country illegally. That proposal excited many of his core supporters, but it alienated Hispanic voters who could be pivotal in key states.

    The celebrity businessman, however, has stuck to his vow to build a wall to fortify the nation’s southern border with Mexico and to deport immigrants here illegally who have committed criminal and violent acts.

  17. Grumpy Cat says:

    Yes, I can. He’s not the one who spends hundreds if not thousands of hours in his parents basement making lame photoshop memes.

  18. Grumpy Cat says:

    And how exactly do the #NeverTwumpers respond to an MSM report of Trump “flip flopping”? They take the bait hook and sinker from the Hillary Campaign. Enjoy living on your knees, Bozos.

  19. Grumpy Cat says:

    Where’s Occam’s Scrotum Scab?

  20. Grumpy Cat says:

    Tell us how much you hate Rush Limbaugh and Mark Steyn and Bill Whittle and Laura Ingraham now too, Little Green Moonbat.

  21. Grumpy Cat says:


  22. KirklesWorth says:

    To defeat Hillary. What’s the point of attacking Trump over Hillary by 3-to-1?

  23. Grumpy Cat says:

    To kneel before his new queen.

  24. ramrodd says:

    To say that watching people fawn over the carnival barker
    Trump makes me nauseous with despair is putting it mildly.

    So, who said the following? I’ll give you forty-seven guesses:

    1) “I probably identify more as Democrat.”

    2) “I’ve been around for a long time. And it just seems that the economy does
    better under the Democrats than the Republicans.”

    3) “Nancy — you’re the best. Congrats. [signature]”
    —Handwritten note to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

    4) “Bush is probably the worst president in the history of the United States.”

    5) “I’m totally pro-choice.”

    6) “I want to see the abortion issue removed from politics. I believe it is a
    personal decision that should be left to the women and their doctors.”

    7) “I’m very liberal when it comes to health care. I believe in universal health care.”

    8) “The Canadian plan also helps Canadians live longer and healthier than
    Americans… We need, as a nation, to reexamine the single-payer plan.”

    9) “By imposing a one-time 14.25 percent net-worth tax on the richest
    individuals and trusts, we can put America on sound financial footing
    for the next century.”

    10) “I think he [Obama] has a chance to go down as a great president.”

    Stumped? I’ll give you a hint. This person has donated over $100,000 to the
    Clinton Foundation, and Hillary Clinton sat in the FRONT ROW of this
    person’s most recent wedding.

    So here’s the answer. All of the quotes above are from the second coming of
    George Washington, or Constantine – oh, no wait. The second coming of
    Constantine is Putin…


  25. Reverend Ken says:

    They need to remember that cruzhole lost.

  26. ramrodd says:

    Behind The Curtain of Deception.. Trump is the Establishment/Media who is party to this false fight.. Please people wake up! You have been lulled to sleep by lies and big media propaganda.

    You dont think Trump can be controlled? Of course he can..

    “Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another, they both march in the same
    direction.” — Paul Proctor

    The false “left vs right” paradigm is a distraction. Both political parties are CONTROLLED

    Behind the scenes if it wasn’t for the “mainstream” media’s propaganda. The “mainstream” media is controlled by Wall Street and international banker interests. This media acts as a stage curtain. On one side it hides the deceitful agenda of the elite and on the other side, in order to divert attention away from this fact, they feed the unknowing public “news” that really has nothing to do with what’s really going on. Why do you think the newspapers are “bailed out” by this financial oligarchy? It’s because just a Rockefeller said they have an agreement with the elite to sell you a sack of lies while they move behind the scenes stripping our liberty and our nation’s sovereignty away. Again Rockefeller said he was “grateful to…Time magazine” among others and wouldn’t you know that Time magazine frequently promotes on its cover the so-called man-made “global warming”.

    thinkaboutit . com

  27. Stephen says:

    It’s been maybe a week since Moonbattery put the spotlight on an open borders activist as a shining example of a principled true conservative, so either someone has had a massive change of heart on the subject of immigration or this is concern trolling…

    …but it really doesn’t matter which is the case. What matters is immigration and whether we have the will to control our borders.

    That said, Trump’s message on immigration of late isn’t much better than other Republicans and that’s not good enough. My support for Trump has always been conditioned on him being good on immigration and it remains so today. I’d suggest a good indicator is the presence of this Kellyanne Conway–if she’s out in the next month that’s a good sign, if not, that’s unfortunate.

    As for being duped, please spare me. In 1994 a bunch of Republicans got elected to Congress in large part on the promise of reducing spending. By 1998 those remaining in Congress were among the biggest spenders on Capitol Hill. Anyone over the age of 24 would have to be a tremendously slow learner to not know that politicians lie to get elected and / or make many many compromises as they are seduced by power.

    Supporting any politician is a risky venture. The best we can do is support the message and withdraw support from the politician if his actions stray from his words.

    Like I said, keep an eye on the blonde open. Borders bimbo. Trump still has some very good immigration people on board (in, Stephen Miller who was part of the Dave Brat campaign). That’ll tell us who really has Trump’s ear.

  28. GhostRider2001 says:

    Like your grumpy cat photoshop meme, suits you well. Try more sunlight, less video games and bong hits.

  29. Tom says:

    Yeah yeah…I see your really poorly photoshopped and hysterical meme about Trump supporters being nasty and vile and intolerant, and I raise you…762×51, who really is the frickin’ royal straight flush of hateful intolerance…

  30. Occam's Stubble says:

    Ann Coulter is really good at articulating conservatism. She is ungodly awful at picking presidential candidates. There isn’t a RINO train she won’t board in a heartbeat.

  31. KirklesWorth says:

    Yeah…because Ted Cruz was such a winner.

  32. GhostRider2001 says:

    Guess he’s a real politician now, can’t believe a word he says. Flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop… that’s the sound of Trump’s brain on his current power trip.

  33. KirklesWorth says:

    Fortunately you’ll feel better with Hillary.

  34. GhostRider2001 says:

    You talking about Trump winning or real winning? There’s a big difference.

  35. KirklesWorth says:

    Wouldn’t matter if you’re an ultra-conservative, because you’d be used to losing.

  36. Occam's Stubble says:

    She’s gone with every RINO that ever ran. Cruz was the first conservative since Reagan.

  37. GhostRider2001 says:

    Trump-winning it is then.

  38. KirklesWorth says:

    And ultra-conservatives helped them win every time…not. And would Reagan really be considered a conservative since he:

    Nearly tripled the deficit
    Gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants
    Raised the debt ceiling 18 times
    Expanded gun sale background checks and an assault weapon ban
    Signed at least 5 tax increases (Alan Simpson says 11 times)
    Increased the Social Security tax rate
    Unemployment reached 10.8%
    Appointed liberal justice Anthony Kennedy
    Had “issues” with Israel
    Bailed out Social Security for $165 billion
    Was a union leader in the Screen Actors Guild
    Negotiated with and armed terrorists in the Iran-Contra Affair

  39. KirklesWorth says:

    That’s the spirit! Down with Hillary!

  40. GhostRider2001 says:

    The best thing Trump could do to win would be to go into hiding, keep his big mouth shut, and stay away from the debates. He shoots himself in the foot constantly and when negative publicity comes out about Hillary he never blows an opportunity out bad-press her.

  41. KirklesWorth says:

    Okay, sounds like a plan. #1 defeat Hillary, #2 deal with Trump. Great!

  42. GhostRider2001 says:

    The Republican Party has certainly forgotten those principles that brought on the Reagan economic miracle after the dismal Carter years. Trump is the embodiment of the tabloid candidate who stands for nothing and believes in nothing other than his own self-aggrandizement, and is a founding member of the Hillary and Clinton Crime Family Foundation’s donor club. Winning!

  43. KirklesWorth says:

    Didn’t you know it is pay-to-play with the Clintons?

  44. GhostRider2001 says:

    Good luck. He’ll need an October surprise.

  45. Torcer says:

    ‘Not the BEST we have, but a reflection of what we’ve BECOME’ – what Rush really thinks of Trump!

    ‘Not the BEST we have, but a reflection of what we’ve BECOME’ – what Rush really thinks of Trump!
    ‘Not the BEST we have, but a reflection of what we’ve BECOME’ – what Rush really thinks of Trump!
    Does that sound like enthusiastic support to you? I think his tone of voice reveals that he doesn’t really care much for el Trumpo, but he knows he has to defend him to keep his audience. Sad!!!

  46. Torcer says:

    MORE softening! Trump says NO AMNESTY but legalization with back taxes! (which is amnesty)

    MORE softening! Trump says NO AMNESTY but legalization with back taxes! (which is amnesty)
    Get ready for every Trumper to scream that “legalization with back taxes” is not amnesty when they were ready to hang anyone a few months ago for saying it. Now that Trump is saying it, it’s just genius:
    Sopan Deb@SopanDeb
    Trump tells Hannity in Part 2 of the townhall that there will be “no citizenship” but “they’ll pay back taxes.”

  47. GhostRider2001 says:

    Behind bars, yes. Clinton Crime Family Foundation and Trump U are shining examples of the integrity and honesty of these stellar candidates.

  48. KirklesWorth says:

    I think we’ve all said a variation of the same thing around here. Trump is not the best, but better than Hillary. Apparently you want Hillary to win since you post Trump stores three times more than Hillary stories.

  49. KirklesWorth says:

    But your article makes Hillary sound much better…not:

    By contrast, Obama, Clinton, and most Democrats want to prioritize the removal of only the most criminal and dangerous of the undocumented. To do this, they advocate for legalization of the vast bulk of undocumented immigrants — those with jobs and longtime ties to communities who don’t pose a threat. In their vision, this would allow limited enforcement resources to be focused only on the removal of the most criminal and dangerous undocumented immigrants.

  50. GhostRider2001 says:

    And many other politicians, with Trump on one side of the equation handing over the cash for favors and the Clinton’s, or Pam Bondi, etc. with their hands outstretched.

  51. KirklesWorth says:

    Right…the Clinton Foundation in Canada receives donations that would be illegal in the U.S. and you’re complaining about Trump University as if it was equivalent. I don’t think Trump left 4 people to die in Benghazi, lie about servers and emails, and have enemies “commit suicide” or “die mysteriously”.

  52. KirklesWorth says:

    There’s that “greedy” tactic that sounds like liberal debaters. I guess Trump just doesn’t think he has enough money and is setting up the United States for a scam instead of leaving a positive legacy, right?

  53. Tom says:

    Nah, just kidding…I love Ronald Reagan…a brave and principled man. But he was human, and he had to contend with Tip O’Neill as Speaker and Robert Byrd in the Senate.

    He got RESULTS…

  54. Torcer says:

    Ezekiel 33:1-33
    Ezekiel Is Israel’s Watchman

    33 The word of the Lord came to me: 2 “Son of man, speak to your people and say to them, If I bring the sword upon a land, and the people of the land take a man from among them, and make him their watchman, 3 and if he sees the sword coming upon the land and blows the trumpet and warns the people, 4 then if anyone who hears the sound of the trumpet does not take warning, and the sword comes and takes him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. 5 He heard the sound of the trumpet and did not take warning; his blood shall be upon himself. But if he had taken warning, he would have saved his life. 6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, that person is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.

  55. Torcer says:

    Try addressing the substance of the article:
    MORE softening! Trump says NO AMNESTY but legalization with back taxes! (which is amnesty)

    MORE softening! Trump says NO AMNESTY but legalization with back taxes! (which is amnesty)
    Get ready for every Trumper to scream that “legalization with back taxes” is not amnesty when they were ready to hang anyone a few months ago for saying it. Now that Trump is saying it, it’s just genius:
    Sopan Deb@SopanDeb
    Trump tells Hannity in Part 2 of the townhall that there will be “no citizenship” but “they’ll pay back taxes.”

  56. NotKennedy says:

    Rubio took “the mark” so quickly as to permanently disqualify from any office outside of Florida. He still has Schumer’s prints on his ass and lips. Even Satan would have been more discerning and worked a better deal for himself. Rubio is Kennedy stupid.

  57. KirklesWorth says:

    Sorry, I address what I want to address, like why you post three times as many Trump articles as Hillary? Are you three times as determined to make Trump lose so that we get Hillary?

  58. KirklesWorth says:

    Not answering why you suggest three times as many Trump articles as Hillary articles, eh? You don’t want to address that you are trying three times harder to prevent Trump from being elected than Hillary? That you helping to defeat Trump will result in Hillary being president?

    So now you are quoting scripture…aren’t your fingers burning? The funny thing about quoting scripture is that you can usually find anything to support your position – like:

    Romans 13 1 All of you must obey the government rulers. Everyone who rules was given the power to rule by God. And all those who rule now were given that power by God. 2 So anyone who is against the government is really against something God has commanded. Those who are against the government bring punishment on themselves. 3 People who do right don’t have to fear the rulers. But those who do wrong must fear them. Do you want to be free from fearing them? Then do only what is right, and they will praise you.

  59. NotKennedy says:

    God bless Dave and the Moonbattery cadre. This is NOT a Trump channel and may it ever remain steadfastly opposed to choosing between non-choices. Ann Coulter writes her own material, Dave Blount and the contributors to Moonbattery write their own stuff and none of us give a flying fuck, with or without gainers, what RINO trolls think.
    You are NOT going sell us on Trump. He is not what you think he is. Hillary IS everything that could be wrong. Being wrong does not make someone else right. She is just WRONG. Her dearth of ability has nothing to do with Trump. The contentions that Hillary, in some way, recommends Trump is an argument that has failed, ab initio.

  60. kirklesWorthInfowarsTroll says:

    The net effect of this policy, stupid, is exactly the same as what Hillary would do. That they take different routes around the hill to get to same destination is irrelevant.

    Your cult leader IS Hillary, in drag.

  61. KirklesWorth says:

    Embrace the Hillary-goodness! Punish Trump for his sacrilege and until he shows his piety to the ultra-conservative party! All-or-nothing! Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton! Maybe, someday, conservatives will learn to play nice instead of alienating everyone in their path like Ted Cruz. Trump and Reagan look pretty close on paper.

  62. Grumpy Cat says:


  63. KirklesWorth says:

    Let’s see – do I believe Conservative Review or psycho-troll? Hmm…this is a tough one…

  64. F350 says:

    Not being a jerk here, but what viable alternative do you suggest? The other candidates are NOT going to WIN! It’s going to be Trump or Clinton, regardless of what your druthers are. We’ve been sold a bill-of-goods by the GOPe because they talk a good game, roll over, and show their bellies before the polling places are disassembled. Did the “principled” conservatives fight on immigration, Obamacare, or the budget? “What the hell do you have to lose” if Trump wins? What might you gain?

  65. kirklesworthTrumpOperative says:

    So you have gone through MB and performed a mathematical analysis on the number of articles Torcer posts and broken them down as to Hillary v. tRump?

    Either you have been able to kick your chronic masturbation problem and have way too much time on your hands now or you are a paid tRump operative. Which is it, asshole?

  66. KirklesWorth says:

    I’ve been trying to get a reasonable response, and this is what I have gathered:

    1. Their “conservative ideology” prevents them from winning
    2. They wish to “punish” the United States for nominating Trump
    3. They want to “educate” us on what happens when they don’t get their conservative ideological purity
    4. They want a “revolution” to reset our country to conservatism
    5. They want a convention of states to override the election

  67. Kevcar says:

    “Learn to play nice instead of alienating everyone in their path”. If this isn’t the perfect description of the problem with t rump, I don’t know what is. Thanks kirky, you described the t rump problem perfectly.

  68. kirklesworthProgressiveParrot says:

    “ultra-conservatives’, LMAO, exactly how a Progressive characterizes any Conservative.

    Another demonstration that wrinkledick is just another Progressive asshole pushing a Progressive candidate and a Progressive agenda.

    You sound just like former tRump donation recipients Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, when you talk like that, asshole. Now squawk like your cult leader for us, little parrot.

  69. KirklesWorth says:

    Yep. Better than foaming at the mouth about killing “fascists” that you define as those who don’t conform to your subjective observations. And your obsession with me and my junk indicates that you are probably a latent homosexual – or maybe you are out-of-the-closet. Either way, I don’t swing that way.

  70. KirklesWorth says:

    Funny…I thought the “conservatives” bailed on Trump first…hmm…

  71. KirklesWorth says:

    And progressives hate Trump – are you really going to try guilt-by-association? Sorry, I don’t follow your orders…kind of like the way you should if you were in the “military”.

  72. KirklesworthFascistAsshole says:

    Yes it is, now let’s see, who paid to play with them . . . . . . Oh I know, it was Donald tRump!

    I guess you forgot to mention that, little tRump fascist ASSHOLE.

  73. KirklesWorth says:

    What branch of the “military” were you in again? Oh yeah, you are to afraid to tell me because you’re afraid that I’ll try and get you court-martialed. But since you don’t have the honor and integrity to be in the military, I figure you must be a mall cop with a superiority complex.

  74. kirklesworthProgOperative says:

    “ultra-conservative”, seems we have a new theme you have used repeatedly on this page. Did you get a new script from the campaign?

    You Progressives just hate us, which is why I will never stop opposing you, asshole.

  75. 762x51 says:

    Says the Progressive asshole who lives on his knees before his cult leader every single day.

    How about you come and try to put me on my knees you useless fuck?

  76. KirklesWorth says:

    Oh, I’m sorry…do you consider “ultra-conservative” to be an insult? I thought you would be proud…killing “progressives” and all. I will go back to saying “so-called conservatives” if “ultra-conservative” offends your tender sensibilities.

    In case it isn’t blatantly obvious (which it is), you are the hater.

  77. 762x51 says:

    I think that may be a misprint. It should have read;

    “tRump goes flaccid on immigration”.

  78. Kevcar says:

    Happy to. I will never listen to rush again. For 25 years he has told us how we need a true solid conservative as a candidate. Over and over and over. Then when we finally get at least one (and possibly a few more) , he suddenly sells everyone out for continued access to trumps golf courses. Lying pos. I’m not convinced Bill Whittle is on the t rump train. If he is, please send a link. Steyn is rush with an accent. If he varies to far from rush’s positions he doesn’t get to host any more. Ingraham I never liked anyway.

  79. wrinkledickOnTheRun says:

    So you ARE a paid Progressive tRump operative! No casual poster goes through that kind of brain damage to slam another poster.

    A graph? Seriously?!? That is fucking hilarious.

    Hey Torcer, keep up the good work, you have wrinkledick on the run.


  80. Kevcar says:

    Hard to bail off of a train you were never on.

  81. KirklesWorth says:

    Good rabid attack dog protecting his master. You and Torcer sure are fighting tooth-and-nail to get Hillary to win, I’ll give you that. You should probably come out of the progressive closet now.

  82. KirklesWorth says:

    Touché. You’ve answered your own question. The alienation was done by the “conservatives” first.

  83. 762x51 says:

    LOL, for over a year now the Trumpanzee Progressive Chorus has come here every single day screeching about how your boy tRump is an outsider to the GOPee, a real rebel. Now you are “excited” that he is “in line” with the GOPee establishment. Schizophrenia much?


  84. kirklesworthHomeWork says:

    Hey asshole, draw us another graph. Maybe one of your hatred of conservatives. Wait, no that would be a flat line at 100%. Well do it anyway, a little home work for your, little boy.

  85. KirklesWorth says:

    Oh no…insulting my graph! Oh the horror! And you called me a “little boy” as well…ouch! You’ve crushed my spirit! Just keep working towards the Hillary president you want so badly.

  86. Kevcar says:

    Alienation. A nice word that does not fit in the least. Before I decided who to support I did a lot of research. I disregarded what they were saying on the campaign trail and instead looked at their history and what they had actually done. I made my decision based upon their actions not their words. Trump was unable to pass this scrutiny. His actions did not match his words and thus was disqualified to me. This is the system the general public was intended to use when making their decisions but obviously most don’t (at least any more).

  87. Well said. Trump, admittedly, is embarrassing at times and I would be the last to defend all that he has said. This election, however, is more about race, culture, and borders than anyone even imagines. ONLY Trump has spoken boldly on illegal immigration and stopping Muslim immigration for the time being.

    None of the other candidates have been as bold and as forthright in saying such things. While it is true that Cruz spoke about illegal immigration and border security, he did so with a whimper. He was never bold in such declarations nor did he recognize that this election is really about race and culture as Trump has made clear.

    Will our country remain a dominant, first-world White nation or will it slowly devolve into a third-world cesspool? Will this nation become balkanized by all the competing ethnic and racial groups, or will White Americans stand up for their own racial interests?

    Cruz, unfortunately, was always a day late and a dollar short. Hanging out with Glenn Beck and passing out soccer balls and Teddy Bears to illegal alien ‘children’ only served to show what a cuck at heart he really is. This doesn’t mean the man isn’t ‘conservative’ and holds solid views, but only that he is relatively weak on race and culture matters. His is not race-conscious and, thus, sees no need for maintaing the racial founding stock of this once great nation.

    In spite of Trump’s faults, he spoke out about the Brown invasion and the Muslim invasion while the the finely polished cucks of the GOP and the plastic smile democrats only sputtered and raged.

    Trump may indeed disappoint us all. He may turn into a political cuck himself. The nation is in free fall and we are declining rapidly, so I’d rather give a chance to the guy who sometimes puts his foot in his mouth but who understands the core problems we’re facing than the same old empty suits who got us into this mess to begin with.

  88. Callawyn says:

    Moonbattery for Hillary!!!

    You people are doing more to ensure Hillary gets elected than her own campaign.


  89. TED says:

    NOPE! THAT would be TRUMP, brownshirt!

  90. TED says:

    It’s like THIS, WE know we have to vote for him, BUT EVEN YOU ASSHOLES CAN’T MAKE US LIKE IT!!!

  91. TED says: WHOA WEENIE! You’re going backwards down a ONE WAY street, being a major LEFTIST POS YOU should know that! BUT I did say LEFTIST!

  92. TED says:

    TRUTH, even to some that call themselves conservatives, IS sometimes HARD to swallow!

  93. TED says: SURE, the BLACKS let LIBERALS get away with THAT!!! EVEN if they are WHITE!!!

  94. Callawyn says:

    Oh look, a Hillary for POTUS troll.

    Too ignorant to even understand that your Messiah, Hillary, is a Marxist just like Hitler, and her paid flunkies (financed, no doubt, in part by yourself) are the ones behaving like Brownshirts at Republican rallies nationwide.

  95. TED says:


  96. KirklesWorth says:

    What’s wrong with alienation?

    al·ien·a·tion ˌālyəˈnāSH(ə)n/ noun: the state or experience of being isolated from a group or an activity to which one should belong or in which one should be involved.

    Sounds like a perfect description of what conservatives did to Trump to me. The result of Trump not passing your “purity test” is another vote for Hillary that doesn’t get cancelled out by a vote for Trump. So your decision not to vote for Trump is one more vote Hillary gets unchallenged.

  97. KirklesWorth says:

    Who’s asking you to like it? #1 defeat Hillary, #2 deal with Trump. You’ve already conceded to it…why are so hostile?

  98. Feet2Fire says:

    Interesting detail that deserves everyone’s attention:

    Walmart gave Clinton Foundation $5 million to pressure the Indian government to
    allow Walmart into India which is opposed by small retailers.

    Do her voters know this?

  99. Kevcar says:

    Did you read your own definition? A group or activity to which one should belong. Trump is a life long democrat. He doesn’t belong. So doing research for the best candidate is now a purity test? so be it and trump is anything but pure.

  100. KirklesWorth says:

    Um, excuse me, but last time I looked, Donald Trump was the republican party candidate. And Ronald Reagan was a democrat…and hardly a “pure conservative” either.

  101. Stephen says:

    Trump may indeed disappoint but he’s the best bet.

  102. FrozenPatriot says:

    All that clip of Coulter did was confirm my decision 10 years ago to cancel cable and ignore cable news. The constant gotchya questions and talking over the guest is the foundation of cable news, and is exceedingly vomitous.

  103. Jack Bauer says:

    Not “research” Torcie’— merely clicking on your screen id. that shows the count.
    Some being repeat messages or not, it seems like it would take more than one person to make all of those posts. Some of us actually have lives with jobs, and family obligations that would preclude so much time spent on a single issue.
    Of course, if people want to read all the anti-Trump the stuff you post, they don’t need to come here. They can go to Huffpo or Democrat Underground and get the same thing….lol.

  104. Jill says:

    Neither candidate is worthy of support. They are both self serving, narcissistic, liars.

  105. KirklesWorth says:

    But she is a progressive-liberal-socialist criminal.

  106. Jill says:

    No. Those that ignored the fact that he was a horrible candidate with a progressive past. This blog did not put the idea of a ‘pivot’ in his mind nor did they pull his puppet strings. They simply did not ride the progressive, populist wave and discard the principles of conservatism.

  107. Jill says:

    The ‘so-called’ conservatives that Trump marginalized, mocked, and claimed whose votes were not needed.

  108. KirklesWorth says:

    No, it’s because Ted Cruz was such a train wreck. If so-called “conservatives” can’t produce a quality candidate that can play nice, then we’ll have to settle for whoever survives to be made the republican candidate.

  109. KirklesWorth says:

    The conservatives began the combat – that was the point.

  110. Jill says:

    Bloomberg was a ‘Republican’ of political expediency….just like Trump. Reagan spent twenty years crafting a conservative revolution after leaving the democrat party. You cannot say the same for Trump.

  111. KirklesWorth says:

    And what can be said about Reagan that is so different? Reagan was so “conservative” that he:

    Nearly tripled the deficit
    Gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants
    Raised the debt ceiling 18 times
    Expanded gun sale background checks and an assault weapon ban
    Signed at least 5 tax increases (Alan Simpson says 11 times)
    Increased the Social Security tax rate
    Unemployment reached 10.8%
    Appointed liberal justice Anthony Kennedy
    Had “issues” with Israel
    Bailed out Social Security for $165 billion
    Was a union leader in the Screen Actors Guild
    Negotiated with and armed terrorists in the Iran-Contra Affair

  112. TrojanMan says:

    Im just here for the entertainment value of the comments

  113. kirklesworthCausedCivilWar says:

    I had no hand in putting forth the worst possible candidate to oppose her asshole, that was you and your vermin. Your cult leader is losing big now only about 80 days out from the election. This will all be your fault, jackass.

    Another day closer to civil war, douche bag.

  114. TrojanMan says:

    Dang you beat me to it!

  115. TrojanMan says:

    Furthermore Reagan was a democrat before they went full communist.

  116. TrojanMan says:

    ” paid tRump operative” He is a paid hillary operative sent from the 7th layer of hell to sow discord.

  117. TrojanMan says:

    “Anyone over the age of 24 would have to be a tremendously slow learner to not know that politicians lie to get elected and / or make many many compromises as they are seduced by power.”

    And yet many Trumpians do not understand this and blindly follow their cult leader thinking he will save us all. Trump will change exactly squat in favor of liberty.

  118. KirklesWorth says:

    Where is this “pay” people keep talking about? Oh noes…I “sow discord” on an anti-Trump blog with anti-Trump articles and anti-Trump posters…how awful! And here I thought it was the so-called “conservatives” sowing discord with the supporters of the republican candidate.

  119. physicsnut says:

    if it wasn’t for The Donald – NOBODY WOULD BE TALKING IMMIGRATION at all !

    // JOE BIDEN thinks the people who created america ought to be happy to be a minority

    // What a SURRENDER MONKEY !!!
    // biden on european minority
    // video of BILL CLINTON making sense on illegal immigration in 1995
    Deuteronomy 28

    “The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but
    you will go down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, but you will
    not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you will be the tail.”
    Mencken says:
    “Americans constitute the most timorous, sniveling, poltroonish, ignominious
    mob of serfs and goose-steppers ever gathered under one flag in Christendom …”

    A great big RACKET to import votes by the trainful, drive down wages and
    drive up the cost of everything else. And how many years has this train
    been running ? None of the passengers ever shows up for an immigration
    hearing. Then they blab that they grew up here and deserve what citizens
    deserve, and are told that by all the little demagogues who want their
    This does not happen by itself. On local TV you can see ads
    from immigration lawyers too. There it is – complete with a propaganda
    wing spewing heartwarming or heartbreaking stories. The BBC was going on
    about giving tortillas to those on the Beastia train. One can
    practically hear Joan Baez doing some romantic song in the background.
    Trumka is doing a background vocal.
    Being played for suckers ? Then they have “the children” angle. But Gutierrez figures that with a few million more – the republicans will be permanently out of power. You can hear the cheering at NYTimes, Salon, Atlantic, Slate, Huffington, and the rest. How come repubs didnt figure that out 30 years ago.

    Bill Gates wants immigration reform now – but he laid off 18000, others want
    it now and laid off 6000. What a bunch of hypocrites.
    Basically they want to stampede congress – just like after 9-11 – to ram thru a totally overstuffed two thousand page piece of junk written by lobbyists who
    could not care less about what is good for Americans. So they
    manufacture a “crisis” and have all the twits on NPR and PBS blabbering
    about it being a “crisis” and you have do DO SOMETHING NOW. I would
    suspect their motives – and upon examination – their motives stink.

    this article from The Telegraph explains how the Labour Party pushed immigration to change the electorate in England.
    The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a
    politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country
    and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew
    Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

    He said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to “open up
    the UK to mass migration” but that ministers were nervous and reluctant
    to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its “core
    working class vote”.


    as if that isn’t bad enuf
    WBAI is broadcasting a 3 day blabfest about demanding REPARATIONS – praising Jeremiah Wright and Conyers.
    expect more of this – hope it is on your radar.
    WBAI is also blabbering about the alliance between the punks in Ferguson and Palestinians !

    and speaking of the usual suspects:
    wanna see where this ‘white privilege’ thing came from ?
    Check out “Family Circle” by Susan Braudy
    is about KATHY BOUDIN – you know, the Weather Underground jerkette who
    almost got blown up in that manhattan townhouse explosion – and then
    went on to rob the Nanuet Bank in Nyack.
    too bad it is not in the index – see pages 165, 180, 190, 198, 215

    so this sixties rubbish is now recycled by the Leftoids 50 years later,
    and they think I am not wise to their propaganda.
    It’s the same creeps who come up with “undocumented immigrant”
    and other similar rubbish.
    The creeps need to be exposed.

  120. KirklesWorth says:

    No need to whine at me about Ted Cruz’s failures – he had his chance. Do you have enough ammunition to start killing progressives?

  121. ramrodd says:

    I found out what Arpaio was years ago when he endorsed open borders James Richard Perry… did you make out with your year long investigation of the Birth Certificate, Joe!

  122. Stephen says:

    The.behavior you’re describing is basically tribalism. It’s an innate, intrinsic, genetically hardwired human characteristic. It’s a foolish waste of time to rail against it, and one of the great failings of comservatives is they think they can reject tribalism as a matter of principle, as if human nature is something we can deny without consequence.

  123. KirklesWorth says:

    Yep, here’s my defense:

    Hillary Clinton: “We need comprehensive immigration reform with a path to full and equal citizenship. If Congress won’t act, I’ll defend President Obama’s executive actions—and I’ll go even further to keep families together. I’ll end family detention, close private immigrant detention centers, and help more eligible people become naturalized.”

    And distinguishing herself from the GOP field, Clinton said, ““I am 100% behind comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship.”

    Clinton added that she felt “if we do comprehensive immigration reform and we invest in infrastructure… we are going to have more than enough jobs for everybody. That is what we want in America, because I want everybody to have jobs with purpose and dignity.”

    >“I would create the first ever Office of Immigrant Affairs,” Clinton said.

    “I am committed to introducing comprehensive immigration reform and a path to legitimate citizenship within the first 100 days of my presidency,” Clinton said.

  124. 762x51 says:

    ROTFLMAO, Saul now wants to call me a Progressive. After nine years of posting consistently Conservative viewpoints, this NOOB Troll wants to come in here and call me a Progressive, funny shit. Imitating me as well as Torcer, that is hilarious!!

    Umm, news flash, asshole, YOU are the one backing a Progressive for President, not me. All your pathetic bullshit and all you have managed to accomplish is to turn off more people to tRump.

    Second news flash, asshole, regardless of which side of the Progressive uni-party wins in Nov., there is going to be a shooting war on the streets of this country. I wonder how many people have scores to settle with you?

    See you on the battlefield, asshole.

  125. kirklesProfessionalLiar says:

    And your boy is a Progressive “Liberal” Socialist Criminal who agrees with her on every issue, except the ones where he agrees with Bernie Sanders. Of course, as a paid political operative and professional liar, you would never admit that.

  126. kirklesToadStool says:

    Cruz?!? Obsess much, wrinkledick?

    Talking to you is like talking to a bot.

    You have the intelligence of a toadstool and the personalty of what it grows in.

    This should be a laugh, how much ammo, in your “professional” opinion, would it take to get started?

  127. TrojanMan says:


  128. TrojanMan says:

    Holy shit a graph??!?! So he took the time to dissect the raw data, put it into an excel spreadsheet, and run graphs on the data? Seriously?!?! That is some dedicated creepy stalker shit going on there.

  129. TrojanMan says:

    Toad Stool? LOL

  130. 762x51 says:

    A little double entendre, zipped right over the imbeciles head, just the rounds will soon be doing. Wrinkledick is going to soil his big boys the first time that happens.

  131. kirklesworthObnoxiousAsshole says:

    You’ll notice that he just left instead of being an obnoxious asshole every day, like you.

  132. 762x51 says:

    Another Trumpanzee obsessed with Cruz, hilarious!

  133. 762x51 says:

    Yep, wrinkledick has been blowing the tRump-et for months now.

    Of course you meant standing up for what is right. That point will be lost upon these vermin. They simply have no strength of character or courage to do the right thing, much less any sense of self sacrifice.

  134. KirklesWorth says:

    Nah, easy peasy. The tough part is gathering up all of those anti-Trump articles and suggesting them to Dave Blount…not getting the data back out.

  135. KirklesWorth says:

    Funny…I would prefer to talk to a bot than you. Just proceed to obnoxiously throw your weight around and prepare to execute your “enemies” like a good fascist would.

  136. KirklesWorth says:

    But not nearly as clever as you:

    TrojanMan: You claim to want to debate but you are really just a condescending bunghole troll. Its my fault for feeding your trolling. I will refrain from doing so.

  137. TrojanMan says:

    Huh? I wasn’t talking to you troll.

  138. KirklesWorth says:

    But I was talking to you. Got a problem with that? Feel free to deny you were talking about me if you like.

  139. TeutonicNight4893 says:

    I am a Christian first and a conservative second.
    When I read in my Bible that there will be a one-world government/currency at the end of days, I believe it.

    Whenever I see any Global Organization that usurps sovereignty, I know immediately it is the enemy at work. EU, UN, NAU, IMF, etc.

    That is why, when I found out about Ted Cruz’s wife, Goldman Sachs, Council on Foreign Relations, and the white papers about forming the NAU, I knew Cruz was not the American Conservative Champion he sold himself as, and began suspecting him as a globalist puppet to control the base of the opposition.

    When Trump said “America will no longer follow the false song of globalism” this struck true with me.

    The minutiae and details of his border plan may change, but I believe his honest conviction about wanting to protect and secure America’s borders, both geographic and economic.

    God raises up kings and leaders. I believe he has chosen Trump, just as Cyrus was chosen to restore Israel.
    For those who incessantly shriek “How can any Christian vote for Drumpf!?”, such faith shaming just screams of ‘Pharisee’ to me. And I reject those voices just as Jesus did.

    I’d rather be with my fellow hands-in-the-dirt blue collar Americans supporting Trump, than ego stroking and virtue signalling how morally superior I am because I don’t agree with everything Trump has ever done, which I don’t.

    For every story about Trump doing something bad or unethical, there are 2-3 more stories where he did something altruistic and generous that are conveniently omitted or ignored by the Trump bashers who just seem to want to hate the man, and look for justification afterwards.

    Trump gives the families of victims of illegal alien crimes a platform
    to speak on from his own stage, he has made personal relationships with
    these people and their tragedies. No politician has ever done this.
    And It stand in very stark contrast to Cruz, who handed out freebies to illegals hopping the border.

    I support Trump for President 100% because I believe he is the candidate with the resources and knowledge to fight the NWO. He is not the small government Constitutionalist perfect candidate (but neither was Cruz, IMO), and therefore I can see how he is distasteful to many conservatives. But neither is the globalist, open borders, one-world candidate (Hillary). Trump will maintain our Sovereignty above all, and I believe his personal financial knowledge will indeed be beneficial to us long-term.

    I made my decision based on scripture and personal discernment. Not looking for an argument; just throwing in my $0.02

  140. teacake says:

    and her assistant Huma is daughter of muslim-brotherhood members and should be no where near the WH.

  141. KirklesWorth says:

    Ah yes, the classic TrojanMan “i’ve got nothing so its time to post a graphic” tactic. That works every time!

  142. Colonel_Bob says:

    Despite of all the efforts of Jeb, Rubio, GOP establishment, it took Trump to convince you to support amnesty.

  143. KirklesWorth says:

    Where did you come up with that conclusion? Are you sure you aren’t channeling Ronald Reagan?

  144. Colonel_Bob says:

    Trump told an audience that “the good ones can stay”

    You want to say that is not amnesty? Fine. Trump has just gone further than the Gang of Eight.

  145. KirklesWorth says:

    Trump hasn’t done anything yet.

  146. kerri says:

    CLOSE the damn borders, deport all criminal illegal aliens immediately as discovered…then take a look at what is left .
    That sure makes sense to me.
    Not a Trumpster here…but I am sure as hell #Never Hillary!

  147. twmon9816 says:

    He’s done an olympic style flip flop though.

  148. Colonel_Bob says:

    Do you not believe what he says, or do you pick and choose the ones you want to believe and not believe?

  149. KirklesWorth says:

    Could be…let’s hope it improves.

  150. KirklesWorth says:

    There are many issues that put Trump above Hillary. I am not an all-or-nothing conservative who won’t, say, take a 50% amnesty position and throw it away for a 100% Hillary amnesty position.

  151. Gex says:

    what happened to all you douchebats that say trump will say anything to get elected…….bwahahahahaha………you douchebats sure are funny

  152. Colonel_Bob says:

    It was the Republican base that stopped ALL amnesty when GWB proposed it and when McCain proposed it.

    You are signalling to Congress that it is OK to pass an amnesty bill regardless of who wins the presidency.

  153. KirklesWorth says:

    As you wish…

  154. KirklesWorth says:

    Am I? Wow…I had no idea I had such power. I just thought I was trying to prevent a 100% Hillary amnesty. Wouldn’t you be signaling “that it is OK to pass an amnesty bill” that Hillary wants by not stopping her?

  155. Colonel_Bob says:

    Please tell me that you believe that a President Trump would veto a full amnesty bill from Congress, but I think he would sign it.

  156. TeutonicNight4893 says:

    I don’t support amnesty and nothing in my post suggests that I do.

    Reagan granted amnesty. I don’t support that, but I still like Reagan. Have you forsaken Reagan because he granted amnesty?

  157. Colonel_Bob says:

    Reagan supported amnesty because the Democratic Congress promised funding for securing the border. The Democrats never came through with the money. Who knew?

  158. Torcer says:

    No, what was the point of supporting trump all along?
    Because he was ‘winning’ – the polls for the general election showed him losing as they are now.

    Because his stance on immigration – that was blown away the past few days…

    F350 The other candidates are NOT going to WIN!

    The polling showed a different story – but were you selective on what you believed in that regard?

    F350 It’s going to be Trump or Clinton, regardless of what your druthers are.

    And thanks to Trump supporters the odds are he going to LOSE when we should have won running away….
    But there was that immigration stance by Trump.. oh wait!

    F350 We’ve been sold a bill-of-goods by the GOPe because they talk a good game, roll over, and show their bellies before the polling places are disassembled.

    And how is what trump is doing any different?

    F350 Did the “principled” conservatives fight on immigration, Obamacare, or the budget?

    Did you support the Conservatives who took on those fights?

  159. Torcer says:

    Trump supporters say that’s a small issue…

  160. Torcer says:

    And it took you all of 5 minutes to do that… a real scholar you are.

    As I said to ‘Tom’ I can essentially prove this contention by the number of times I have to repetitively post this response..

    You’re giving me FAR too much credit given that it takes but mere seconds to re-post a tweet and doing that in several locales cuts down that number considerably.

    But I suppose you would have to have rudimentary knowledge of the web to understand that fact. That and I have to keep on responding to the same old tired material from the likes of you blokes and one’s numbers can look considerable.

  161. KirklesWorth says:

    Maybe, but I know Hillary will sign it so pardon me if I concentrate my attacks on her.

  162. Torcer says:

    What I find troublesome is why they are doing all of this..

    They attained their wish of Trump losing as the nominee and they are still angry.

    It’s almost like they want to blame trump’s issues on those who made an informed choice..

  163. KirklesWorth says:

    That’s a nice way to spin “I attacked Trump so that Hillary could win to punish everyone for Ted Cruz’s failure.

  164. Torcer says:

    What is really disconcerting is that supposed ‘Conservatives’ traffic in false narratives as their means of debate…

  165. KirklesWorth says:

    Yep…defeating Hillary is definitely a “false narrative” for some people.

  166. Colonel_Bob says:

    Is it within your ability to both attack Hillary and disagree with this one policy position by Trump?

  167. KirklesWorth says:

    Yep. Did I imply otherwise?

  168. TrojanMan says:

    Hey i have lost a little weight since this pic was taken… c’mon

  169. Colonel_Bob says:

    In a word, yes. Trump cannot take his base for granted in his efforts to expand the number of people voting for him.

  170. KirklesWorth says:

    Maybe not, but the conservatives don’t support him anyway so he may be testing the waters to see how many more people he would pick up leaning left. He’s obviously given up on the conservatives since they bailed on him with Ted Cruz and never made nice with him afterwards – expecting him to do it instead which would be folly anyway.

  171. Colonel_Bob says:

    The irony of all of this is it was Trump blasting Jeb and Rubio and everyone else for being soft on immigration, and now that he has the nomination he is doing that which he criticized six months ago.

  172. KirklesWorth says:

    Trump is a bit of a loose cannon. I just keep saying that he has so many people watching him like a hawk, he’d have difficulty getting any screwy agendas through whereas Hillary would have every progressive-liberal-socialist dingbat idea sail through like a rocket sled on rails while politicians hold out their hands and smile. She’ll announce her presidency as a “referendum” on all ultra-left policies and make Obamacare look like the good ‘ol days by comparison.

  173. Colonel_Bob says:

    My fear is that Democrats get control of Congress and Trump goes along with them. That does not necessarily make it his agenda.

  174. F350 says:

    YES! I absolutely did!! No hesitation, no whining about their history of ignoring the base. I went to the polls and pulled the lever for the “conservative” candidates on the ticket. So Torcer, having extremely low expectations of whether McConnell and Boehner would deliver, I did absolutely everything in my power to help the Republicans have the majority in both the House and Senate. Your move. Knowing your options, what will you do now that the presidential election is looming?

  175. Torcer says:

    Please respond to the points I made:

    No, what was the point of supporting trump all along?
    Because he was ‘winning’ – the polls for the general election showed him losing as they are now.

    Because his stance on immigration – that was blown away the past few days…

    F350 The other candidates are NOT going to WIN!

    The polling showed a different story – but were you selective on what you believed in that regard?

    F350 It’s going to be Trump or Clinton, regardless of what your druthers are.

    And thanks to Trump supporters the odds are he going to LOSE when we should have won running away….
    But there was that immigration stance by Trump.. oh wait!

    F350 We’ve been sold a bill-of-goods by the GOPe because they talk a good game, roll over, and show their bellies before the polling places are disassembled.

    And how is what trump is doing any different?

    Jeb Trump is doing what you are condemning others for doing – how does that set with you?

  176. […] reacts to Trump’s predictable 180° reversal on the issue that won the hearts of those who took him at face […]

  177. NotKennedy says:

    “Trump and Reagan look pretty close on paper.”

    You sound like a fool with paper cuts in intimate places. The 5th circle of hell is not recommended, merely because there are lower levels in hell.

    You are resonating an idiot’s mantra that losing four fingers is somehow more reasonable than losing a thumb. The problem with that sort of rhetoric is that YOU are making yourself the arbiter with the scalpel

    If anything should be “sacrificed” or compromised in this hideous proposition, it is the UNITED part of the United States. Conservatives are not willing to “do Vietnam” all over again just to sustain some bizarre concept that all must suffer for the “grace of the nation”.

    How about just saying HELL NO! Hillary will NEVER BE ACCEPTABLE. That does NOT make Trump acceptable.

  178. kirklesworthTheBot says:

    ROTFLMAO! Did you write that while looking in the mirror, wrinkledick? Apparently imitation is all you can do, comes from too many years of not being able to think for yourself. I expect nothing more from a idolater like you. Heading into Fall and Winter means that your room temperature IQ will be even lower than it has been, sigh.

    I think everyone would be happier if you just went off and talked to bots, elsewhere, except maybe the bots themselves.

  179. kirklesworthLittlePrick says:

    What if he does have a problem with it, wrinkledick? What are you going to do about it? We already know you are a sniveling coward who cannot back up what he says. Come on pussy, lets see you put some grit behind your words, maybe then someone will take you seriously. Until then you are just a smug, arrogant, useless little prick.

  180. F350 says:

    Maybe I’m not communicating effectively so I’ll just spell it out the sake of clarity. EITHER of the GOP candidates who won the primary was going to have my 100% support. I didn’t really watch the primaries because I KNEW that Shrillary is bad for the country. So, whoever was running in the general against her was getting my support and my vote.

  181. 762x51 says:

    LMAO, I have no idea how it came up with the graph but here it is in all its glory.

    KirklesWorth Jack Bauer • 3 hours ago
    Torcer wasn’t so busy in July.


  182. 762x51 says:

    You put the dead in dedication.

  183. Torcer says:

    How is your tacit refusal to answer my questions an issue with my capabilities?

    Perhaps if you ‘KNEW’ about how bad Comrade Clinton was for the country, you should spent more time becoming informed and getting involved.

    Now, answer my questions please.

  184. 762x51 says:

    That is how all Progressives operate, it is one of their defining characteristics.

    Fascistic belief in a totalitarian ideology.

    Blaming others for their mistakes, refusing to accept factual reality when it invalidates that ideology.

    Spreading deceit and intimidation as a means of forcing their ideological agenda on others.

    All of those things are the trademarks of Progressives that we have come to know by heart. They are the things we despise most about Progressives so they are easy to spot.

    Take this latest reversal by tRump on immigration, literally his trademark issue, the one that propelled him to the nomination. Now he has completely reversed that position, that is what going from originally banning Muslims from entering the country and throwing out the illegals already here to now not banning Muslims and not throwing out the illegals already here, means. Yet the cult followers continue to defend his positions, regardless of where that position falls today and they attack the people who point out his duplicity, just like any Progressive talking head would do for Hillary or Obama.

    Their blame game of putting his loss on us is more about hedging their bets than it is about trying to sway us to his side. Progressives can never take personal responsibility for their actions, it is against their religion.

    These phony conservatives, who are really Progressives, are the enemy, just as surely as the Democrat Progressives or the hajjis for that matter. I see them as being one and the same and treat them all the same. All fascists, of any stripe, are merely targets awaiting engagement.

  185. kirklesworthFascistAsshoLE says:

    Go fuck yourself, asshole.

  186. Feet2Fire says:

    Well, Trump’s a better bet than Hillary. Anybody who opts out and doesn’t vote for Trump is basically VOTING FOR HILLARY and all the HE11 she will unleash on America. Trump will choose decent Supreme Court justices, whereas Hillary will finish off America both from her “Resolute desk” and from her Court.

  187. Freedomswatch says:

    No sale. Ted Cruz is no globalist, neither is his wife. Trump is the liar who has turned against everything he said he would do. Trump owes Goldman Sachs $650 million. Trump is the ultimate globalist. He will sell America to anyone who will line his pockets with money. Wake up and admit Trump played all of you. Never, ever Trump.

  188. Freedomswatch says:

    What about the support of white supremacists by Trump? Will you support that? I won’t.

  189. Freedomswatch says:

    Trump has revealed himself to be the liar Conservatives always knew he was.

  190. Callawyn says:

    This may come as a shock to you, but Trump is the ONLY candidate that will be on the ballot in November that has a chance of keeping Hillary out of the White House – and radical activists being appointed to the federal bench for the next 4-8 years.

    Trump or Hillary. Hillary or Trump.

    Those are your choices.

    Pick a team and FIGHT.

  191. Callawyn says:

    This may come as a shock to you, but Trump is the ONLY candidate that will be on the ballot in November that has a chance of keeping Hillary out of the White House – and radical activists being appointed to the federal bench for the next 4-8 years.

    Trump or Hillary. Hillary or Trump.

    Those are your choices.

    Pick a team and FIGHT.

    You’re worse than a Liberal.

  192. Kebert Xela says:

    Ted Cruz successfully fought for our sovereignty against the the Bush administration and the UN in Medellin v. Texas.

    Donald Trump has been in debt (currently in excess of $1 billion) to international banking houses his whole career.

    Ted Cruz never lied to you. Donald Trump has never told you the truth.

  193. TED says:


  194. TED says:


  195. TED says:


  196. TED says:


  197. TED says:


  198. TED says:


  199. Callawyn says:

    You’re the biggest Hillary supporter I’ve seen yet this year.

  200. Callawyn says:

    Hillary troll.

    You make me sick.

  201. Green Lama says:

    You’d be wrong.


  202. Green Lama says:

    Wrong, again!

  203. Green Lama says:

    Only an idiot believes that means “amnesty.”

    You believe it.


  204. Colonel_Bob says:

    Why is it wrong? Or do you have nothing to add?

  205. Green Lama says:

    It’s wrong because you said it.

    You’re like a barometer of dumb.

  206. Colonel_Bob says:

    Only an idiot believes what Trump says.

    You believe Trump.

    You are an infantile idiot.

  207. Colonel_Bob says:

    You are wrong.

  208. Green Lama says:

    The ball of string persists…

    Care to demonstrate how?

    I’ll wait…

  209. Green Lama says:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    …but I thought you were “done?”

    Oh…I’m sorry! Did I manipulate you?

  210. Green Lama says:

    Yes…I’ll add that you are making me chuckle during my long, boring commute!

    Objective complete!

  211. KirklesWorth says:

    Who sounds “like a fool with paper cuts in intimate places”? Aside from your entertaining yet void-of-substance criticism, I am sorry to dampen your worship of Ronald Reagan with the following non-conservative attributes:

    Nearly tripled the deficit
    Gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants
    Raised the debt ceiling 18 times
    Expanded gun sale background checks and an assault weapon ban
    Signed at least 5 tax increases (Alan Simpson says 11 times)
    Increased the Social Security tax rate
    Unemployment reached 10.8%
    Appointed liberal justice Anthony Kennedy
    Had “issues” with Israel
    Bailed out Social Security for $165 billion
    Was a union leader in the Screen Actors Guild
    Negotiated with and armed terrorists in the Iran-Contra Affair

    We will get Hillary or Trump – one will end up being the “acceptable” one – your lack of blessing notwithstanding.

  212. KirklesWorth says:

    Okay, if you want guilt-by-association…

  213. KirklesWorth says:

    Aww…those dichotomies are so tough…

  214. KirklesWorth says:

    Or maybe he’s looking for more reasonable voters since the arrogant so-called “conservative” bailers think they have to be “wooed back” after they stabbed him in the back (like Ted Cruz).

  215. Kevcar says:

    Play nice!!??!! You are out of your freakin mind!!! T rumps the one calling everyone names and making up lies left and right! You need to get to a hospital right away because your delusional.

  216. KirklesWorth says:

    Right. Who is “out of your freakin mind”? How are these so-called “conservatives” playing nice?

    How about conservative icon Ben Shapiro’s March 4, 2016 article “SHAPIRO: I Will Never Vote For Donald Trump. Here’s Why.”

    How about this article from January 21, 2016 “Conservatives against Trump

    How about the anti-Trump website – there are plenty of anti-Trump articles including this May 1, 2016 article “Yes, Donald Trump Would Be Worse Than Any Prior Republican Nominee”

    How about back on December 9, 2015 “Why conservative pundits hate Donald Trump”

    Shall I go on?

  217. Kevcar says:

    As usual, a straw man argument. None of those people are the candidate. It’s makes no difference what you or I say, it’s what the candidates say.

  218. KirklesWorth says:

    Funny, I thought the obligation of the candidate is to get elected. Conservatives have emphatically declared their non-support of Trump, so he can decide whether to waste time with the rainy-day-republican conservatives or venture more towards the moderates – I guess he made his choice.

  219. Kevcar says:

    Your just to funny. Maybe, just maybe it’s possible that conservatives declared their non support based upon his actions. So his “venturing” toward moderates isn’t a flip flop and nobody should have believed what he said his initial positions were and now your mad because not everyone did believe him – unlike you. The obligation is to get elected and if that takes lying, stealing or anything else – then according to you that’s just fine. Hey everybody, Kirkle has just announced the support and justification for his voting for Hillary.

  220. TED says:

    MORE?! YOU are the hungry one lefty asswipe! 8-)!

  221. TED says:


  222. TED says:

    I don’t have time to deal with your IGNORANCE today so lets just cut to the chase! Here’s what you are wanting anyway. I realize in your case it is canabalism BUT you lefty assholes have NO morals anyway, EAT UP LEFTY TROLL!

  223. KirklesWorth says:

    Funny? I thought I was being serious. Maybe you don’t know where people stand on immigration – so here’s something new from the Pew Research Center:

    12% of republicans want citizenship
    41% of republicans want better border security and stronger law enforcement
    45% of republicans want both

    29% say prioritize citizenship
    24% say better border security
    45% say both

    76% say illegals are as hard working and honest as U.S. Citizens
    67% say illegals are no more likely than citizens to commit serious crimes

  224. KirklesWorth says:

    How you anti-Trumpers can convince yourselves that Trump supporters are “lefties”, “liberals”, “progressives”, etc. is beyond me. You anti-Trumpers are enabling Hillary to be president, so spare us your leftist projections and explain how you are trying to prevent Hillary from winning…?

  225. Kevcar says:

    A nice deflection attempt. The original point was did T rump flip flop thereby lying originally when he made all his blustery statements on deportation. The answer to that is yes he did. Your polling post is nothing but supporting documentation as to why (from your view) that he flip flopped. Your addressing a non question. Nobody asked why, the question was did he yes or no. A one word answer is all that’s required and that answer is yes.

  226. KirklesWorth says:

    I’ll answer it the way I please thank you – your orders notwithstanding. I’ve laid out the scenario – vote for Hillary if Trump is so distasteful to you. He’s got to win, and if the fair-weather-republican conservatives aren’t going to support him, it makes sense for him to move to where the votes are. Savvy?

  227. Torcer says:

    I’m afraid I can’t add much to your words, but consider the fact that the little proggie running around trying to annoy everyone has a disturbing tendency to scrupulously avoids revealing to much about herself, lest she be shown for what she is.

  228. Randall says:

    News Flash: Trump still best choice for president. End of story. Deal!

  229. KirklesWorth says:

    Sorry, they want to “punish” the United States for not making Ted Cruz the candidate.

  230. Kevcar says:

    Ah, and there is another interesting point you made “fair weather republican conservatives “. I can’t speak for anyone but myself by conservative (Constitutionalist) is first in importance. My voting republican has been a matter of zero choices. I probably agree with many of the trump supporters in that I’m unhappy with the way the “establishment” Republicans have been governing. What my issue is concerns trumps claim to fame was he wasn’t establishment and he was going to do everything differently (despite a history that says otherwise). Many people supported him based upon his statements and now when he switches back, we are left with a crap choice when we originally had several good options. I just want to shake these people that made such an important decision based solely upon emotion and now we are stuck with two sides of a crap sandwich. I truly believe it was all planned out in advance. What makes me so sad is that it all depended upon an ignorant, emotion based, reality TV style population, and the good ol USA delivered for them.

  231. KirklesWorth says:

    Yes, I have been making a list of so-called “conservatives” and how they convince themselves to let Hillary win. It looks to me you’d be either a #6 or #7 type,, but it could encompass several:

    1. fair-weather-republican conservatives
    2. “my way or the highway” conservatives or “all-or-nothing” conservatives
    3. ideology-over-party-loyalty conservatives
    4. ideology-over-liberty conservatives or sacrificing-liberties-for-ideology conservatives
    5. “purity test” requiring conservatives
    6. America-punishing conservatives or poor-loser conservatives
    7. “waking people up with Hillary” conservatives
    8. “starting a revolution with Hillary” conservatives

  232. kerri says:

    The truth of the matter is that either Hillary or Trump will be our next president.

    I absolutely know what Hillary will do to circumvent our Constitution, open our borders/welfare system to as many 3rd world immigrants as she can funnel in the next 4 years, gov healthcare, freebies that will destroy our economy ,carbon taxes , a progressive supreme court for generations to come.

    Trump just seems a safer bet to me.

  233. Kevcar says:

    You make so many assumptions it’s amazing. So apparently you are the source for who is or isn’t a conservative since you use terms like “so called conservative”. Also apparently you didn’t read my post as I described exactly what my belief system is. The closest thing on your wonderful list would be number 3. As usual, don’t address any of the points made, try and divert to something else. Elementary tactic.

  234. KirklesWorth says:

    “Assumptions”? You just told me:

    I just want to shake these people that made such an important decision based solely upon emotion and now we are stuck with two sides of a crap sandwich.

    Doesn’t “shake these people” sound close to “waking people up with Hillary” or “America-punishing conservatives or poor-loser conservatives”?

    #3 sounds better, but when the so-called “conservatives” admit they would “punish” America by letting Hillary win, it doesn’t sound so “conservative” after all – since they are not “conserving” the liberties and freedoms Trump would defend and Hillary would banish.

  235. […] was of course Trump himself who used the word “softening” to define his new position following the Great Illegal Immigration […]

  236. Kevcar says:

    For reading comprehension I give you a zero. For making huge assumptions based on nothing, I give you a 10. Shaking someone (like my cousin), has absolutely nothing to do with the quotes you chose. Zero. My choosing ideology over a party (in the same way George Washington suggested), has no relationship to your punishing America quote. As far as t rump conserving liberties and freedoms, that’s the entire key. You believe he will and I’m not convinced. If you really want people to support trump, have reasoned rational polite conversations with people to persuade. Emotional bs arguments won’t get you anywhere with the anti trump people. If we made our decisions based on emotion, we would already be trump supporters lol. Have a good weekend.

  237. NotKennedy says:

    You have dampened nothing, other than your frothing, fomenting lips.

    Trump is your kind of guy but all you want to do is talk Reagan?

    Trump is not going to happen.

    KW, try to remember, Reagan was a democrat. Remember that part about whose party left whom?

    There is no Republican candidate, the RNC made sure of that because there aren’t Republicans in the RNC… or the GOP.

    Have a vacuous, devoid weekend, replete with substance and flibbertigibbet.

    As to Anthony Kennedy? So it goes, the name speaks for itself.

    And one more thing, piss on your “we” meme. There is no “we” between conservatives and you guys. You are what you are and what you are not is conservative. That much is understood–that is why you find Trump acceptable.

  238. KirklesWorth says:

    Yeah, “reading comprehension” “zero”. Right. But you are run with your emotion – anger and hatred. Those who would permit Hillary to be president because they are so emotionally compromised shouldn’t be lecturing others about being “based on emotion.

    There are four options – which do you recommend?

    1. vote for Trump
    2. vote for Hillary
    3. vote for third party
    4. don’t vote

    Options 3-4 would permit a Hillary vote not to be cancelled out by a Trump vote (thus enabling Hillary).

  239. KirklesWorth says:

    You have dampened nothing, other than your frothing, fomenting lips.

    Funny, it sounds like you have the “frothing, fomenting lips” to me.

    Trump is your kind of guy but all you want to do is talk Reagan?

    Why isn’t Trump “your guy”? Because Hillary is “your gal”? You are the one who challenged me on “Trump and Reagan look pretty close on paper.” and I proved it…got a problem with that?

    Trump is not going to happen.

    Not if so-called “conservatives” keep helping Hillary.

    KW, try to remember, Reagan was a democrat. Remember that part about whose party left whom?

    So? Irrelevant to the things he did as a republican president.

    There is no Republican candidate, the RNC made sure of that because there aren’t Republicans in the RNC… or the GOP.

    Now you are just being irrational. I suppose McCain and Romney weren’t republican candidates either? Trump is the republican candidate, your denial notwithstanding.

    Have a vacuous, devoid weekend, replete with substance and flibbertigibbet.

    Whatever. At least I have the facts at my command unlike someone else.

    And one more thing, piss on your “we” meme. There is no “we” between conservatives and you guys. You are what you are and what you are not is conservative and will sacrifice our rights and liberties to do so. That much is understood–that is why you find Trump acceptable.

    Oh, I know quite well how so-called “conservatives” want to “punish” everybody for Trump as the candidate. The fair-weather-republican conservatives don’t have the intestinal fortitude to elect someone in because they are too “afraid they can’t control him”. Boo freakin’ hoo. Go ahead and let Hillary become president and then see who stands up to her progressive-liberal-socialist plans.

  240. magic1114 says:

    There’s no other way to say it: we’re screwed. And these two are the best we have to run for President? *Groan*

  241. NotKennedy says:

    Now I understand where Hillary came up with the alt-right meme.

    Twerkle… you ARE what Hillary was describing, alt-right.

  242. Kevcar says:

    I’m not “run with my emotion – anger and hatred”. You don’t know anything about me but you are the king of assumptions! I choose option 5,

  243. Kevcar says:

    I’m not “run with emotion- anger and hatred”. You don’t know anything about me but you are clearly the king of assumptions. I choose option 5.

  244. KirklesWorth says:

    Sure…whatever it takes you to justify the criminal Hillary’s presidency. Pardon me if I fight to try and get her defeated by Trump despite the rainy-day-republican “conservatives” who want to “punish” the United States for nominating Trump. The anti-Trump so-called “conservatives” have less loyalty and integrity than the idiot liberal voters that have no idea of Hillary’s treachery. It’s no surprise – the so-called “conservative” haven’t produced an “pure” conservative for decades and continue to sabotage republican candidates.

    Go ahead and listen to Hillary…you are obviously her fan.

  245. Artfuldgr says:

    if he does 1/4th of what he says, we are better off than a conservative group who has failed to even get the current laws followed, let alone new ones on immigration… and who have failed the american people for 40 years, and now who blame everyone but themselves for what is happening..

    Trump says
    he is “working with a lot of people in the Hispanic community to try
    and come up with an answer” to the issue). Nor is it surprising that
    those who backed him even when there were conservative alternatives
    couldn’t seem to care less about the betrayal.

    A group called “Latinos for Trump” held its first rally in Orange County on Sunday, named “Operation Taco Bowl” after an infamous Donald Trump tweet.

    “The Democrats think they can own and acquire Hispanics’ loyalty for
    generations to come,” Jorge Herrera, 31, said into a microphone at a
    podium in front of Anaheim City Hall, where dozens of Trump supporters
    had gathered for the rally. “Who do they think they are? They will never
    own my loyalty. They will never own Hispanics’ loyalty.”

    When asked how he feels about the Democratic Party claiming the
    Hispanic vote, Herrera told Breitbart News, “It’s just pandering. They
    don’t care about us. We can see middle class income down, Hispanic
    wealth is down, African-American wealth is down. You look at the top
    Democrat cities, they’re all down. It’s all about talk, no action. The
    statistics prove they have done nothing for everybody.”

  246. Artfuldgr says:

    yup… they are the BEST.. hillary is the best for a future of globalist communist islam… and trump is best compared to the past 40 years of conservatives putting up their choice and people voting and then watching them fail to even get current laws followed… the conservatives have blown so much smoke up their own arses they think that like dems who are following communism, they can fail fail fail the people, and now show their true colors of not supporting the people they claim to want to represent (ie, they want power not representation of all constitutency as a SERVANT of the people they show their current disdain for.. no wonder they sided with dems more than “the people”)

  247. Artfuldgr says:

    no… thats not true…
    whats true is that they want power, and they dont want to represent the people, but only themselves and their own desires. they are not servants of the people but want people to be their servants.

    thats clear… given this is a representative system, its clear they dont want to represent those people they dislike.. implying they want favors, and to give favors, and have power, and not be limited by the people they look down on.

    and yet, they dont see that this is why “the people” they call idiots didnt follow them… what for? they are exactly like dems… just look at their statements in terms of believing in the people, believing in the peoples choices, and making the best of what the people want…

    at no point in any of the snarky bs do they ever talk as if they want to represent the people, but only talk as is if the people they are supposed to represent are making the wrong choice.

    the truth of such representation is your supposed to make the best of the cards the people deal you, not whine and undermine the people who are the source of power to get what you want, or else you seek revenge on them by constant prattle, whining you didnt have enough people on your side to get what you want (and now show that they made the right choice as they expose their regard for people), and that somehow, their candidate cruz would do more for anti immigration than trump backing down would…

    sorry, but the issue wasnt even on the table by any candidate but trump and post trump they copied him… so even if trump backs down on most of it, its more than we get from any other

  248. Artfuldgr says:

    too bad the conservatives didnt have enough babies, and fight immigration for the past 40 years as they said they would… so they would not ahve lost the trust of the people who are choosing… the conservatives forgot that they rule at the behest of the people they are now making fun of…

    and you know what? most would rather go through the bad than put someone that dislikes them up in charge in representation…

  249. Artfuldgr says:

    heads they win, tails we lose

  250. Artfuldgr says:

    so representative government be damned and lets go totalitarian?
    sorry, but thats the position of the conservatives now who forgot that to get into office you SERVE… and your terminology, bitching, and all that shows you never wanted to serve, which shows the people voted correctly, even if all they had to vote was for trump… you sure dont act like servants of the people… you act like you want people to serve you… and that should give you pause…

  251. KirklesWorth says:

    Wow, nicely done. I thought I’d cut to the simple chase, but you really get to the meat of it.

  252. KirklesWorth says:

    Another nice one.

  253. Artfuldgr says:

    they think that anyone that doesnt want to be ruled by them myst be communists that want rule by hillary… when the truth is that we want representation back, and that they have shown that they are NOT desirous of representation, but are for control and not representing people… unless the people want what they want, then its ok… as the illusion of service is given…

    they do not understand representative governnment
    which is why they lost their positions…
    they wanted service of the people like the communist side has
    while they forgot that their side was supposed to be about freedom
    and freedom is the right to choose poorly, and make the best of it, and to accept those choices… not second guess them, not whine cause they are not for what you want, and not undermine them.

  254. KirklesWorth says:

    “Option 5” would be option 3 and it is still a vote-splitter for those who want to be absolved of their party-disloyalty and Hillary-enabling.

  255. Callawyn says:

    Wow, you’re about the most zealous Hillary partisan I’ve ever met.

    You’re more keen on putting Hillary in the WH than she is herself.

    I can’t imagine how much you must hate this country.

  256. KirklesWorth says:

    Now now…Ted is an equal-opportunity insulter. He’s already conceded that Trump is a smidgen better than Hillary.

  257. TED says:


  258. Callawyn says:

    So, why is he working so hard to trash Trump and elect Hillary?

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d certainly like a chance to replace Justice Scalia with someone that isn’t radically to the Left of Karl Marx.

  259. KirklesWorth says:

    I can’t really fathom any so-called “conservative” not fighting tooth-and-nail against Hillary. I think it’s battle fatigue from all of the all-or-nothing nothings they’ve produced for decades. They had their hopes set so high for Ted Cruz that when he shot himself in the foot, they want to “punish” (revenge) for not nominating their “conservative messiah”.

  260. […] recent spasmodic vacillations between flagrantly insincere hardline demagoguery, Jeb-esque “softening,” and everything in between knows that the illegal immigration problem will not be addressed […]

  261. […] is debatable. Coulter’s slavish devotion to Trump is legendary, surviving even after he left egg on her face with his amnesty […]

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