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Oct 22 2016

Trump’s Gettysburg Address

What do you get when you cross a maundering creepy clown with a vindictive fascist dictator? This:

Donald Trump on Saturday offered what his senior campaign aides billed as his “closing argument” in the presidential race just 17 days from its conclusion, rehashing his campaign’s key policy planks to give voters a sense of his top priorities as president.


…before getting to what he would seek to accomplish in the first 100 days of his presidency — which campaign aides said Friday evening would be the focus of his speech — Trump went on to again attack women who have accused him of sexual assault or misconduct, saying, “every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign” and vowing to sue them after the election is over.

It took him 15 minutes to get to his promises for the first 100 days. By then he had already made crystal clear what his actual priorities would be: to punish and silence those who have impeded his ambitions, objected to his abusiveness, or made him look bad.

Lest anyone fail to grasp the implications of a Trump presidency for freedom of speech:

Trump also accused the “dishonest mainstream media” of being “a major part of this corruption,” accusing the press of fabricating stories to make him look “as bad and even as dangerous as possible,” before complaining about the media’s insufficient coverage of the crowd sizes at his rallies.

Trump took his complaints further, promising action to prevent AT&T from buying Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, which he argued would concentrate too much power in one company. And he also slammed Comcast’s purchase of NBC.

“We’ll look at breaking that deal up and other deals like it,” he vowed. “They’re trying to poison the mind of the American voter.”

That is, Trump plans to use the federal government to micromanage corporations that poison our minds by failing to be sufficiently supportive of him.

The speech was delivered near the site of Abraham Lincoln’s historic Gettysburg Address. We have come a long way since those times. Unfortunately, it has mostly been in the wrong direction where liberty is concerned.

No more laughing at The Donald if he takes power.

On a tip from Varla.

34 Responses to “Trump’s Gettysburg Address”

  1. PhiloTFarnsworth says:

    “… Trump went on to again attack women who have accused him of sexual assault or misconduct…”
    —Is he mentally incapable of staying on a winning message?

  2. Azsteve53 says:

    Trump is right about a few things, the MSM is corrupt, dis honest and the election is indeed rigged for Hillary, the DNC Wiki email’s proved that these people will stop at nothing to advance their agenda.

    One thing is for sure, the MSM would have eviscerated ANY Republican candidate no matter who they were. Remember what the NYT did to McCain and what the MSM did to Romney over one remark about the 47%.

  3. Alphamail says:

    I would spend 19 years (not 19 minutes) if someone accused me of something I didn’t do and they kept it up ad nauseam..
    BUT LETS TALK ABOUT THE POLLS…….The always-correct/never-wrong individual here at MB (and you know who I’m talking about) incessantly points out all the negative polls for Trump and arrogantly spouts that Trump can NEVER win, and he gets particularly snippy – needing excepts and links – even if you only offer an OPINION.
    So here’s my OPINION:

  4. ramrodd says:

    Willing Demons

    What is the United States? It is not a republic as it
    follows no semblence of its Constitution, the very foundation of its power, of
    its authority. It is a system of terror, with the power to destroy lives with
    contrived charges; offhandedly encumbering citizens with debt and criminal
    charges on a whim. This is the very system our forefather’s fled and risked
    everything to resist. In effect, they have taken our citizenship, robbed us of
    our birthright.

    Freedom? They watch us as if we are all suspects. Cameras
    are everywhere; software tracks us; our new vehicles and cell phones will tell
    them where we are at any given moment. Our writings are recorded and available
    as evidence against us though no charges have been filed. The result of these
    intrusions into our lives will become the evidence upon which they will seek a
    warrant. That cannot be more backward from the intent of the

    Enemies of the people are encouraged to roam free among us,
    often at the informal invitation of the government. Our borders are not secure,
    there is no will to discriminate between honest immigrants seeking a better life
    and those intent on victimizing legal and legitimate citizens of the United

    Our economy, the very power that denies enemies to risk war
    on these shores, is no better than it was in 2009. Every figure compiled by the
    government is a ruse, it is fraud to mollify the people. Politicians lie and
    contrive to further the fraud to secure their own power with no regard for the
    dangerous waters they have navigated at our expense.

    The tax-paying citizens of this nation intent on doing right
    and living within the laws have been targeted by the very government they
    support. They have become the villains while true enemies have been coddled and
    encouraged. Every aspect of their lives have come under attack; their budgets,
    their religions, their privacy, their pastimes and their associations. Anything
    that will undermine the society of the typical American has become taboo, while
    all manner of deviance and decadence has been promoted; cheered on to

    If the ideals of life, liberty and property are not worth
    defending with our lives, we deserve none of them and have proved it with our
    inaction over the past ten years. There is not a single representative, senator,
    president or supreme court justice in office today who has not committed
    treason. Not one.

    Vote? Are you kidding me? There is no reason, beyond
    societal suicide, to vote for anyone willing to seek the office. It is a vote to
    destroy yourself; to forfeit your wealth; to eliminate your job; to incur the
    wrath of a jealous and vengeful government, because a government unloosed from
    those noble principles upon which this nation was founded can become nothing
    more than an evil among us and those seeking office its willing
    demons. The only thing left to do is fight tyranny. Though it is much easier
    to believe in unicorns and watch TV.

  5. Occam's Stubble says:

    Well, when you have an ego the size of a Buick….

  6. Occam's Stubble says:

    True but we should never have given them a candidate that had so very much to offer.

  7. Azsteve53 says:

    Yes, of course, poor Trump had decades of MSM fodder to play with. At least heterosexual sex still offends the MSM. If Trump would have groped men it would be a non issue in the MSM

  8. SkankHunt42✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

    We ALL know, if it was Ted Cruz saying all those things, you would be cheering!

  9. SkankHunt42✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

    At this point Dave, you have became so irrationally anti Trump, you can’t even see past your hate of the man to admit his 27 points he outlined today are EXACTLY what the republic needs!


  10. SkankHunt42✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

    For a clearer mind’s point of view:

  11. 762x51 says:

    Beyond all that, where are his cabinet picks? He could have come out months ago talking about only his first 100 days and who would be in his cabinet and what their primary objectives would be. What has he wasted that time talking about? Himself, which is his favorite subject.

    If instead of saying, Trey Gowdy will be my AG and his focus will be on prosecuting BLM and those who fund it, Clinton and her email corruption, the Clinton Foundation and its role in government corruption, etc. all he has managed to talk about is his own ego, and the petty “wrongs” done him by others, the ravings of a small mind.

    The only ones more pathetic than Donald tRump are the mindless automatons who follow him.

  12. 762x51 says:

    The point, imbecile, was that your boy WASTED the opportunity to get his points across by boring everyone with is pettiness(again) for the first 15 minutes. Just as he has WASTED the last six months doing exactly the same thing. Not everyone sits glued to his every utterance like you in your leather motorcycle hat and assless chaps.

    The other point is that your cults priority would be to punish those of us who have opposed you, I welcome that opportunity for combat but most others do not.. The FACT that the “punishment” is contrary to the principles of this republic is obviously lost on an unprincipled, low grade moron such as you, but not on those of us who can think for ourselves.

    As a result, you are losing and America is losing because of your utter stupidity.

    Nice going, jackass.

  13. 762x51 says:

    Hey man, the polls are what they are. I don’t cherry pick them, I use the RCP average. I also use the Sabato Crystal Ball which has a 99% accuracy record since 2004 and a 100% accuracy record on Electoral College results for the last three quadrennial cycles therefore, I have no reason to doubt them this time.

    tRump won the primaries because 12,000,000 Democrats voted for him in those elections, not because a majority of Republicans voted for him. Unless you want to try and sustain the argument that those Democrats crossed to vote for Ted Cruz.

    I said tRump never could win, not that I was the only one, and that was true. He never had a chance to win the Electoral College and for the Presidential election, there is no other standard. He has never led in EC votes and is slipping rapidly now. That is the difference between a plurality candidate, which tRump is and a majority candidate which tRump is not.

    I don’t know where Torcer gets his info from, but I see no inconsistency between that and what I use which has proven accurate repeatedly and consistently over the years. Can the polls be wrong, possibly, we will know in 15 days, however, I notice that tRump supporters are all over the place touting the Rasumssen poll as having tRump in the lead. They also predicted a Romney win in 2012, you see how that worked out. That smacks of desperation to me. Neither Torcer or I or Blount are causing tRumps implosion, he is doing that all by himself with his egotistical, small minded narcissism.

  14. Alphamail says:

    Hey man, back at ya…thanks for the input – we have more in common than not, and have gotten along well for a long time and I hope that doesn’t change. If you don’t know my respect for Dave Blount then you missed a couple of posts in the last week where I openly declared he is the best and most fair web host on the net, and has an absolute right to post any opinion he believes in. As you probably realize, Dave is different than most all other hosts in that he allows EVERYONE their opinion, even when they disagree with him, and he ONLY censors people who cross the civility line.

    I disagree with Dave vehemently on whether Trump is the threat #NeverTrumpers believe he is, but that in no way diminishes my respect for him because we differ. If opinions couldn’t vary, then we’d be what Hillary is aiming for – no independent freedom of thought. You and I can butt heads all day long and I’ll still respect that that is your heartfelt personal opinion, and when and if the shit hits the fan I hope we’re standing side by side.
    I have never even mentioned polls that I can remember, I only mentioned it this time because Torcer quotes them all the time and to my knowledge has never shown one that favors Trump (maybe he has).
    Trump has been a prick, we both know that, but I truly believe he has changed as he has met true conservatives. I said the other day that he had to be a low-information media-fed voter for the last 25 years, and I remember when I basically didn’t know shit either, but when my eyes were opened by high-information conservatives I had my epiphany. I could be totally wrong, but I believe he is changing as we speak and that has encouraged me to vote. Believe me, if he doesn’t do what he says he will do – and is a Dem – I will go ballistic in the coup to impeach him and we can do that together. But I’m willing to take the chance, considering the evil scum he is running against.
    Thanks for engaging with me again – I always enjoy the fun repartee.

  15. 762x51 says:

    Oh I well know how open Dave is / was about opinions, having been well across the civility line many times, but only to those who richly deserve it. You and I have spoken may times over the years and I have not seen you throw in with the Trumpanzee Chorus so I did not unload as I would on one of them. I draw a distinction between someone’s beliefs and someone who forces those beliefs on everyone else, demanding they accept them as their own which is that the Trumpanzes do.

    Those of us who oppose tRump do so largely because he is in major agreement with the evil you cite, having held those beliefs all his adult life. Issues like abortion hold no middle ground, you either believe that killing a fetus is wrong or you don’t because the fetus is either alive or dead as a result. tRump seeks to have it both ways on such issues which is impossible, therefore I know he believes abortion is alright, which is an evil belief, period.

    That which you are “willing to take a chance on” is, in point of fact, not a chance at all. Realistic, objective evaluation tells us that tRump is only slightly better than Hillary, but not materially better so it is a distinction without a difference. He is an unprincipled man and therefore cannot be relied upon to do the right thing, the “chance” you are taking is not a chance at all.

    As I have said many times here, we are at the point of civil war in this country. It is, in fact inevitable now, regardless of which “side” of the Progressive uni-party “wins” the election. You are free to participate in the fraud of this election, I will not be duped into it again nor will I comply with the results. Participating in their sham and obeying their ever more oppressive laws makes you a willing slave. One cannot simultaneously obey and oppose tyranny. I prefer to die on my feet rather than live on my knees. See, not only will I not comply, I will not surrender because surrender equals slavery for myself and my children. I will not subject those generations unborn to a life of servitude, it is a crime I am unwilling to atone for upon my judgement.

    The things you may have to atone for are not my business, I only suggest you chose wisely.

  16. Alphamail says:

    Thanks for the comment and the understanding. I’m not God so all I have is my hope that Trump is a changed man, or is changing. My faith believes in redemption and forgiveness if it is truly real – God can’t be mocked – but quite honestly I don’t know if Trump has changed at all. If God hadn’t seen my own personal change and atonement and accepted it I would be swirling around the toilet bowl of hell, so I tend to trust someone when I see positive movement in their behavior. I certainly am giving him the benefit of the doubt right now and it may come back to haunt me if he gets elected and he is as bad as you believe. In the meantime – egotistical crass dipshit or not – he hasn’t killed our men like Hillary has so I’m voting for him and hope the truly good men and women in our nation can turn the perversity and corruption around. If it’s revolution anyway, then it didn’t hurt to try.

  17. See, if Trump had trotted out this plan around the convention, or during the convention, then ignored all the other stuff he whines about, he could have won Republicans and independents over. Stick to the issues.

    Of course, he didn’t. The Contract is actually pretty good, but too late, and accompanied by his normal insanity.

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  19. grayjohn says:

    The DNC, America hating Progressives, and the Mainstream Media have been force feeding you horse shit for 50 years, and you’re angry with the man who is scaring away the horse? Make sure you ask Hillary for forgiveness. Yeah that’ll work.

  20. SkankHunt42✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

    You #NeverTrumpers would be cheering if Cruz said he would sue Trump for calling him “Lying Ted” and you know it!
    BTW, it’s called slander, look it up, and any person has every right to sue when supposed free speech against such person turns out to be baseless lies.
    And don’t even get me started on the michelle fields incident; that lying c*nt started this whole women against Trump train.

  21. grayjohn says:

    The Polls are about as trustworthy as Hillary. They are owned and controlled by libs.

  22. wTallaksen says:

    In the primaries Trump loved the media for giving him about 2 Billion Dollars of Free media exposure, and he loved blowing his horn about his damned poll numbers, the media got their Reality Star ratings and Hillary got her dream candidate to run against! I am voting for this lying con man only to stop the other pos Hillary, I will not pretend to believe Trump to be anything more than what I called him!

  23. Artfuldgr says:

    every conservative is a racist like hitler…

    and if the press has continued protection, that will be the history of it
    if they are accountable for such bombast, clown faces, and more, than maybe the principals of conservativism my be heard past calling people names like DB just did with fascist… which he didnt do out of accuracy, but out of slander he knows is so far protected… which shouldnt be… othewise the dems have the advantage in slander their favorite tactic in the public sphere..

  24. Artfuldgr says:

    actually he didnt…

    The people that he turned off were leftists who never got to hear his points, the people supporting him DID hear him… so he divided the electorate between supporters and ignorant idiots who dont have attention spans and understanding…

    WE the PEOPLE, have been tired of the classic conservatives letting the left run all over you saying such stuff that we really have no confidence in conservatives doign anything other than whining and standing aside as they have done for over 50 years (and they dont even get credit for reagan as they opposed him too!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    you say we blew it? well, most of us were children when the dems started dominating, making the board of ed, taking away the feinstein laws, starting race war and white hatred of the people who fought hitler and didnt side with him and the people that ended slavery too…

    conservatives had 50 years of the electorate giving them chance after chance… its not the trumpers that are tro blame, its the do nothing not left conservatives…

    you know there are people been voting with you guys for 40 years since before reagan, and you let them all down for the whole of it.

    now you blame us for not wanting to give you another try after over 10 presidential elections you did what with?

  25. Artfuldgr says:

    there are only seven companies that run all media… the not left news is actually very left… there is no not left news any more… period…you just think so as the left and right span as a whole move down the scale to international (globalist) communsm…

    today we get lots of emails of how the left front loads the polls to change the numbers so that idiots will not vote for someone other than what they want.. which is why they were wrong with reagan too.

    ie. the polls are all off… none of them are accurate.

    and even if you had an accurate pollster, no one would answer accurately given that trump peoples property is destroyed, they are attacked, and some of them been killed… easier to say yay hillary and go and vote trump than it is to admit you like trump and get the crap beaten out of you

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  27. Artfuldgr says:

    you dont realize that if he does that he has to pay for coverage… but by not doing that, he gets free press.. and when he needs some, he gets to bring out a few… the point is that doing it your way, has us losing for 40 years… so he is doing it his way and winning… you just cant see that there are other ways thatn the democrat dictates paths that favor them…

    funny, but the prior generals have lost this battle doing the things that are traditional like red jackets, and meeting on the field when the colonists fought from the trees and had snipers… its alwasy the same… your ideas are the last war, and we been losing those…

  28. Artfuldgr says:

    yeah… and by not doing that he broke the record for the most votes in a primary… that was so wrong… doesnt he know that he has to do what traditionally has made republicans lose?

  29. Artfuldgr says:

    well, teddy roosvelts kids said he wanted to be the corpse at every funeral and the bride at every weeding…. meaning he has a bigger ego than even trump had, and on less real things to be proud of than trump… (san juan hill was not as big a deal as was portrayed)

  30. Artfuldgr says:

    which is why despots dont want their subjects voting… good thing you have decided to just get with being slaves and not voting… this insures the outcome of what you speak of even if there is a smidgen of chance otherwise.

  31. Occam's Stubble says:

    TR was also the father of the modern progressive movement.

  32. ramrodd says:

    God knows I tried. | Barnhardt

    Elections. For the love of God, if you don’t hear anything else I say for
    the rest of the evening, listen to this.

    Elections are no longer free. They are staged theater, designed to maintain the illusion of representative governance and to enrich the political class. This is despotism. If after this mess that we just went through, if you do not understand this, you are beyond hope.

    My God.

    And then you have election fraud on top of it. Here in Colorado ten counties had voter turnout in excess of the total adult population of the [county]. Not just the registered voters – the total adult population of the county, excuse me, the county. And what did Romney do? Roll over. How can you not see this? How can you not understand? Do not talk to me anymore about elections. There are no elections. There are no more free elections. Just stand over that dead horse and beat it – it is never going to get up. For the love of God.

    I’m sorry, but there comes a certain point where you have got to pull your head out of your ass and deal with reality. You cannot just keep going on with this over and over and over again, saying, “Well if I just give somebody some money and I put some signs in my yard I’m doing enough…”

    No, you’re not doing enough. You’re not doing enough at all. Not even close. In fact, if you’re participating in this, you’re part of the problem.”

  33. Considering he’s only leading by 4 in Texas, how is he different? Both McCain and Romney did much better.

    Oh, wait, I bet you’re going to tell me that the polls are rigged.

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