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May 12 2016

Trump’s Promised Ban on Muslims Becomes “Just a Suggestion”

Reasons for supporting Donald Trump’s megalomaniacal quest for personal glory continue to fall by the wayside. As predicted, he is abandoning his absurd, pandering promise not to let any Muslims into the country:

The planned ban, Trump said on Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade and Friends,” is only “temporary.”

“It hasn’t been called for yet. Nobody’s done it,” the presumptive Republican nominee said.

“This is just a suggestion until we find out what’s going on.”

Hedging already. Soon the Muslim ban will be forgotten, like his solemn promise to fund his own campaign so as not to be beholden to demonized donors, like his stand against economically deleterious minimum wage hikes, like his newfound opposition to abortion, like his original tax plan, et cetera.

The Muslim ban was preposterous from the beginning — unworkable, unconstitutional, and unreasonable. Trump’s original stand on the Islamic colonists flooding out of the Middle East and Africa was to open the doors wide on the grounds that they are “living in hell.” When that didn’t float with the mob he was pandering to, he took the farthest opposite view he could think of: not letting any Muslims into the country.

What was needed was a responsible leader who would say, look, it is not in our best interests to take in tens of thousands of “refugees”; let the Saudis take them. Instead, the mob chose Trump.

Here is Trump assuring us repeatedly that we “have no choice” but to forbid all Muslims from entering the country:

But suddenly we do have a choice, now that he has the nomination pretty much sewn up.

The next major promise to be discarded: deporting illegal aliens. He has already signaled to his fellow liberal New York elitists that he was never serious about it. His proposed touchback amnesty would be a waste of time and money anyway. What is the point of formalities? Why not just let them all stay?

Unless you count his vanity project border wall, which has already been started and which may or may not be completed regardless of who is elected, and which Trump promises will feature a “big beautiful door” to let the immigrants through, Trump supporters will be down to a single reason to stand by their man: at least he isn’t Hillary.

But then, at least Hillary isn’t Trump. Her platform is pernicious in the extreme, but she hasn’t promised to torture, murder, and use hypercharged libel laws to silence political dissent.

Both candidates are completely unacceptable. Charles Spurgeon had it right: “Of two evils, choose neither.” If you vote for it, you endorse it; you let it corrupt you.


On tips from Torcer and Wilberforce.

60 Responses to “Trump’s Promised Ban on Muslims Becomes “Just a Suggestion””

  1. Stephen says:

    “The Muslim ban was preposterous from the beginning — unworkable, unconstitutional, and unreasonable.”

    The muslim ban is awesome-workable, constitutional and entirely reasonable. If Trump softens on this then that means he’ll be no worse than the next best republican (and he couldn’t be worse than George Angela Merkel Bush), but at least he will have demonstrated the immense popularity of the position.

  2. Paladin says:

    We are also faced with the evil of two lessers.

  3. physicsnut says:

    good reasons to support a BAN

    The former head of Britains Equalities and Human Rights Commission
    (EHRC), Trevor Phillips, has admitted he got almost everything
    wrong on Muslim immigration in a damning new report on integration,
    segregation, and how the followers of Islam are creating nations
    within nations in the West.

    Liberal opinion in Britain has, for more than two decades, maintained
    that most Muslims are just like everyone else Britain desperately wants
    to think of its Muslims as versions of the Great British Bake Off winner
    Nadiya Hussain, or the cheeky-chappie athlete Mo Farah. But thanks to
    the most detailed and comprehensive survey of British Muslim opinion yet
    conducted, we now know that just isnt how it is.
    Are you getting tired of SELF APPOINTED SOCIAL ENGINEERS ???
    Stop trying to please everybody – it has NEVER HAPPENED in human history.

    // Author says he Should have known better ?? Well after the fact.

  4. Torcer says:

    So has it dawned on you Trump supporters that you’ve been Scammed?

    We realized it months ago – that is why we do not support the man.

  5. Spiny Norman says:

    How long before he tells us his “border wall” is “only a suggestion”?

  6. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Oh, how our goals have softened.

  7. Mr. Freemarket says:

    He already revealed that in his off-the-record interview with the NYTimes. But Branch Trumpidians ignored that, too.

  8. Stephen says:

    My goals haven’t softened one iota.

    What Dave is doing is classic concern trolling — he’s feigning concern that Trump won’t ban muslim entry into the US in a post in which he unequivocally states his opposition to banning muslim entry into the US.

    If Trump’s temporary ban on All muslim entry into the US turns into a temporary ban on most or perhaps even some entry into the US, that’s still a far sight better then we’d get out of any other candidate or former candidate in the race.

  9. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Problem is that “Trump’s temporary ban on all Muslims” may well turn into a “we’re going to vet them more before we let them in” kinda promise.

  10. MAS says:

    Talk about the downgrade…Spurgeon would be gob smacked at the current sad state of what passes for Christianity these days. It amazes me that when this Christian says he cannot vote for a pro baby killer (for starters) at just how many will justify voting for him just to win this political contest, no matter what. Seemingly no fear at all about what the Lord thinks of their decisions.

    Nope, if the candidate is for butchering babies, even a smidgen, they will not get my vote. Their other reprobate positions will fall in line behind that one anyway.

  11. MAS says:

    He could rub their faces in his own filth and 90+% of them STILL wouldn’t get it.

  12. Stephen says:

    Yes that could happen, in which case Trump will be no worse than the next best Republican.

    One indisputable fact on this issue is that we (nationally) would not be entertaining the possibility of a muslim ban had Trump not put it on the table. We’d instead be watching a debate over who is most wants to prove our virtue by flooding the country with muslims. That’s an improvement even if it doesn’t go as far as I might like.

  13. Bodhisattva says:

    Both candidates are completely unacceptable. Charles Spurgeon had it right: “Of two evils, choose neither.” If you vote for it, you endorse it; you have let it corrupt you.

    Like socialism, that looks great on paper.

    Here in the real world either Trump or the Democrat nominee will be President next year.

    Unless someone has a viable third option? I haven’t heard one yet.

    Shoving one’s head up one’s ass and not playing a part in choosing the one that will do less damage, absent a viable third plan of action, might ensure the WORST one gets in office.

    It could well be that, if we can manage to consolidate the strength of RESPONSIBLE Republicans in the Congress, we can weather 4 years of Trump or Clinton… or maybe even Sanders if things go that way, unlikely as that is. But I know that I don’t want Sanders or Clinton picking the next Supreme Court Justice, though I’m really unsure about Trump doing it either.

    So, what’s the plan? Who that isn’t running is a candidate that can take it all and be acceptable? Even Cruz wasn’t perfect, though I had hopes he would be able to derail Trump.

  14. Torcer says:

    Yes, some are still on the Trumptanic in the voyage of the scammed.

  15. Acehole says:

    Just one of many “promises” Trump will go back on if he gets elected. Remember, this is the guy with a dead squirrel on his head who had the show on NBC. He’s not going to save America.

    There are a lot of smart people backing Trump these days. It’s disturbing. Even though Trump has not really discussed ANY sort of policy in detail (because he’s actually ignorant to policy issues), huge amounts of older white men are in his corner. After the rampant degeneracy of the Obama Administration, they are desperate. Talk is cheap, yet they are in favor of Trump because he, “says the right things.”

    I can guarantee with 100% certainty that if elected, Trump will pursue the same agenda as Bush II and Obama. Perhaps this is a good thing. It will wake everybody up to the fact that the system is entirely broken. Voting never has, and never will change anything on a Federal level. The Presidency is a puppet position in the modern era. It’s actually perfect for Trump.

    We are entering an unstable and terrifying era of human history. I guess we might as well have a clown like Trump at the helm when this ship we call America inevitably runs aground.

  16. marcus tullius cicero says:

    …for the nth time, Trump is a Yankee Liberal Democrat masquerading as a RINO!

  17. Acehole says:

    Trump does have a cult-like following, doesn’t he? His supporters are virtually identical to hardcore sycophantic Obama supporters. No matter what their guy says or does, no matter how contrary to their core beliefs, they will pretend that he can do no wrong.

    My favorite was the recent interview on the Today Show where Trump was asked if he would let transgendered people choose whatever restroom they desired in any of his buildings. He said he doesn’t care what restroom they use. The looks on the faces of his supporters were priceless.

  18. TED says:

    B I N G O ! ! !

  19. TED says: GIVE them something FREE and tell them you are ONE OF THEM.

  20. Torcer says:

    5 Ways In Which Trump Supporters Are Like Cult Followers
    That’s part of the problem, but I digress. Trump supporters quickly morphed into Trump lackeys and Trump apologists. Before long, nothing negative could be said about him without incurring the wrath of people screaming, veins popping in their foreheads and spittle flying out of their mouths as they would scream at you to get in line. Things just got progressively worse. Now that he has the nomination, things have been amped up for sure so here are five ways Trump supporters behave as though they are part of a cult:

    1. Donald Trump can do no wrong – There is an excuse for him for everything. Everything. No matter what he says. No matter how outrageous it is, he can do no wrong. Ever.
    2. Trump supporters don’t care about his flip-flops and inconsistencies – They simply do not care. Trump said he advocated for a ban on all Muslims coming into the country. They he changed his view and said a total ban wasn’t needed. We just needed to be more careful. He then lied saying he never said he supported a total ban. When confronted with this obvious flip-flop and then lying about it, a Trump supporter said to be directly, “So what?” He didn’t care.
    3. Trump is supported by supposed “constitutional conservatives” but ignore his liberal policies – A good number of Trump supporters are Tea Party cranks who see any kind of incremental win as total capitulation to Obama and his leftist agenda.

    Meanwhile, Donald Trump refuses to do anything about Medicare or Social Security. He’s open to raising the minimum wage, raising taxes, trade protectionism and single payer healthcare. But Paul Ryan is the liberal.
    4. People react to Trump like high school girls did with The Beatles. While it may be understandable for teenage girls to have gone wild over the mop-tops from Liverpool, watching grown women freak out over the Duck Tail from Queens is somewhat embarrassing.×512.jpg
    5. The Trump “hero worship” art is the most obvious sign we’re dealing with a cult-like figure. This is something seen all the time. A cult figure is often photoshopped into classic images or even modern day art with historical figures.×733.jpg
    Trump has a strong online fan base of anti-Semites who love imagining him as the next fuhrer.

    I am sure Trump fans will see this and get mad at me. Don’t. Remember, it was Trump himself who said he could shoot somebody in the middle of the street and his supporters wouldn’t care.

    He’s your guy. You deal with it.

  21. MAS says:

    It’s how I imagine my ex would sound…if I had an ex that is. Screeching Jezebel that Hillary is.

  22. TED says:


  23. Wilberforce says:

    Worth another showing 😉

  24. Wilberforce says:

    Tell me again it’s not a cult.

    “There’s a Trump supporter singing a ‘worship song’ and blowing a ram’s horn outside of RNC HQ.”

  25. Torcer says:


    See, don’t you feel better?

  26. kerri says:

    I was all in for Cruz.
    Now ?
    I am just going to chill out a few weeks…do some deep breathing exercises,and see what shakes out with Trump.

  27. […] Last December when Donald Trump made quite a production of revealing his statement on a temporary ban of all Muslims coming into the United States, it set off a firestorm. With great pomp and ceremony, Donald read his statement before an enraptured assemblage of devoted fans who cheered and howled their approval. Repeatedly, Donald was asked to back track or soften his position and he flatly refused. But now that he is the presumptive nominee? Hey, it was only a suggestion. […]

  28. Krummholzt says:
    Trump within 1 pt. of Hillary in today’s general election polling.

  29. Agrippa says:

    Be ready, Trumpsters! The Donald is going full RINO now that the nomination is all but sewed-up, and he will continue to do so. Nothing is going to change, despite his protestations on “the wall,” and “no more muzzies” (much less ObozoCare). No change whatsoever; hope you will continue to support him once you’ve found this out, but probably not (except for the hard-core Obamatron-like Trumpy robots).

  30. bobdog19006 says:

    You might try a different argument if you’re still disappointed about Pastor Cruz. It’s kind of a non-starter.

    Frankly, I’m happy I don’t have to look forward to four years of Pentecostal sermons.

  31. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Read again what Trump said.

  32. Mr. Freemarket says:

    The Branch Trumpidians are essentially religious zealots.

  33. TED says:

    YOU know how the left LOVE anything REPULSIVE AND IRRATATING to the senses… 😎

  34. Spiny Norman says:

    According to the Trumpers, he evolved. It’s a sign of maturity, see?

  35. Spiny Norman says:

    He’ll almost certainly go full “Ahnold”.

    My fellow CA conservatives know what I mean.

  36. […] major reason for Trump’s support is his vow not to let any Muslims into the country. As noted previously, such a policy is unworkable, unconstitutional, and unreasonable; what is needed is a responsible […]

  37. […] major reason for Trump’s support is his vow not to let any Muslims into the country. As noted previously, such a policy is unworkable, unconstitutional, and unreasonable; what is needed is a responsible […]

  38. […] major reason for Trump’s support is his vow not to let any Muslims into the country. As noted previously, such a policy is unworkable, unconstitutional, and unreasonable; what is needed is a responsible […]

  39. […] Trump has confirmed that like his promise to deport all the illegal aliens, his Muslim ban is negotiable — i.e., it is on its way out the window. He has also dismissed it as “just a suggestion.” […]

  40. […] Trump has confirmed that like his promise to deport all the illegal aliens, his Muslim ban is negotiable — i.e., it is on its way out the window. He has also dismissed it as “just a suggestion.” […]

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