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Aug 18 2019

TSA Worker Passes Nasty Notes to Travelers

It’s nice to know that we don’t have to worry about Muslim terrorists when we fly. The federal government keeps us safe through the Transportation Security Administration. We know we can count on it because of the federal government’s commitment to excellence when it comes to hiring or contracting for only the best personnel — like this unnamed TSA worker.

Via the New York Post:

Neal Strassner, 40, said he was handed the small, folded-up piece of brown paper by a female [TSA] worker before collecting his things at the checkpoint in June.

This happened at Rochester International Airport. When Strassner failed to open the paper right away, she prompted him to do so.

When he finally did, he looked at it and saw the message.

The note read, “You ugly!!!”

The guard can be seen doubling over with laughter as Strassner walks away, according to CCTV footage of the incident that Strassner got though a Freedom of Information Act request.

Others apparently got notes too. We are reading about Strassner because he’s the one who made a stink and ended the fun.

The woman, an employee of Virginia-based security company VMD Corp., which contracts with the TSA, has since been fired, the agency has confirmed.

This is going to make it harder to meet Affirmative Action quotas.

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