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Dec 09 2019

Turning Loved Ones into Soil

There should be dignity in death. But there is no dignity in moonbattery. In utopia, human bodies will be treated like table scraps so as to express reverence for the climate.

Via the Independent:

The world’s first funeral home dedicated to composting human beings is set to open in 2021 – allowing those left behind to turn their dearly departed into soil.

US ‘deathcare’ company Recompose will be able to turn the deceased into a cubic yard of soil over a period of as little as 30 days, using one-eighth of the energy of cremation and saving as much as a metric ton of carbon dioxide from being produced compared to other forms of burial.

In the liberal religion, the essential plant nutrient carbon dioxide is regarded as offensive to the climate.

The firm’s first site in Seattle, Washington, will be able to hold 75 people at a time.

The industrial scale is already impressive. But they need to take the next logical step and recycle the dead into food. That way, we can revere the climate by abolishing cows, in accordance with the Green New Deal.

On a tip from Lyle.

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