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May 22 2020

Twitch’s Safety Advisory Council Includes Guy Who Thinks He Is a Female Deer

Given the degree of censorship that has been imposed recently regarding dissident doctors and mainstream conservatives, it is interesting to see what kind of people Big Tech puts in charge of determining which thoughts may be expressed publicly. For an indication, we turn to the live streaming video service Twitch, run by a subsidiary of Amazon.

Via NewsBusters:

Steph “FerociouslySteph” Loehr who is listed as a “Professional Community Leader” with the Anti Defamation League (ADL) now serves as a member on Twitch’s Safety Advisory Council.

Loehr identifies as a deer.

Loehr was described on Twitch’s Safety Advisory Council as a person whose “fight for inclusivity includes creating a competitive team composed entirely of marginalized gamers, and vehemently opposing non inclusive mechanics such as voice chat.”

In utopia, talking will be forbidden because it in noninclusive. Everything will be forbidden that does not marginalize the “privileged” on behalf of the privileged “marginalized.” The latter group includes not only favored racial groups and sexual deviants but also people who think they are deer.

Video clips testify to Loehr’s mental state:

Loehr wore antlers while broadcasting and explained: “In my spare time, I go out to my yard, and I, and I prance around. And I eat grass.” While explaining this, Loehr mimed eating grass and described how “it helps me feel, like, in tune with my deer-self.”

Better not give in to the natural temptation to laugh at Loehr:

Loehr also warned in a clip that “I have power,” and that “there are some people that should be afraid of me. And that they are, because I represent moderation and diversity, and I’m gonna come for hurtful, harmful people. If you’re a really shitty person, I’m going to stand up against you. Period. And Twitch has endorsed me to do that.”

Those who do not revere his status as “otherkin” will be punished.

In addition to identifying as a deer, Loehr also identifies as transgender. Since he is referred to as “she” on the ADL website, he must be objectively male.

Loehr is described on the website not only as transgender but as “an advocate for authenticity.” He promotes authenticity by pretending to be female and a deer.

Too bad Silicon Valley types don’t identify as American. Then it wouldn’t be so scary that they really do have power.

Behold what moonbattery would reduce us to:

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