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Oct 22 2020

Twitter Roadblocks Kimberly Klacik

Esteemed countermoonbat Kimberly Klacik must be getting some traction, despite the unlikelihood of a Republican winning a seat in Congress from the ruins of Baltimore. She scares the Democrat apparatchiks at Twitter enough that they put up a roadblock to limit retweets linking to an article in the Wall Street Journal that makes it clear voters would be wise to elect her:

As became undeniable after the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell broke, Twitter aggressively suppresses speech that undermines Democrats’ pursuit of more power. Twitter is as much a publishing arm of the Democrat Party as the New York Times. The legal protections it wrongly enjoys as a supposedly neutral platform are an alarming reminder of how much leverage Big Tech has in Washington.

For now, at least we can still see Kim Klacik’s compelling advertisements on YouTube. Watch fast before they get banned:

On a tip from Frances J. Hat tip: NOQ Report.


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