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Jan 28 2020

Two More Bernie Sanders Field Organizers Affirm Support for Soviet Communism

Earlier, we watched undercover video of Bernie Sanders field organizers Kyle Jurek and Martin Weissgerber calling for rich people and Republicans to be thrown into gulags, whitewashing the atrocities of the Soviet Union, praising political violence, longing to “guillotine the rich,” et cetera. The reason there has been no response to these revelations from the Sanders campaign is that these maniacs are not outliers; they are the tip of the iceberg. In the video below, Project Veritas presents two more Bernie Sanders field organizers — Mason Baird and Daniel Taylor.

Baird confirms that the Sanders campaign attracts anarchists and Marxist-Leninists who like to engage in “direct action,” i.e., “politics outside of the electoral system” — a system they aspire to replace with authoritarianism. Again we hear that the USSR wasn’t so bad — not even for the kulaks (“rich peasants”) who were liquidated in the name of equality.

Although notably less bloodthirsty that some Bernie Bros, Baird says that “it’s gonna take militancy” to deal with the sort of people who would support the current president. To get an idea of what “militancy” might come to mean in this context, consider that those who share Bernie’s ideology killed 100 million people under their jurisdiction during the 20th century.

Taylor acknowledges a predilection for violent Antifa-type tactics, but says they are “keeping that on the back burner for right now” so as not to “scare people off.”

If they achieve their dreams of power, people like Jurek, Weissgerber, Baird, and Taylor will oversee the confiscation of everything you have worked for and the herding of you and your family into cattle cars headed to the gulags.

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