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Mar 02 2023

UK Considered Killing All Cats Because Covid

To harm a cat is an act of evil that invites brutal karma. The best example is the Black Death, which was spread by rat-borne fleas. The plague could have been mitigated by cats reducing the rat population. However, pernicious superstition caused people to kill their potential saviors. This caused the rat population to explode and the plague to spiral out of control. Fortunately, now we live in more enlightened times — just kidding:

British government ministers reportedly considered killing all pet cats in Britain in order to stop the spread of the Wuhan virus. …

During an interview with broadcaster Channel 4, James Bethell, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Innovation at the Department of Health in 2020 and 2021, said that the nationwide culling of cats was something that was actively considered early on in the pandemic.

As we have seen, other authoritarian measures imposed by the leftist bullies who tend to run governments were useless, including lockdowns, vax mandates, and mask mandates. It is unlikely that killing cats would have been more effective. However, this did not stop the regime that created the virus.

Multiple reports indicate that the killing of cats thought to be infected with COVID was relatively common in China…

British cats are down to eight lives. For the next engineered pandemic, our moonbat rulers may revert to the 14th century practice of blaming cats. You could end up quarantined in a prison camp for not turning yours over to be killed.

This can be avoided if we wake up from our media-induced stupor and recall why the Founding Fathers found it so important to limit the power of government, which is all the more important when tyrants can seize on a crisis as a pretext to exert power as an end in itself, with the blessings of the clueless and corrupt technocratic “experts” liberals worship.

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2 Responses to “UK Considered Killing All Cats Because Covid”

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