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Sep 15 2019

Ulrich Klopfer, Trophy-Taking Abortionist

Aside from socialist dictators, no one racks up a body count like an abortionist. Late term abortionist George Tiller boasted of killing over 50,000 before his career was prematurely terminated. Those who like to keep trophies may need additions to their houses for extra storage space. Consider the recently deceased Ulrich Klopfer.

Via WGN:

According to the Will County [Illinois] Sheriff’s Office, the attorney for Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s family contacted them on Thursday informing them of the discovery of 2,246 medically preserved fetal remains.

Klopfer used to practice in South Bend, Indiana, a town best known for producing the first presidential candidate to run on a platform of being homosexual. His medical license was suspended back in 2015, after he failed to report aborting the baby of a 13-year-old. It can be hoped that he was not still adding to his trophy collection when he died September 3.

Let’s also hope that he did a better job of storing his trophies than his colleague Kermit Gosnell.

Depraved professions don’t always attract the most wholesome people.

On tips from Bluto, Troy H, and Kate P.

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