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Jul 25 2018

Unaccompanied Child Refugee Stabs Norwegian to Death in Grocery Store

Nothing evokes sniffles from liberals like the term “unaccompanied child refugee.” Yet this term does not always refer to the doe-eyed 6-year-olds who dutifully weep for the cameras on the evening news. This translation of a Norwegian news story is often more pertinent:

[A refugee] child from Afghanistan was arrested for a brutal assassination in Vadsø in Norway last Saturday, Norwegian TV2 reports.

Håvard Pedersen, age 18, was stabbed to death in a Coop Extra supermarket.

The detainee must have come to Norway as an unaccompanied refugee “child” during the wave of asylum seekers that originated in Afghanistan in 2015.

He is supposedly 17 years old now; his actual age is anyone’s guess, because Europe knows very little about the Third World “refugees” who are displacing its population.

The suspect was already known to police for having harassed people, according to the Norwegian newspaper.

How many Norwegians would want to live in a savage hellhole like Afghanistan? Not many. Yet their government imports Afghanistan into their formerly civilized country.

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