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Sep 10 2018

Unbelievable Reason Food Truck Refuses Service to Cops

Ostentatiously hating law enforcement officers is trendier than ever among lefties these days. Nike apparently believes its Colin Kaepernick ads will generate enough revenue to more than make up for the many decent Americans who will never buy their product again. Nike isn’t the only company to get carried away with this line of posturing. The food truck company Rocky’s Road Brew in Detroit, PETA-approved vendor of vegan tacos, has proclaimed on Fakebook that it will not serve cops:

“The majority of my neighbors, customers, and myself do not feel safe around law enforcement agents (ICE, DPD, Homeland Security, etc),” the post said. “I have asked friends from the National Lawyers Guild and I am well within my rights to refuse service to law enforcement agents.”

No doubt this is true, so long as the agents in question are not black, Muslim, transsexual, homosexual, disabled, albino, et cetera.

The missive ended with the hashtags #blacklivesmatter #refugeeswelcome, and a profanity in Spanish insulting immigration officers.

The moonbat owner, who identifies as a “brown queer person,” shouts that she is denying service to law enforcement officers “for the safety of my neighbors and customers.”

This is in Detroit, where the occurrence of violent crime is 430% higher than the rest of the USA. Detroit has the highest rate of violent crime of any city in the country. Driving off cops will not make this kook’s neighbors and customers safer.

Police will have a mighty challenge not to burst out laughing when she calls them after getting held up by one of the lowlifes the Black Lives Matter movement champions. Good thing for her that refusing service doesn’t work both ways.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

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