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Aug 02 2013

Under Obama, Armed Forces in Afghanistan Begin to Degenerate Into San Francisco Bathhouse

Obama has explicitly stated that he can’t even conceive of victory in Afghanistan. There are no coherent objectives, and the rules of engagement barely permit fighting back when troops are attacked by hostile locals. There would appear to be no point to this tragic waste of blood and treasure. Yet as a social engineering operation, the campaign is bearing fruit — or should I say fruits:

U.S. soldiers deployed to Afghanistan are using Craigslist to meet and have sex with each other on bases across the war-torn country, leading to concerns about a breakdown in discipline overseas. …

The vast majority of the posts on Craigslist involve male soldiers seeking sex with other men – a practice that could have resulted in the discharge of both parties from the military under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell…

The soldiers use the ‘casual encounters’ section of the Iraq Cragislist page. …

The ‘casual encounters’ section of the site features about two dozen posts a day, mostly from soldiers and civilians working with the military looking for hookups on bases and forward operating posts.

The posts often include sexually explicit photos of the poster’s genitals and sometimes even show sex acts.

Anthony Weiner ought to reconsider his orientation and head for the nearest recruiting office.

The British Empire couldn’t defeat the American military; nor could the German or the Japanese. That is because they made the mistake of fighting it head on. The spindly anti-American in the White House knows better. Homosexualization will do more damage than Nazis could have accomplished with a million Panzer tanks.

What would you expect under this commander in chief?

On a tip from Ummah Gummah.

12 Responses to “Under Obama, Armed Forces in Afghanistan Begin to Degenerate Into San Francisco Bathhouse”

  1. Dr. 9 says:

    Has political correctness replaced the free speech? Sadly, the answer is yes. Not only has it replaced free speech, it has also replaced commonsense.

  2. grayjohn says:

    Life in the closet by Bathhouse Barry Obama.

  3. Don't blame me...I voted for Romney says:

    The commander in queef approves. He finds the troops hook up activities fabulous and simply marvelous.

  4. Son of Taz says:

    This article from Instinct magazine July 31, 2013 explains what’s happening.

    So they’re basically setting up sting operations for these guys??
    They’re deployed for many months at a time. As long as they’re not hurting anyone and they’re doing their jobs correctly (showing up on time, working effectively, etc.), what’s the harm in these soldiers having a little fun with each other??”

    What’s the harm? Oh maybe STDs, HIV, etc – the gifts that keep on giving.

  5. Spider says:

    Does anyone actually think this is some kind of coincidence or accident? Destroying America’s military has been a goal of the far-left for decades. What better way to do it than turning the military into one huge San Francisco gay fest?

    By first declaring the military as being “discriminatory”, the left was able to inject women. The next logical step for them was gays. That’s why they fought so hard to eliminate the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that worked just fine. The conduct described in this piece is the direct result of the Left’s manipulation. And, you can bet it’s more widespread than they’re saying, and it will increase, especially when you consider how long our warriors have been fighting in foreign hell-holes.

    Of all the despicable things the Left is known for doing and favoring, this, IMO, is one of the worst. To deliberately destroy the best young people this nation has to offer is unconscionable. I would say that liberals should be ashamed, but i know they have no such emotion.

  6. Jo says:

    I hate to think what will happen to a soldier if they get captured by the Taliban. This just feeds into their narrative about immorality in America and the West.

  7. Tchhht!!! says:

    Imagine some poofter setting up what he thinks is a clandestine meeting with another poofter only to discover that his hook up consists of a bunch of fag hating Moslem savages. SMAAAAAAART!!!

  8. Conniption Fitz says:

    It’s worse than that. It’s not just a bath house, but also a prison environment. Since the repeal of DADT, the number of male/male rapes has become greater than that of male/female. I heard from one soldier that painful injuries are involved, and of course, very high risk of STDs, including herpes, HIV, HPV and hepatitis (incurable) as well as Syphilis and gonorrhea…a new type that is untreatable.

  9. whotothewhat says:

    Bath House Barry at it again.

    “This is my rifle this is my gun this one is for fighting this one is for fun.”

    Well when the military is totally full of statist deviant thugs, who are dependent on government to maintain their debauched lifestyles. They will be unleashed upon us.

  10. C. Fitz says:

    EVERY statement in my deleted/moderated comment was true, backed by research.
    Here’s the one backing the statement that the number of M/M rape/assaults is now greater than M/F:

  11. Flu-Bird says:

    Remember NEWSREEK quit printing becuase of low sales and subcriptions

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