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Dec 13 2012

Unemployment Benefits for Illegal Aliens in Nearly Bankrupt California

They say illegal aliens do the work Americans won’t do. Why won’t Americans do the work, with the unemployment rate hanging in the stratosphere thanks to Obama’s unremitting war on employers? Because it’s far easier to let the government pay you to do nothing. However, this is also true for illegal aliens:

Legislation introduced Tuesday would give about 400,000 undocumented immigrants in California the same rights as citizens to unemployment benefits and various other government services.

Illegal aliens are already a massive drain on the welfare system. This just makes it a little more effortless for them to live at the expense of others.

The deliberate displacement of the American population with Third World colonists in border states is a form of ethnic cleansing. The federal government is using money it steals from our children to finance the project of erasing their country.

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15 Responses to “Unemployment Benefits for Illegal Aliens in Nearly Bankrupt California”

  1. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    The bill is entitled AB 35, or the buying of 400,000 more Democrapt votes bill.

  2. rainbow stew says:

    Will we remain a first rate power with a turd world population? (rhetorical questions are fun!)

  3. bobdog says:

    And in other news, the LA Times is outraged that Blue Cross of California is raising their premiums by 10 to 20 percent, like it’s a crime to maintain sufficient reserves when they have “so much cash on hand”. Who’s gonna pay for all those new people Obamacare is going to force them to insure?

    Those guys can’t connect two dots. They’re completely unrelated stories.

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:


    The company also expects higher costs from an influx of new customers under the federal healthcare law in 2014.

    “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime change in the healthcare market that will bring a lot of volatility, and we need higher reserves for that,” Wagner said.

    Even with these proposed rate increases, Blue Shield said, it expects to lose money in the individual insurance market in 2013.

    If Blue Cross is forced to use it’s reserves, then it will likely be forced to raise it’s rates anyway.
    Plus how long until those reserves are burned through ?
    Rates are going up thanks to O Care mandates.
    This story should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the true motive of O care.
    To weaken, and eventually bankrupt private insurance

  5. Dr. 9 says:

    The end is in sight.

    From AP
    Last Updated: 4:03 AM, December 13, 2012
    Posted: 1:12 AM, December 13, 2012

    White people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2043, according to new census projections, part of a historic shift that is already reshaping the nation’s schools, workforce and electorate.

    The official projection, released yesterday by the Census Bureau, places the tipping point for the white majority a year later than previous estimates, which were made before the impact of the recent economic downturn was fully known.

    The country continues to grow and become more diverse due to higher birth rates among minorities, particularly Hispanics who entered the US at the height of the immigration boom in the 1990s and early 2000s. Since the mid-2000s housing bust, however, the arrival of immigrants from Mexico and other nations has slowed, reducing minority growth…

  6. AC says:

    The tipping point has nothing to do with race.

    It will come when there are more takers than makers. We are probably already there.

  7. Bo-Jangles says:

    Odd statement AC, since the overwhelming majority of those takers are non-White. Ignoring reality will not make it go away.

  8. -sepp says:

    It’s easy to laugh at California’s foolishness but, as it kills itsself off, it’s resources are plundered and, it can no longer support it’s own freebie programs, the leaches will move move onto another host (state).

  9. wingmann says:

    Bo-jangles….AC is correct.We just blew by tipping point.
    From a percentage standpoint,just as many whites are on the dole…from a RATIO standpoint ,you are correct.There are a disproportionate number of minorities on the suck hose.
    Americans have not suffered enough(financially)…until then,NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE THIS HORRIBLE,UNSUSTAINABLE PATH WE ARE ON…N O T H I N G .

    The gravity of financial truth will not be denied or stopped !

  10. Nathaniel M says:

    Welcome to the new Democratic SUPER majority in both CA houses of government folks. Strap your ‘tard helmet on and bite down on your mouth guard. This is gonna get F**king ugly!

  11. Nathaniel M says:

    And the unions will steer the Kahlifornia bus with the Dems as their mouthpieces off the cliff.

  12. 762x51 says:

    Wait until they come to your state for a handout . . . . sorry, bailout for their overspending. You didn’t get to vote for it but you will be taxed to pay for it.

    Truly taxation without representation.

    For the umpteeth time people – CIVIL WAR, NOW!!

  13. Hill says:

    It is about time that the US and other Western countries admit that they have a two tier immigration system.

    One for (white) Westerners that the home government make you jump through hoops, demonstrate that you have money in the bank, are not a criminal or carriers of infectious diseases. They insist that you follow the letter of the law to get in.

    And a completely different policy for economic migrants who are allowed in to a Western country were the law is waived for their entry and as a reward for breaking the law, they will be given: a home, a car, a mobile phone and a monthly allowance.

    By the way, for those who are uninitiated with the American immigration system. If you come legitimately into the US, you are forbidden to claim any welfare benefits until you have been here and paid into the system for five years.

  14. J.S. says:

    There is (stupid Canadians) a recruitment drive to get unemployed Californians to come to Canada. Frankly, I don’t want Califorians here. They’ll simply spread their Leftist virus, and make our condition even more acute (Canada is already Left-wing).

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