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Oct 11 2012

Unemployment Drop Made Simple

For anyone confused by the remarkable coincidence of the official unemployment rate finally but mysteriously dropping below 8%, even without a rise in the percentage employed, just as Romney emerged as a serious threat to Hope & Change, Patriot Post makes it simple with this graphic:


Mark Twain credited the great countermoonbat Benjamin Disraeli with an even simpler explanation:

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”

At this point, any numbers coming out of the government and the “mainstream” media arm of the Obama Campaign should be taken not with a pinch of salt, but several scoops of it.

On a tip from Bergbikr.

8 Responses to “Unemployment Drop Made Simple”

  1. MicahStone says:

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”

    UPDATE: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and any statement by a d-cRAT socialist.”

  2. Henry says:

    “At this point”…? You mean there was a time when you DIDN’T take goobermint and legacy media numbers (aka lies) with a bucket of salt?

  3. Your Inner Voice says:

    What sami said…per El Rushbo

  4. anothercommie says:

    Dave, if in your world “partially employed” is “unemployed” you may wan’t to buy a dictionary.

  5. bob says:

    Why didn’t Ryan bring up the cooked numbers last night? Didn’t think he had enough time to explain?

    Too “conspiratorial?”

    Figured people already knew?

    Or didn’t want Biden to leap across the table at him?

  6. chuck in st paul says:

    Even on Yahoo! News (sic) I see more and more sceptics in particular about the unemployment numbers and the Administration and supporter’s “recovery” statements.

    The folks out here in the real world can see there’s no changes to the good there. All but the most starry eyed and the low IQ types are seeing that the emperor has no clothes.

    [although I can still get a laugh out of the little morons still whining about the eeeevil 1%-ers and the eeevil corporations thieving all the money from the rest of us]

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