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Aug 02 2019

Unimpressed by Crocodile Tears From Alyssa Milano

Whether out of vacuous virtue signaling or a sincere desire to destroy America by swamping it with numberless invaders from less successful civilizations, liberals have made a cause célèbre out of the children caught up in the massive ongoing assault on the southern border. Since there is no sane argument against getting serious about fortifying the border and enforcing immigration law, they resort to contrived propaganda that exploits these children to manipulate our emotions. Tinseltown’s insufferable Alyssa Milano is among the worst offenders:

Last week, Alyssa Milano broke down on camera after watching footage of a child at the U.S.-Mexico border being reunited with the adult she came to the country with…

“I just watched this video of a baby being reunited with her mom,” Milano said, sobbing on camera. “What the f*** are we doing? We are destroying lives. We are destroying children’s lives because of f***ing arbitrary lines in the sand.”

It is likely that Milano lacks the mental capacity to understand why people have been fighting and dying over these “arbitrary lines in the sand” for centuries. It is even more likely that she is full of baloney and doesn’t give a hoot about the swarthy urchins she exploits for political purposes.

Reciting from a shopworn script, Milano goes on to snivel that even half-heartedly enforcing the law against invaders who employ children as weapons is not “who we are.”

Is putting a 10-year-old girl in a position to have semen from 20 different men inside of her “who we are”? I ask because this is what has resulted from liberals proclaiming to the world that they can invade the USA and avail themselves of generous welfare benefits so long as they bring children, whether their own or someone else’s.

The threat posed to children by illegal immigration doesn’t stop at the border:

In North Carolina, during the past 18 months, more than 331 illegal aliens have been charged with 1,172 child rapes and child sexual assaults, according to data collected by an independent researcher.

People who break into other people’s country, regardless of whether they drag children along, are not the creme of the crop.

Milano’s emotionally exploitative tactics do not sway Angel Moms who have lost their own offspring to the lawless invaders she champions. An example is Mary Ann Mendoza, who lost her son Brandon Mendoza, a police officer, to one of the many drunk-driving illegal aliens who make our roadways so treacherous:

“You can’t be concerned for a handful being separated for a short time as things are sorted out and not be concerned for the sexually abused, recycled children flooding our borders arriving with men and women with ill intentions. … Alyssa is a hypocrite and is doing this to further incite hate towards our President. If she is truly concerned about the children, fight for the American children being raped by illegal aliens in our country.”

Angel Mom Sabine Durden isn’t impressed either; her son Dominic was murdered by an illegal alien. She too grasps that this is about attacking Trump, not about helping urchins. “No Oscar award for your poor performance,” she tells the weeping Milano.

On a tip from Feet2Fire.

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