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Mar 25 2019

United Airlines Panders to Transsexuals

According to Mashable, it’s tough identifying with a politically preferred identity group like currently fashionable transsexuals:

Something as simple as booking a flight can be painful if you identify as trans.

The hardship is caused by the transphobicness of there only being two genders. However, there is hope for change. Ever eager to pander to political correctness, the corporate world will bend over backward to ease the agony:

On Tuesday, United Airlines announced that they would be changing their booking options to be more trans-inclusive. Instead of forcing their customers to choose between male or female as gender options when booking, customers can now also select U (undisclosed) or X (unspecified), corresponding with whatever it says on their identification. Customers can also select “Mx.” in lieu of Ms., Mrs., or Mr. when booking and in their customer profiles.

This sounds very ESG, but there is always more progress to be made; that’s what keeps SJWs so busy. New York City says there are 31 genders. Why are the transphobes at United Airlines forcing noncisgendered persons to choose from such limited options? It must be a hate airline. As Mashable puts it,

This latest move from United is a small step forward in an industry that still has so far to go.

On tips from Sad Hill and Varla.

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