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Jun 14 2024

United Nations Wants to Ration Our Water

We wouldn’t help Dr. Evil to take over the world so as to inflict his wicked schemes. Yet we let our government use our money to fund the United Nations, which is every bit as cartoonishly malevolent:

The United Nations (UN) is calling on the governments of “sovereign” nations around the world to introduce sweeping new regulations that will allow globalists to apply strict controls and limits on the water supply.

The unelected bureaucratic agency argues that rationing water is part of its agenda for supposedly “securing climate justice.” […]

To ration the water, the supply to homes would be restricted by a state-controlled meter.

If the UN secures enough power to inflict its agenda and you find yourself dying of thirst in a moonbat dystopia in which leftist bureauweenies determine when and whether you can have a drink of water, at least it won’t be in vain. It will serve climate justice.

Unsurprisingly, the Biden Regime is on board.

On a tip from Dr. Kufi Tutite.


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