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Dec 12 2019

University of California Sued for Requiring Standardized Tests

The term “civil rights” has come to mean coercive favoritism for politically preferred minorities. Lawsuits have pushed the concept to the last extremes of absurdity. Now we read that the University of California is violating the civil rights of unqualified applicants by requiring them to take a standardized test, on the grounds that this has a disparate impact on people who can’t speak English and/or are too dumb to belong in college.

The lawsuits, filed on behalf of the Compton Unified School District, four students and six community organizations, demand that the 10-campus UC system eliminate the testing requirement. Any decision by UC to drop the tests — as some prominent UC officials themselves have urged — would play an outsized role in the future of standardized testing in the nation because of the size and status of the premier public research university system.

The suit alleges that the SAT and ACT “are demonstrably discriminatory against the State’s least privileged students,” by which they mean the most privileged students — i.e., members of politically preferred minority groups. Imagine trying to get into college by puling that having to take a standardized test discriminates against you because you are white/male/Christian/heterosexual/English-speaking/able-bodied or anything else liberals don’t revere.

Even if it is run by the barking moonbat Janet Napolitano, the University of California system would be wise to push back on this. Many students spend precious years of their life and tens of thousands of dollars obtaining a diploma only because the Supreme Court ruled in Griggs v Duke Power Co that it would be racist to give job applicants intelligence tests, since some races are obviously more intelligent than others. A college degree serves as an extravagantly expensive substitute for these forbidden tests. If colleges accept students on the basis of race regardless of merit, then let them coast through by taking idiotic social science classes along with their remedial reading instruction, a degree will no longer serve as a certification of intelligence. Instead of wasting their time and money, many young people will go straight from high school to productive jobs. This would be an immense benefit to the economy but would cripple the lucrative racket laughingly referred to as “higher” education.

However, the liberal establishment will never admit that some people are smarter than others, so the only permissible defense of standardized testing is to blather about “inequities in society” that someone else is to blame for, presumably racists and deplorables.

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