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Dec 22 2016

University of Michigan Oppressed Hijab Wearer Shown to Be Another Hoaxer

It should come as no surprise that Islamic colonists have taken to hate hoaxes like rats to a garbage heap. Devotion to an ideology that calls for targeting the innocent and helpless for terror attacks requires lacking a meaningful concept of shame. Also, deception is baked right into the cult; the term for lying to advance the spread of Islam is taqiyya. The latest example of applied taqiyya comes from the hoax-friendly college world:

A University of Michigan student who told police in November that a man threatened to set her hijab on fire could face charges after investigators discovered she fabricated the entire story, police announced Wednesday.

According to a statement from the Ann Arbor Police Department, detectives worked along with the U-M Division of Public Safety and the FBI to investigate the case, which had been classified as ethnic intimidation.

For once political correctness works against Muslims. If I told the authorities that someone threatened to set my hat on fire, they would tell me that my hat looks fine and that I ought to get lost because they have work to do. But if a Muslim says someone threatened to set her hijab on fire, they literally make a federal case out of it. It doesn’t take long for the FBI to see through these childish hoaxes — not that it takes local cops long either.

“Investigators conducted witness interviews and reviewed multiple surveillance videos of the area in question,” the department said. “During the course of the investigation, numerous inconsistencies in the statements provided by the alleged victim were identified. Following a thorough investigation, detectives have determined the incident in question did not occur.”

The imaginary Islamophobe allegedly threatened to set her on fire with a lighter. Unless he happened to be lugging around a can of gasoline, this doesn’t pass the laugh test.

Despite so many of these trivial incidents being proven as hoaxes, the liberal media establishment continues to hype the false narrative that there has been an epidemic of hate crimes since Trump’s election. Talk about fake news. If you keep repeating the lie, it will be believed — at least by those who really want to believe it.

We have no name for the hoaxer, but she still goes on the Hate Hoax List.

On tips from Sean C, Red, Bodhisattva, and Dave F.

13 Responses to “University of Michigan Oppressed Hijab Wearer Shown to Be Another Hoaxer”

  1. Buster Hymen says:

    have ANY of these “Hijab incidents” actually turned out to be legit?

  2. […] Uni­ver­sity of Michi­gan Oppressed Hijab Wearer Shown to Be Another Hoaxer […]

  3. Artfuldgr says:

    From children and women washing ashore to make room for more men on the boats, and blaming it on the west, to revisionist histories, to false claims, to even the old woman holding a un-fired cartridge, claiming it was the bullet that killed her son… to a doctrine of false representation written in the Koran…

    this news is much like wondering if the sun will rise tomorrow
    create a unconditional reward backed by assumption, and what did they think they would create? honesty? add a heaping of “do something for the cause” and all that’s missing is the cherry on top.

  4. Artfuldgr says:

    I would not doubt that in this large country with so many people and so many idiots that some incidents do happen… given the span of human behavior there is always a background of wrong behavior noise ranging from malice aforethought to “didnt think”, to even “the situation got away from us”..

    its not an excuse, its just how it is in a species that rightfully believes culling the herd to manipulate the genetics is a classically progressive horror a la Sanger, Popenoe, Gamble, Harmon, and even Ernst Rudin…

    The issue that is always before us is more like the problem of allowing people to feel better with the false help of feeding ducks, and the change it makes to the order of things, or not allowing it and feeling like cold hard emotional empty people because the right thing to do is not the happy easy thing that does harm, but the hard difficult thing that limits harm… nothing removes it… no one sided coins allowed

  5. K.E.Miles says:

    It’s not a hoax, it’s lying.

  6. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Hoaxes are becoming so commonplace that when a real crime is committed, no one is going to care. Is that what they’re after?

    The Right Scoop has a story today that a lesbian couple burned down their own house and scrawled anti-homo stuff on the garage. This happened in 2011 but apparently is just now being reported:

    After the election, a couple of male Babson College students drove a pick-up through the campus of Wellesley College, waving a Trump banner. Of course, the little snowflakes at Wellesley called it a hate crime, and claimed the brutish Babson boys yelled slurs and even spit on a snowflake. Well, don’t you know, the Wellesley Police could not find any evidence of such hate, and neither could the Babson College admins. Babson is a small but well-respected business school just a few miles away from Hillary’s Alma Mater:

  7. Eddie_Valiant says:

    All of these hoaxes are just another manifestation of Alinsky’s tactics.

    Those who commit them should receive sensitivity training – at the end of a 3 foot 2×4 piece of pine.

  8. 762x51 says:

    The old, “boy who cried wolf” syndrome on a societal scale, nice. What could go wrong?

  9. Artfuldgr says:

    no, what they are after as a group would be the creation of the kind of world in the minds they think we have to have to induce revolution and change to communism/equivalent

    in other words, if America is racist enough there will be civil war and they can use such events as a way to make law and policy that at any other time would not even be considered!! as far as these self appointed idiots are concerned they are much the same as any saboteur in society at war, who know all war is disinformation, and are willing to do something for the cause… (but have a ego that requires that they personally gain in some way, sympathy, excuse with parents, attention… its opportunism meets revolutionary fervor with a dash of narcissism. thrown in)

  10. Artfuldgr says:

    women used to faint having airs.. now not so much…

    the masters of the unquestionable inanity to be taken serious…

    anyone want to go into business with the famous actress that steam cleans her vagina?

    how about when they used to go to the doctor to get an orgasm for mental health reasons of course?


  11. JackisBack says:

    brown, yellow and tan folks trying to frame the White race for imaginary hoax crimes should be charged with a racial hate crime

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  13. roccolore says:

    Her identity will be revealed soon.

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