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Jun 16 2019

Unlawful Invaders Gripe About Accommodations

Better have a box of tissues handy — this one is a real tearjerker. Turns out the unlawful invaders who have been colonizing America are not satisfied with the accommodations that taxpayers have provided them.

With indoor facilities overcrowded, the Border Patrol has kept some immigrants outside and in tents near a bridge in El Paso with nothing but a Mylar foil blanket. Others have been kept in an empty parking lot, where migrants huddled underneath tarps and foil blankets repurposed as shade covers against the sweltering heat.

The indoor facilities are overcrowded due the massive scale of the invasion by the axis comprising Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Agents made 132,887 apprehensions in May, including a record 84,542 adults and children traveling together. Those apprehended also included 11,507 children traveling alone.

We are left to believe that 11,507 children from the backward jungles of Central America traveled all the way up through Mexico to invade the USA in a single month all by themselves.

Migrants in El Paso and elsewhere also complained of inadequate food such as a single burrito and a cup of water per day. Women said they were denied feminine hygiene products.

At least if World War II had turned out differently and we had been invaded and occupied by Japan rather than Central America, we wouldn’t have to listen to the conquerors whining that we don’t offer them enough free tampons.

Another complaint is that migrants are kept in detention beyond the 72-hour limit set by Customs and Border Protection.

The word in Central America is that if you turn yourself in to authorities, they will let you loose or even bus you deeper into the country within a few days. Usually, this is the case.

Trump has requested $4.5 billion medical care, food, and shelter to address the humanitarian crisis. But Congress won’t pass it. Democrats like having pictures of bawling, swarthy-skinned children for their fundraising brochures. Nor will Democrat-controlled Congress approve a wall to keep them out, for similarly self-interested reasons.

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