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Jul 12 2018

Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 and Twitter Antifa Parodies

The Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 could hamper some of the hampering of freedom of speech we have seen from left-wing fascists:

The “Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018,” legislation introduced in the House, carries a potential 15-year prison sentence for those caught engaging in behaviors typically associated with the “antifa” movement of anti-fascist activists.

Under the act, anyone “wearing a mask” or in disguise who “injures, oppresses, threatens, or intimidates any person … in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege” would be subject to a fine or up to 15 years in prison.

Frisco Antifa weighs in:

Parody Antifa accounts like Frisco Antifa are flourishing on Twitter. Nancy Peelosi lists a few more:

Still more; some are hilarious:

Antifa Anchorage
ANTIFA Eagle Ford
Free Speech Antifa
Olympus Mons Antifa
Borrow Antifa
Greenwich AntiFa
Idaho Antifa
Newport Antifa
Palisades Antifa
San Jose Antifa
Vancouver Antifa
SJW L3-37

Apologies if any of these are actually on the level. If Antifa kooks get any wackier, it will be impossible to tell.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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