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Nov 13 2016

Unoppressed Woman of Color Ashley Boyer Makes the Hate Hoax List

Moonbats have been making fools of themselves by trying to prop up their distorted portrayal of Trump supporters with hate hoaxes. An example is Ashley Boyer:

An ugly story out of Delaware made the social media rounds on Wednesday after an African-American woman claimed “four males, all of whom were Caucasian” harassed and threatened her with racial slurs and violence outside a gas station.

At the center of the case is a Facebook post from Ashley Boyer of Rehoboth Beach, Del., which didn’t indicate a specific location for the said incident.

The Fakebook post would be alarming…

ashley boyer

…except that it was phony.

That post has since been deleted. In its place: a Thursday morning update noting that “charges were filed, fugitives were caught. Yes I (know) names and no I will not release them.”


Police in Smyrna – where the incident is alleged to have occur – told PhillyVoice on Thursday that no such reports have been filed, and they haven’t heard from the alleged victim or anyone with information about a confrontation that occurred Wednesday.

According to Delaware State Police, “There is no record of this occurring in Smyrna, if at all.”

Please welcome Ms. Boyer to the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from Dave F.

One Response to “Unoppressed Woman of Color Ashley Boyer Makes the Hate Hoax List”

  1. Eddie_Valiant says:

    After the election, two guys from Babson College, a business school just down the road from Wellesley College, drove their jeep through Hillary’s alma mater waving a Trump banner. If you were to believe the Wellesley coeds that reported the incident, the guys were swearing, spitting and yelling racial epithets.

    The two guys were caught, but vehemently denied making any threats or racial slurs.

    Babson admin wants to expel the guys, even though there’s no evidence that they did anything but drive through the Wellesley campus. Surely, the Wellesley women wouldn’t lie about such a thing, would they? I mean, the former Secretary of State is an alum…..

    Oh, wait….

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