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Mar 04 2019

UPS Declares Rosengård a No-Go Zone

Progressives deny that no-go zones exist. Yet UPS, forced to work in the real world rather than the make-believe realm of leftist ideology, regards Rosengård as one of them:

Multiple Swedish news outlets, including the newspapers Fria Tider and Sydsvenskan, have confirmed that UPS has stopped all deliveries to Rosengård, a Malmo neighborhood comprised almost entirely of Muslim residents, because of a heightened risk of their drivers being robbed or worse.

Recipients of packages have to go to a presumably well-fortified office in central Malmö to pick them up.

According to Fria Tider, a similar policy has been enacted in Stockholm, which too houses an inordinate number of Muslims.

Malmö is still only 20% Muslim. If Swedes cannot even deliver packages now, imagine what it will be like when explosive birth rates, further aggravated by the welfare state and combined with suicidal immigration and refugee policies, push the Muslim population toward 50%. It will make 1980s Beirut look like the Mr Rogers neighborhood, as infidels will be marked for attack by their racial characteristics.

Already firefighters frequently refuse to respond to fires started by restless Muslims unless they are provided with police escorts, due to the welfare colonist pastime of starting a fire and then throwing bricks at the infidels who arrive to put it out. Explosive devices have been going off in Rosengård on a regular basis.

Put enough people from Somalia into a Swedish city and it is not a Swedish city anymore. It is Mogadishu.

The same goes for American cities. The Somali colony that has been established in Minneapolis has produced vehemently anti-American congresscritter Ilhan Omar. More like her will pass laws that Americans have to live under.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

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