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Jun 02 2023

US Embassy Flies Gay Flag at Vatican

It’s a twofer for the leftists running the federal government; they hawk up a loogie and spit it in the face of both regular Americans and Christians worldwide with a single belligerent, juvenile, disgusting, anti-American, blasphemous, and — to put it mildly — divisive gesture. Under Democrat rule, Old Glory no longer represents the USA. A flag symbolizing homosexual degeneracy, transsexual psychosis, and antiwhite racism does:

Compounding the insult is the lie that militant perverts — who call the shots in our country or this flag would not be flying — are somehow oppressed. Either our liberal rulers think we are so dumb we would believe this, or they despise us enough to tell obvious lies to our faces. Also implied is an accusation that the Catholic Church persecutes degenerates by not embracing the LGBT lifestyle with sufficient zeal.

A few relevant facts for context:

• They call it the “Pride” flag. Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins in the Christian religion. Depraved lust, which the flag actually represents, is another of the sins.

• The flag is based on the rainbow in an arrogantly blasphemous appropriation from Christianity. The rainbow represents God’s covenant with mankind that He will never again punish us for our sins by flooding the world.

• Next Tuesday is D-Day. American heroes died on that day so that flags could fly that represent freedom, not a warped ideology centered on debauchery.

Daily Caller adds more context:

The Biden administration began a “worldwide effort” in 2021 to fly Pride flags at embassies around the world. Then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in 2021 the president has used “the power of the bully pulpit in his presidency to convey that transgender rights are human rights.”

Democrats certainly know how to put the bully into bully pulpit.

Note that the concept of human rights has been distorted out of recognition, the better to erode it.

Living under the rule of these creeps is not tolerable. They are desecrating our country.

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