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Feb 12 2019

USA Powerlifting Stands Up to Transsexual Agenda

Hats off to USA Powerlifting. Finally, someone shows the guts to stand up for women’s sports against the endless bullying by transsexuals:

USA Powerlifting has issued a ruling prohibiting male to female transgender athletes from competing against women to ensure fairness in the competition of “strength sports such as powerlifting”.

Only women will be allowed to compete as women. These days, that is a radical stance.

At some point, you have to choose between fairness and social justice. USA Powerlifting chose wisely.

The organization stated that athletes who transitioned from men to women have an unfair advantage over their female counterparts due to natural anatomic privileges, including more developed muscle structure which cannot be eliminated by hormone therapy and medical reduction of testosterone.

Biological reality always trumps leftist politics in the end.

The ban immediately sparked outrage among human rights advocates who have accused USA Powerlifting of violating anti-discrimination rights.

Progressives have done to the term “human rights” the same thing they did to the word “liberal.”

Let’s hope people can summon the guts to stand up to “human rights” tyrants and apply the USA Powerlifting standard to handball, football, weightlifting in New Zealand, wrestling, mixed martial arts, basketball, track, et cetera.

On a tip from Jester.

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