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Jul 19 2017

USA Today Gripes: Too Many White Males in Dunkirk

The cultural Marxists at USA Today may have reached the final extreme of self-parody in an otherwise positive review of the movie Dunkirk:

[T]he fact that there are only a couple of women and no lead actors of color may rub some the wrong way.

This is a historical movie about the evacuation of British troops from France in WWII. The people involved were white males. Suggesting that they should be played by blacks for purposes of diversity is like saying that some of the dogs in 101 Dalmatians should have been played by cats.

USA Today gives the movie 3 1/2 stars. It could have received four by taking advice from James Delingpole:

[I]t might have provided valuable comic relief if Amy Schumer or Rebel Wilson – or perhaps even both – had been cast as, say, two brilliant battlefield surgeons who insisted on staying behind with the troops when all their male counterparts had fled.

Also, it would definitely have added a new dimension had James Earl Jones been cast as the salty old Royal Naval officer called out of retirement for one last trip across the English Channel, or if Ice T and Snoop Dogg had been given the role of two aging rappers who parachute from a Dakota to administer weed to the desperate troops, or if Oprah appeared in a cameo as Queen Mary welcoming the returning troops after their desperate voyage.

Liberals regard the triumph of their ideology as historically inevitable. If they are right, future generations will learn from the movies that Monty was a Muslim of Somali heritage and Patton was a transsexual illegal immigrant from Guatemala. At least Rommel will stay white.

Politically incorrect: British troops played by white males.

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32 Responses to “USA Today Gripes: Too Many White Males in Dunkirk

  1. Wilberforce says:

    There they go again, trying to change the past and force reality to rearrange itself and conform to their delusions.

    Going to see Dunkirk on Saturday in an IMAX, really looking forward to it 🙂

  2. StephaneDumas says:

    And there’s not the only ones who have a gripe. Rosie O’Donnell still got a grip towards Trump and did a Trump killing game.

    Now let’s trigger Rosie like a trigglypuff or should I said “Rosiepuff” to see how she’ll react when someone will do a Rosie killing game of the same kind? 😉

  3. Seerightthere! says:

    Complete and utter Morons.

  4. Troy McClure says:

    Does anyone actually buy the McPaper a.k.a. USA Today? The only times I’ve ever read it or seen anyone read it is when it is a “freebee” at a hotel or restaurant.

  5. George Lortz says:

    Looks like we need to add journalism to the list of totally useless college majors like diversity and women’s studies. The current crop hasn’t learned a thing.

  6. seaoh says:

    I know how they feel . I was watching “ROOTS” the other day and kept thinking There are too many black people in this movie.. smh

  7. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “Advocacy Journalism”

    They don’t understand the concept of providing uncolored information.

  8. cieran58 says:

    Yeah, sure, and why are there so many black males in the movie Redtails? couldn’t there have been a lesbian trasgendered pilot in those P-51s? And the blatant racism of Go for Broke– no Hispanics or blacks in the 442nd– disgraceful!

  9. Saxon Warrior says:

    I agree. We need to learn lessons from the past.
    In future, we should fight a completely pointless war (we can declare war on Russia for no reason, but tell Putin beforehand so that he is in on it). Next, we round up thousands of cannon-fodder and send them to the front line, armed with only flowers, confetti and some leaflets explaining the benefits of a vegan diet. The cannon-fodder will consist of regiments of feminists, transgenders and metrosexual males.

    When they have been completely obliterated we’ll make a movie about it, starring only feminists, transgenders (and some Black lesbians to play the parts of the metrosexual males).

  10. James McEnanly says:

    Miss Piggy has a greater emotional range

  11. grayjohn says:

    Now I remember why I haven’t looked at a USA Today in decades.

  12. Actually, among the French surrender-monkies who dropped their unfired rifles in the face of the May 1940 Blitzkrieg, there were a fair amount of black colonial troops from North Africa.

    They lined up some particularly primitive-looking versions for mockery on one of the Deutsche Wochenschau episodes from that time, wish I had a link.

  13. Mike says:

    McPaper forgot to mention the largest diversity faux pas: The English Channel should have been played by either the Gobi Desert or some tropical rain forest, for real diversity!

  14. Stosh says:

    They’re all white because the British took the example of that liberal icon FDR in keeping the armed forces segregated, but history.

  15. Mack says:

    Had you served in Viet-Nam, you would show some respect – one hopes – for the thousands of gallant French soldiers who were killed there.

  16. EugeneAustin says:

    Why stop with black actors for white roles? Isn’t it about time we make the Germans the good guys and let them win the battle of Dunkirk and the war, so they can feel good about themselves again?

  17. I have far more respect for the French troops who stood their ground during the First World War than I have for those who utterly failed their nation during the Second.

  18. 127guy says:

    I didn’t see one trans guy/gal in the film. I’m calling Granny Warren’s office ASAP. We need Senate hearings. This looks like Russians again.

  19. ICEvictim says:

    “At least Rommel will stay white.”
    not if Merkel has anything to do with it!

  20. ICEvictim says:

    and a higher IQ

  21. TED says:

    AND the LEFT doesn’t even know what DUNKIRK is ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. TED says:

    Consider not having any whites, ONLY LIBERALS…



  23. TED says:




  24. TED says:

    YES USA TODAY, and MEN are next…


  25. TED says:


  26. Conservatives Are Cancer says:

    The only irony is that you think that Obama is for slavery when conservatives literally fought a war to keep slavery.

  27. TED says:

    Not unlike ALL LIBERAL MORONS you have your colors reversed, WHAT A DUMBASS!!!! Check your GROUPTHINK, YOU HAVE YOUR POLARITY confused. Conservatives also started the KKK, RIGHT?? You stupid fuck. OH, BTW, The CANCER part you ALSO have reversed! COMMENTS from the side that can’t even determine their own GENDER are, in a way, HILL-arious, but really just DEMENTED!!

  28. TED says:

    Those DAMN Democrats like Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.!!! Someone tell this asshole the LEFT STILL hasn’t managed to rewrite history the WAY THEY would like it to read!!!

  29. Jim says:

    Tuatha: I have not seen the film, so I do not know if history is relayed properly. But the French were supplied with horses and bicycles and single shot rifles against German Blitzkrieg tanks. Nonetheless, a number of units of the expeditionary force and thousands of the french and Belgians stayed behind and fought and died in delaying actions so that their brothers-in-arms could escape. Knowing you’ve lost and giving your life so others can continue the fight . . . what could be more heroic than that?

  30. Even if you had watched the film, how would you know “if history is relayed properly”? Were you there? What does “relayed properly” even mean?

    The French had very modern equipment, from small arms to capital ships. They had the “impregnable” Maginot Line and a modern air force. Single shots? Spare me: they had been using repeating rifles and MGs throughout the First World War, so please don’t repeat the revisionist spin that they lost because they were under-equipped. The Germans had better weapons, but that doesn’t mean the French were ill-equipped.

    What could be more heroic? How about this scenario: the entire French army stands and fights, as they did so heroically at Verdun, the Somme, Arras, and hundreds of other times during WW1.

    So, some stayed behind to buy their brothers in arms more time: time to do what… time to fight? Dig trenches? Organize a coherent defence? No.

    Those who stayed behind wasted themselves because the others used that time to flee… and then entire armies surrendered and were captured anyway. A tragedy, yes, but heroism? Only by the minority.

    What could be less heroic than fleeing before an invading army of Germans composed of the sons of those same Germans you held to a stalement through four long grim years one short generation previously? What could be less heroic than running for the sea, while behind you the Blitzkrieg rolled across the same battlefields so tenaciously defended in 1914-1918?

    This is to say nothing of the wide-spread collaboration with the Nazis while France was occupied for four long years and did virtually nothing about it, or the overt servitude of the Vichy government to Germany.

    No, the French fielded many noble armies and count great heroes among their ranks, especially during the Napoleonic and Great War periods, but the French soldiers who collapsed in six weeks in 1940 are not, in my opinion, to be counted among them.

  31. Conservatives Are Cancer says:

    Yes, conservatives started the KKK and still run it.

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