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Nov 08 2017

USA Today Teaches Us to Fear the Chainsaw Bayonet

An AR-15 was used by a maniac for the horrific killing in Sutherland Springs; another one was used by a private citizen to stop the killing. Don’t expect the second part of that story to receive emphasis from the “mainstream” media, which has been on a jihad to ban America’s Rifle for years. In the video below, USA Today shows just how terrifying an AR-15 can be if you add various attachments — including a chainsaw bayonet. This appears to be completely on the level:

There really is such a thing as a chainsaw bayonet. Like the liberal media establishment, it is a joke:

See MRC for more, including information on how you can add a chainsaw to turn a standard bicycle into an assault cycle.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

40 Responses to “USA Today Teaches Us to Fear the Chainsaw Bayonet”

  1. Corey says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the this was a super fan of Gears of War on the XBOX. I thought the left was the “reallity” party.

  2. Angel says:

    You’ll have to pry my chainsaw out of my cold, dead hands.

  3. KHarn says:

    AR-15 “style”. No doubt they added the modifier because they got tired of people telling them “He didn’t use an AR-15, doofus!”

    Chainsaws are crumby weapons. They are heavy, unbalanced and made to cut something that stands still and doesn’t fight back. Unless you drop it on somebody’s head from a roof, then it’s an “OK” weapon.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey, it’s what they play in Mom’s basement all day… gotta have an actual counterpart in real life, if video games teach ’em anything useful, you know.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Shhh, you’ll ruin the left/libtards’ delusion… wait ’til we stop laughing (though that might take a while).×643.png

  6. Occam's Stubble says:

    Democrats don’t want to stop mass shootings. They just want your guns.

  7. TED says:


  8. TED says:


  9. ICEvictim says:

    on another blog another idiot was rambling on about how “no one needs” a semi auto rifle, blah, blah, blah.

    As I asked him, does he know how relatively easy it is to buy an AK-47 in South America or Mexico? Ban all semi autos and the smugglers will just add a few crates of them to their drug imports. duh. I hear the Chinese knock-offs are running around $350 to $400 a copy down there.

    There has never been a successful prohibition in the history of the planet. Ever. If it’s something some people want, they will always find a way to get it. If writing something on a piece of paper and calling it a law worked then why do we still have heroin and murder?

  10. ICEvictim says:

    AR-15 “style”.
    it’ll be the new buzzword spew on the “news” shows

  11. ICEvictim says:

    will there now be a waiting time on chainsaw purchases??

  12. Occam's Stubble says:

    No, you don’t need thirty rounds to hunt. You need thirty rounds to protect yourself from Democrats.

  13. TheChaoticStorm says:

    The replies to that tweet are comedy gold! I almost woke my kids up laughing!!

  14. Steve2 says:

    No matter how hilarious a chainsaw bayonet may be, libsheep will be utterly terrified by them because msm told them to be.

  15. OldSailor says:

    I made the mistake of drinking some coffee when I first read this report on line. Coffee and keyboards don’t play well together and coming out of your nose feels … weird. 😀

  16. OldSailor says:

    In my case it’s with a 1911 in .45ACP nearby. If I touch that cannon off in the middle of the night the whole neighborhood will know it.

  17. OldSailor says:

    Very, very true Ted.

  18. OldSailor says:

    Don’t laugh. If it didn’t make it into this USA Today “news article” it’s only because they didn’t want to spare the column space for it.

  19. OldSailor says:

    No, the left will just try to ban them entirely or require a totally useless Federal records check … like the ones done on Kelley and Holmes and …

  20. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    That option is popular with the randy lads of ISIS. It makes beheading corpses much easier.

  21. TED says:

    Main bedroom is a 1911 .45 ACP, Computer room is a Colt .357 Mag and Living room is an uncommon Glock .45 GAP.

  22. Nick Testa says:

    C’mon we all know the meaner a gun looks the more damage it can do…lol

    I swear progressives are like children in adult bodies with adult rights. It’s like they view everything out of a lens of a kid.

    I have literally no idea what that video is supposed to prove. What? if you put after stock mods on your AR that somehow means what and does what?

    Oh, and anyone can buy a chainsaw – even a 10 year-old, which makes the added bayonet scare tactics even more hilarious…

  23. Sean says:

    I want a dozen of those things, except diesel engine driven!

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