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Feb 15 2019

USC’s Totalitarian Task Force on University Nomenclature

The liberal War on History that went into high gear with the campaign to rid America of references to the Confederacy did not stop with erasing prominent historical figures like Robert E. Lee. Everyone who has a building named after him must be tried before the court of current leftist orthodoxy. Those who fail to pass muster are consigned to the Memory Hole. The University of Southern California has created a task force for this very purpose:

In a memo Monday, Provost Michael Quick said the community is “having important conversations about the names of certain buildings, monuments, and symbols” that “may evoke views and practices that we no longer support.”

These elements of campus also “may cause pain for members of our community,” interfering in the private university’s quest to be “a national leader in equity and inclusion” and create a “safe, welcoming, and supportive campus,” Quick wrote.

Quick proclaimed the formation of the Task Force on University Nomenclature.

When a society succumbs to totalitarianism, fame is no antidote to mortality. No matter how mainstream your views are in the present, if they pass through a period of political incorrectness in the future, you will be condemned as “problematic” and erased. No one escapes from the Thought Police, least of all great figures of history, because those who control the present control the past.

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