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Mar 18 2013

USDA to Furlough Meat Inspectors While Advertising Food Stamps to Mexicans

Here is how Wikipedia describes the Washington Monument Syndrome…

The Washington Monument syndrome, also known as the Mount Rushmore Syndrome, or the firemen first principle, is a political tactic used in the United States by government agencies when faced with budget cuts. The tactic entails cutting the most visible or appreciated service provided by the government, from popular services such as national parks and libraries to valued public employees such as teachers and firefighters. The name derives from the National Park Service’s alleged habit of saying that any cuts would lead to an immediate closure of the wildly popular Washington Monument. Critics compare the tactic to hostage taking or blackmail.

…and here is how Obama’s USDA puts it into practice:

Salmonella outbreaks. E. coli outbreaks. Millions of dollars in economic losses.

These are among the scenarios the Obama administration warned about last month as it claimed the sequester would force the U.S. Department of Agriculture to furlough meat inspectors.

But while the administration prepares to take that step, it continues to pursue a “partnership” with the Mexican government to “raise awareness” about food stamps among immigrants from that country. When a top Senate Republican proposed cutting off funds for that program last week — in the form of an amendment to a budget resolution — Democrats on the Budget Committee shot it down.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) estimates the immediate cost of this malignant program to be in the $millions. The long-term cost is incalculable, since the obvious purpose is to lure Third-Worlders into the USA with government handouts in hopes of massively expanding the intergenerational welfare dependency that provides the Democrat Party with its base.

obama food stamp
Recruiting addicts internationally.

On a tip from Dr. 9.

22 Responses to “USDA to Furlough Meat Inspectors While Advertising Food Stamps to Mexicans”

  1. Doug says:

    Beelzebub Bucks!

  2. Flu-Bird says:

    More of Obamas acts of treason more reasons he needs to be impeached

  3. Ummah Gummah says:


    Like I and others said before, the GOP can never win the immigration bidding war with the RATS. Which is why they should STICK TO AMERICAN PRINCIPLES and JUST SAY NO to Amnesty altogether.

    BUT: Make your case LOUDLY.

    Meanwhile ILLEGALS have been getting healthcare already and are now making commercials to get Obamacare as well:

    The GALL! Well, their guy’s in the White House again so you can’t blame them for trying.

    Hey KuntryKlubberz: Care to JOIN the Immigration Bidding War?


  4. ED357 says:

    I thought “food stamps” were demeaning…..

    and the reason why we now have “EBT” cards…….

    Moochers don’t want the other people in the grocery line to know that they’re moochers.

  5. Wilberforce says:

    Remember this every time a prog squeals that we can’t afford to cut one thin dime anywhere or ask how we’ll “pay for” any cut in taxes whatsoever.

  6. Ummah Gummah says:


    Right now the Rats are offering FREE food stamps to ILLEGALS. Healthcare too.. How far is the GOP willing to go to outbid them?

    Do they realize that NON-VOTERS outnumber illegals by staggering proportions??!!!

    I still don’t understand why this VAST untapped reservoir of NON-VOTERS is not being engaged by the GOP. They are mostly Conservatives, Patriots and Libertarians. I NEVER see any poll asking NON-Voter CITIZENS about how they would likely vote, while the libs keep squawking on and on about the ILLEGAL vote.

    What have I been saying about libs and the premises they push? IGNORE them and look completely elsewhere. They are doing everything they can to keep the GOOPers from figuring it out themselves. But then, they would have to be far more conservative and patriotic than they are willing to even pretend to be right now.

    I consider the NON-VOTE the same as all the untapped oil and gas we have in the ground.



  7. Ummah Gummah says:


    I am REALLY losing my PATIENCE with these feckless IDIOTS running the GOP!!

    I don’t even hear it mentioned on ANY of the talk shows, not even on Savage.

    Screw the “Latino Vote” racket!



  8. Ummah Gummah says:


    If NON-VOTERS were potential DemocRATS, you would be hearing about them blasting from all the media channels just as much as you currently hear about ILLEGALS!!


    It’s America’s BEST-KEPT secret.


  9. Skyfall says:

    Ummah, you may have thought yourself up an iconic term there. I’m serious. FRACK THE VOTE! I know a guy that does commercial screen printing. That has GOT to be a tee-shirt!

    Problem is, the left has the MSM, newspapers, TV and movies. The RINO’s / GOP establishment has Fox and most of talk radio. Obama himself is commanding supernatural power (not joking) and between those three things, we’ve pretty much had it. I will keep going as if there is a chance to turn things around, but in my heart I believe that God is bringing America to it’s knees for his purposes.

  10. Sam Adams says:

    Here’s the deal…do I trust the government more than I trust McDonald’s? A government meat inspector is inspecting for quality. If he screws up, people get sick, but no one knows who screwed up. If a Mc’Donald’s inspector screws up people get sick, they blame McDonald’s; McDonald’s looses millions of dollars. Then they improve their meat inspection efforts.

    Remember how safe all those government oil well inspectors kept the BP folks working in the gulf?

  11. Ummah Gummah says:



    FRACK THE VOTE ™ is very available to any T-shirt printers willing to spread the word!

    I claim completely Non-Capitalist Authorship FOR THE FURTHERANCE OF THE CAUSE: Freedom, Patriotism and Capitalism!

    Anyone feel free to USE and spread the word! Party Crasher have at it, but please do send me one free shirt if you decide to do it.

    How contradictory is that?

    FRACK THE VOTE !!!!!!


  12. Bill T says:

    Mayor Banberg has found something else to go after and raise tax revenue at the same time.

  13. Flu-Bird says:

    More from the dmecRAT party

  14. Bill T says:

    Welfare Vacations – A must see
    This is only California. Think what goes on in other states like Georgia, New York , New Jersey , Pennsylvania , Michigan , & others.This is insanity!

  15. Flu-Bird says:

    Satan is the founder of the UNITED NATIONS

  16. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    This will likely lead to an artificial shortage of shackle space
    Meat prices will rise.
    Prices at the farm gate will plummet.
    The USDA needs to cut about 50 million because of the sequester
    But at least they can still study Christmas tree rot

  17. Dr. 9 says:

    We have been told that the US will be a predominantly non-White nation in 25 years. And, there are people working very hard to make that happen. Did you think they were kidding?

  18. T says:

    It is easy to be misled when the media are biased. That’s all the more reason we need alternative news sources.

  19. Chris in N.Va. says:

    USDA has a budget waaaay in excess of $150 BILLION and more than 100,000 employees….and the ONLY place to save money is cutting back on Meat Inspectors?


    Having worked an IT contract years ago at USDA and talked with some of the staff, I would guess that cutting back on paper clips, rubber bands and unnecessary overpriced conferences/junkets would save WAY more than enough to counterbalance the pittance allegedly saved with the No-Meat-Inspectors-We’re-All-Going-To-Die bogeyman.

    Just another punish-the-peasants temper tantrum from our little spoiled-brat-child-king for their daring to allow HIS OWN budget cuts to be enacted.

  20. Flu-Bird says:


  21. mtminer says:

    The last time I checked it was still illegal for illegals to vote. Time for conservative district attorneys to start prosecuting. If not the battle cry will become “To arms to arms the deadbeats are coming”.

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