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Sep 10 2023

Vaccine Poetry

If Democrats maintain power after next year’s election, they are apt to inflict more Covid tyranny, including mask mandates, pressure to take experimental vaccines, and even a return to lockdowns. If Trump wins, don’t be surprised if you get the same. But look at the bright side — at least we’ll have poetry:

To coincide with the Global Vaccine Impact Conference, Gavi has commissioned spoken word artists from across the globe to compose new unique works celebrating the power of immunisation.

Prepare yourself for “My Vaccine, My Health,” by Makida El-Husseini of Ghana:

Inspiring words for Covid vax true believers:

Health is vaccination
It protects the immunity of our system
To fly away from deadly viruses and chronic diseases
that plague our growing greens to a demise
Vaccines are life

Life, that breathes into the souls of humanity’s existence
And eschew the brutality of the cold breeze of death

Vaccines have saved any number of lives. Too bad we can no longer trust them not to make us sick.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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