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Dec 13 2019

Valedictorian Struggles with Remedial Math

We read that requiring standardized tests for college admissions is racist because “disparate impact.” The Los Angeles Times tells us that “high school grades are the strongest single predictor of college performance” rather than objective tests. Then we read that a Detroit high school valedictorian is struggling with remedial math at Michigan State:

“Marqell McClendon has struggled in the low-level math class she’s taking during her first semester at Michigan State University,” the news outlet Chalkbeat reported Nov. 15. McClendon, the valedictorian of her graduating class at Detroit’s Cody High School, was used to getting all A’s, but found herself asking strangers to help her with her college coursework, it said.

MSU has pushed for admitting more racial minorities in the name of diversity. Its “incoming freshman class is predicted to be the largest and most diverse in the school’s history, with more than 8,400 anticipated students,” the school stated in May 2018, noting that black enrollment was up 24%.

As for academic standards, let’s just say that a degree from Michigan State may be worth substantially less than students who don’t get financial aid for being “disadvantaged” have to pay for it.

Affirmative Action doesn’t go far enough. What is the use of accepting unqualified persons of politically preferred pigmentation at the expense of qualified whites if they just flunk out anyway? The freedom to fail is racist. If standards get in the way of equity, standards must go.

In 2016, MSU removed the requirement that all students at least take algebra in either college or high school. Algebra is taught in eighth grade in many schools. Meanwhile, Wayne State University in Detroit dropped its general-education math requirement altogether.

That’s okay. The experts tell us that math is a tool of racist oppression anyway.

Soon everyone will have a college degree. At that point, the general level of education will reach rock bottom. Americans will be unable to read their own useless diplomas.

In a world run by bleeding heart liberals, all meaning is leached out of everything so that it can be replaced with political correctness. A college degree becomes as meaningless as a beauty crown, or being chosen the Person of the Year or Sportsperson of the Year.

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