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May 14 2018

Växjö, Sweden Subjects Citizens to Islamic Call to Prayer After Refusing to Let Church Ring Bell

Give them an inch, they will take a mile. Since Sweden starts by offering a mile, they demand the whole country. The city of Växjö is a case in point:

Getting permission for the call to prayer in Växjö was just the beginning for Sweden’s Muslims. While a clear majority of Swedes are against broadcasting the Call to Prayer, Muslims now seem to want them all over the country, Fria Tider reports.

In addition to Växjö, Karlskrona, Fittja, and Botkyrka also subject their citizens to the Muslim call to prayer. That is only the beginning, if spokesman for Växjö’s Muslim Foundation Avdi Islami has his way.

“We want to call out at more places. There are many Muslims who are Swedish citizens, who have the same rights as everyone else,” he says.

The same rights? Hardly:

The mosque had become a flashpoint of national controversy, with the leader of the Christian Democrats instructing local politicians to vote against the call to prayer and the head of one of Sweden’s leading Jewish organizations supporting the mosque on the grounds that not allowing the call to prayer would damage integration.

Although the decision is now a done deal, the controversy is unlikely to die down in light of Smålandsposten’s revelation that the Catholic church Sankt Mikaels has twice been denied the right to ring church bells on the grounds that it would be disturbing to area residents. The church is roughly 1.5 kilometres from the mosque.

It is just a small bell located inside the church that according to the priest cannot be heard far, but unlike the Religion of Peace, Christianity is repressive so it must be repressed rigorously.

Barack Obama says the unpleasantly eerie Islamic call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth.” He will love the Sweden of the near future.

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