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Sep 03 2017

Vegan ISIS

It is a relief to learn that there are limits to how much evil and insanity even many liberals will endorse. Antifa is so far beyond the pale, it has lost Nasty Pelosi, The Washington Compost, and even The Daily Show:

But Antifa can rest assured that The Paper of Record stands firmly behind it.

On tips from TCS III and Torcer.

7 Responses to “Vegan ISIS”

  1. ramrodd says:

    Black Lives Matter now gets very little coverage..

    Black Lives Matter protestors wanted to see dead cops

  2. Scunion says:

    JV team

  3. NMS says:

    This is exactly what they want. Do not let the left carry out their signaling to moderates by cheerleading them when they put up these fascades. Tie antifa to their f-ing necks and parade them through the streets. This is how we lose the messaging war, have our RINOs come put in support of antifa and Pelousey denounces them. Honestly, I am f-ing sick of being Charlie Brown getting the football pulled from him.

  4. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Sometimes no news isn’t good news. BLM could be up to something and have gone underground to keep it quiet.

    Don’t be surprised though if next spring BLM is handing out scholarships to high school students. That’s how they’ll “soften” their image to make friends with moderates a/k/a brainless voters.

  5. lgeubank says:

    Antifa: the fascist proponents of a one-party-state, who oppose every word, deed and election of their political opponents.

  6. Saraflockard says:

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