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Jul 04 2019

Veganism Kills Animals

Vegans screech that a normal human diet is morally wrong because it kills animals. If so, then veganism is wrong too. You cannot grow veggies on a large scale without killing animals:

Tasmanian Gourmet Farmer Matthew Evans said many people don’t understand what is involved in producing crops and that many animals are just part of the collateral damage in modern farming.

Wildlife fences are used to protect crops, but it still necessary to kill many animals to make farming feasible.

Evans reports that possums and wallabies are killed in particularly large numbers in Australian pea farming. Rice farms kill ducks by the hundreds of thousands. Adding insult to injury, honeybees are subjected to exploitation for pollination purposes.

Producing one kilogram of protein from wheat … kills roughly 25 times more creatures than producing a kilogram [of] beef protein.

It isn’t just PETA that kills animals. Veganism does too.

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