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May 24 2019

Vegans Get 3-Month Sentence for Starving Baby

Vegans are welcome to eat or rather not eat whatever they want, and even to act comically self-righteous about it — but not to inflict their unnatural and extremely unhealthy diet on innocent kids. Authorities have had enough in Belgium — and even in moonbatty Sweden:

A vegan couple [in] Sweden was sentenced to three months in jail on Thursday for putting their 18-month-old child on a restrictive diet and leaving the girl malnourished and near death. …

The child … was being fed a diet consisting of breast milk, brown rice and potatoes. She was taken to the hospital in serious condition in February, according to The Local. The girl spent three weeks at the hospital and was placed into foster care.

Doctors diagnosed her condition as due to “prolonged starvation.” Her weight was about right — for a 6-month-old.

“According to their ideological belief that the daughter was a citizen of the world, her parents did not even report the birth to any authority, have her checked at a pediatric center, or even weigh or measure her growth. Nor has the girl been vaccinated or examined by a doctor,” a court statement said.

Foster care is likely to be a big improvement over being raised by moonbats.

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