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Feb 05 2017

Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System for Dispersing Moonbats

For once taxpayers would get their money’s worth if U.C. Berkeley would invest in one of these. Next time anti–free speech moonbats riot and attack police with fireworks, it could be put to excellent use:

Machine guns or napalm might provide more emotional satisfaction, but the V-MADS will do unless the moonbattery situation gets even further out of hand.

On a tip from 762×51.

17 Responses to “Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System for Dispersing Moonbats”

  1. Bosun Higgs says:

    Hertz means pain!

  2. SNuss says:

    I suggest that anyone wearing a mask, who commits violent actions, either destruction of property, or physical assaults, should be treated as a domestic terrorist. They should be stopped by any means necessary, including by shooting them.
    Care to bet that these protests would become more civil, after some of these criminals get shot during their illegal acts?

  3. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    This thing needs to be field tested ASAP. Though I’d hate to see it used on terrorists where we’ve been using bullets so far.. they have a tendency to get back out when a wimpy traitor becomes President…

  4. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    This unit should be tested on whoever produced this nasty piece of Stasi propaganda:

  5. Cecil Henry says:

    The anti-SJW weapon.

    I feel a great Triggering coming.

  6. Jack Bauer says:

    Fun as it would be to be the operator of such a system being used on a bunch of rioting lefties, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for something like this to be deployed by local or even state police organizations– and not just because of the expense.

    In an urban environment, a mob simply moving around corners could defeat it, because it would require moving the vehicle and re-positioning the beam each time. With the chaos and debris, and innocent civilians in the area, associated with your typical riot, this would not always be so easy. Furthermore its non-lethal aspect relies on the idea that people immediately move out of the range of the beam, but a person incapacitated due to injury (being trampled, etc.) could easily end up with burns on their skin from a longer exposure. Can just see the headlines in the NYT next day: “Police fire DEATH-RAY at ‘protesters’ “….lol.

    This device was first proposed almost two decades ago, and has been pretty much abandoned in the configuration shown here, though continued research by DOD is going on for a more portable version. Ideally, if one could be made small enough to operate from a helicopter, you could chase the bastards around corners easily or down the street, which would no doubt be great sport. But the power requirements for this non-lethal weapon are pretty robust, and so far a more mobile version has only been experimented with in a down-sized version operating from a specially equipped C130 platform. Still, probably not that useful for an urban setting.

    Two of these systems as seen in the video, were deployed in Afghanistan but were subsequently returned without having ever been used in a combat situation. One of the drawbacks is the system requires almost perfect weather. It’s effectiveness reduces substantially if there is fog, drizzle, dust, smoke, rain or snow. It was also discovered that rioters, who now often show up for a fight carrying shields just like the police, could cover the shields in aluminum foil to protect themselves.

    In a way, this device symbolizes the way a lot of DOD people make decisions to solve a problem, which is something I learned as a contractor many years ago. If there’s choice between a $5 solution to a problem vs. a $50,000 solution, which work almost equally well, they’ll go for the $50k solution nearly every time.

    Bottom line: The sole purpose of this is to disperse people from an area. Tear gas and flash-bangs still work pretty cheaply, as would a round through the head of one of them, as suggested below by “SNuss”…lol.

  7. BiffWellington says:

    Crank it up to eleven!

  8. Karma's Janitor says:

    Grunts call it the Habanero Ray

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  10. bigg_tomm_2000 says:

    Set phasors on sun.

  11. Pyrran says:

    Wasn’t there also a version of this that used high frequency sound waves?

  12. Mr. Freemarket says:

    1. Pretty tough to carry an aluminum foil shield large enough to protect your entire body.
    2. Military people do their best work when they are killing people and breaking things. In the US, there are few opportunities to actually do that.
    3. What the DOD really wants is “set your phasers on stun.” It’s going to be a while before that technology is developed.

  13. 762x51 says:

    LRAD uses sound but not to produce a heat affect. It just uses raw db to make a sound you have to cover your ears and run to get away from. Or not as demonstrated in the link below. The “Sound Cannon” has actually been deployed by police. Millimeter wave directed energy weapons are a different class of weapon system. Both are subject to the Inverse Square Law 1/r^2, that is, the Intensity decreases by the square of the distance. Both can be defeated, but I’m not saying how.

  14. 762x51 says:

    It has been field tested, just never deployed. It is useless in a combat zone and is intended for use domestically against the American people.

    In Iraq or Afghanistan, some hajji would just crank off an RPG at it and problem solved. Most Americans don’t have RPGs,

    THEL is the next step up, a vehicle mounted chemical laser producing a beam hot enough to detonate rockets, artillery shells, even mortar rounds in flight. It in’t science fiction anymore.

  15. 762x51 says:

    Be careful what you wish for. The pendulum swings both ways. When the Progressives regain power, they would most probably take that to heart, being predisposed to mass executions anyway.

    A relatively neutered government is the safest for the citizenry, as the founders knew.

  16. SNuss says:

    If the government doesn’t discourage these kind of lawbreakers, anarchy will reign. I want them arrested, or otherwise punished for these illegal acts. Such behaviors cannot be allowed to continue.

  17. 762x51 says:

    Anarchy has a pretty good foothold now. Local law enforcement has been discouraged if not outright barred from enforcing existing law. As you know, there is a strong anti-cop culture at work here with a collaborator media. Any attempt to enforce existing laws against these protests will result in more and bigger protests, that is how the Progressives have constructed this scenario and so the rebellion will grow.

    No enforcement will embolden them, enforcement will further anger and escalate them.

    We are literally in a time now where no matter what is done the enemy strength will grow. I predicted this long ago and no one listened, I have warned about it incessantly for YEARS and no one listened, I’m saying it now and even though it is happening in real time, still no one is listening.

    Civil war is inevitable, all one has to do is watch the events unfold each day now. The Ft. Sumter event is coming, it is only a matter of time. Whether that time frame is two weeks, two months or two years, who can tell.

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