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Jun 02 2024

Vermont Moves to Outlaw Energy Production

With the approval of the malevolent lunatics comprising the liberal media, Vermont is moving to effectively outlaw energy production by looting to death companies that engage in it:

Vermont has become the first state to enact a law requiring fossil fuel companies to pay a share of the damage caused by climate change after the state suffered [because there was weather].

According to leftist dogma, weather is caused by the fossil fuels that make everything go and keep us alive.

“Republican” Governor Phil Scott bleated about the imaginary climate crisis and the evils of Big Oil while refusing to veto the insane bill, confirming that RINO collaborators are worse than useless.

Under the legislation, the Vermont state treasurer, in consultation with the Agency of Natural Resources, would provide a report by Jan. 15, 2026, on the total cost to Vermonters and the state from the emission of greenhouse gases from Jan. 1, 1995, to Dec. 31, 2024. The assessment would look at the effects on public health, natural resources, agriculture, economic development, housing and other areas.

How much does weather caused by energy production cost Vermonters in terms of housing? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

The idea is to loot energy companies out of existence and then freeze in the dark so as to curry favor with liberals’ atavistic weather gods.

The end result would be a nationalized energy industry. To see what that would be like, refer to oil-rich Venezuela, where they can’t keep the lights on.

Eric Utter proposes a response:

Not one drop of oil should be directed towards Vermont. Let Vermonters freeze to death in the winter — or die of heatstroke in the allegedly rapidly warming climate. No affordable gasoline to power your vehicles so you can go to work, the hospital, out to eat, or on vacation? Too bad, dumbasses. Think about that — and the myriad of other products that are made from petroleum — the next time you are going to vote.

Too bad the approach isn’t feasible — if only because other Democrat-dominated states (Maryland, Massachusetts, New York) are already planning to follow suit.

If their ham-fisted banana republic tactics succeed, and Democrats prevail in November, Biden’s handlers will be emboldened to inflict this looting spree nationwide.

Enjoy electricity and transportation while you can. In a country menaced by leftists, nothing can be taken for granted.

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