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Sep 30 2016

Veterans’ Bodies Left to Decompose in VA Hospital Morgue

After 40 vets died while languishing on a secret waiting list at the Phoenix VA hospital, Obama proclaimed that he took the issue of VA mismanagement “very seriously.” He even barked, “I will not stand for it. There must be consequences.” The problem ought to be right up his alley, considering that it involves Big Government providing healthcare. Two years have passed; the Moonbat Messiah should have it all fixed by now. Just to make sure, let’s check in on the state that launched his political career:

An Illinois Veterans Affairs hospital already under fire for excessive wait times, festering black mold and kitchen cockroaches [repeatedly served in food] faces a new shame – the bodies of dead patients left unclaimed in the morgue for up to two months without proper burial, whistleblower documents allege.

The whistleblower, whose identity is not being revealed for fear of retaliation, complained last month to the VA’s inspector general about the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital’s handling of veterans’ remains in cases where families have not come forward to claim the body. The complaint singled out Christopher Wirtjes, chief of Patient Administrative Services, saying “The Chief of PAS has the funds available, yet has no sense of urgency to lay the veteran to rest.”

Of course the funds are available; the Obama Administration has been setting new records for revenue. If giving money to bureaucrats solved problems, we would have heaven on earth by now.

On at least one occasion, a body had liquefied and the bag burst when staff had attempted to move it, said Alissa McCurley, [Senator Mark] Kirk’s deputy chief of staff.

Politics these days makes you feel like you are living in a horror movie. If only we really were. Then we could watch the vets escape the morgue and seek their just revenge.

Avoid the morgue.

On a tip from Troy.

16 Responses to “Veterans’ Bodies Left to Decompose in VA Hospital Morgue”

  1. BillyBob Bob says:

    I guess deep ditches out back would be too obvious for the single payer VA ‘health’ program.

  2. Occam's Stubble says:

    Soylent Green!

  3. FrozenPatriot says:

    Avoid the morgue? Avoid the government…

  4. KHarn says:

    Turning the VA parking lot into a “potters’ field” would be a cheep solution and far more dignified than what they do now.
    But at least they didn’t do to the veterans what was done to Elmer McCurdy.

  5. grayjohn says:

    Leftists respect NOTHING.

  6. ArmyAviator says:

    Wrong! Leftists respect OTHER PEOPLE’s money, when they can take it from you, or cheat the government out of OUR money!

  7. DrMicahStone says:

    OBOZO’s VA: first they kill veterans, then they desecrate their remains.

  8. ray says:

    The V.A. facilities — like the rest of New Amerika — are full of female staff, female nurses, female counselors, female everything except, of course, actual veterans. Lots of women with GREAT government or NGO ‘careers’, and lots of impoverished, injured, and abused vets. Ain’t that Amerika.

    Last time I was at one of their clinics, a woman off the street came in and slapped me in the face while I was checking in to my appointment at the computer kiosk. Welcome to our Facility! In Here is just like out There!

    After that, the ‘Team’ (consisting of, yep, two women) took my meds away and handed me a bag of mineral supplements instead. Ha ha! Die, sukkah! But die quietly, somewhere else. Ha ha! We do whatever we want to you, then wave the flag once a year on Veteran’s Day, and yammer new lies. Suck it, dupe patriot! I’ve got your job and your power. Now we watch you die slowly while pretending We Care. Ha ha ha!

    The only males left in V.A. clinics are the ever-present Security People, who are there to see that the (female) staff are at liberty to do whatever evil they want to the (male) veterans. Make a complaint about your beatdowns, and here comes Mr. Cuckservative Security to ream you out, and threaten you with the local police.

    The decades pass, the Beatdown goes on, but not forever little punks.

  9. Torquer says:

    Hey, 7.62 IQ…have I told you yet today to kiss my ass you scumbag piece of shit?

    Sorry for the delay. Consider a good deed done today.

  10. 762x51 says:

    Why tell me when you can show me? The offer is always open, coward.

  11. 762x51 says:

    That stench isn’t “decomp”, its Progressive big government.

  12. 762x51 says:

    So long as people continue fall for the uni-party election scam, it will continue.

    Remember, in just 38 days days, most will go to the polls to select a new ruler, will it be the NY Progressive or the NY Progressive? This one is a real nail biter. Either way, veterans get the short end of the stick.

  13. grayjohn says:

    They worship it, they’ll trade their souls for it, but they don’t respect it.

  14. ray says:

    Trump has given lip-service to the Vaginal Administration, but he’s a billionaire — so basically, clueless. He doesn’t know why or how the V.A. institutional problems started (during the second half of Nam, as part of informal govt./cultural policy) and he doesn’t really have a clue how to solve the problems. You don’t ‘solve’ bullying, lies, selfishness, and general thuggery by making ‘administrative changes’. You solve them by speaking truth and kicking asses, and Trump isn’t ready for that truth, and neither is this nation. This nation hates the truth, about anything.

    Meanwhile, Barack Hussein identifies veterans as part of the Deplorable Enemy, who are not amenable to his New Amerika,. that desires to use and then abuse them. So they all do whatever they want to us, and then complain about what a tremendous problem we are, while with-holding from us the little relief available. Then they cackle at us in our suffering.

  15. 762x51 says:

    True, plus he doesn’t realize he would need Congress to make the necessary changes. He is used to waving his scepter and making things happen. We have seen how the ‘Republican” controlled Congress jumped on the problems at the Virtual Asylum when they came to light more than two years ago. Remember all that sweeping VA reform legislation they passed? Yeah, me either.

    As much as I despise Comrade Chairman Obama, that which used to be the Republican Party bears substantial responsibility as well. Now that it is controlled by Progressives, it will not lift a finger to help either.

    Take that clown show in Denver for example. Moving at the speed of government, that hospital is years behind in construction and more than a Billion dollars over budget. The design work began during the Clinton years, they broke ground on it in 2010 and it STILL is not enclosed to the weather, latest estimates are that it will be Jan 2018 before construction is completed, then they will need to start moving equipment in and getting it operational, another year, minimum. Once ready, you will have a facility that is literally the final implementation of a twenty-five year old design that will have 148 beds, 20 more than the current hospital. Much of the equipment it was designed to house is no longer made, much less used and modern hospital management systems like wireless RFID tagging / tracking of equipment had not been invented when design began. The facility will be obsolete the day it opens.

    How many of the problems like long wait times, inadequate care, etc, could have been solved for a Billion dollars do you suppose?

  16. ray says:

    “As much as I despise Comrade Chairman Obama, that which used to be the Republican Party bears substantial responsibility as well. Now that it is controlled by Progressives, it will not lift a finger to help either.”

    Of course not. The Beatdown is an ongoing feature of New Amerika — not a bug. We have been ‘taught a lesson’ the last forty years by our superiors in the Republicrat Party. There are now a LOT of great jobs in the Vaginal Adminstration . . . for hard-charging, empowered females. Who aren’t vets. Ha Ha Ha!

    And as you point out re Denver, there is a LOT of government pork attached to V.A. ‘projects’ and other scams. Like the ‘Choice Card’ system that was supposed to allow us to avoid travelling 400 miles (and waiting five months) to get a V.A. ‘specialist’ appointment, i.e., basically to have any actual medical work done. Just try getting a ‘local physician’ via the Choice Card Program. LOL! The only people that benefitted were the groups of WOMEN that Barack Hussein’s government hired to ‘administer’ the Choice Card Program. And don’t even get me started on the graft and pork attached to V.A. building and building-rental projects.

    PLENTY of money for all these useless lies and projects, PLENTY of money for the salaries and benefits of female V.A. employees, but no money to deliver actual services to (male) vets. They all belong in jail but New Amerika ain’t up for that, so I guess I’ll have to wait until their lying punk asses are tossed into hell. They won’t be buying and lying their way out of that.


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