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Aug 07 2019

Victoria Secret Bullied Into Hiring Cross-Dressing Model

Progressives can pride themselves on having bullied their way to another milestone on the road to utopia. Victoria Secret has hired its first transgender model. Not even prurient lingerie is sacred to liberal social engineers:

Women’s lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has hired its first transgender model in Brazilian actress [sic] Valentina Sampaio, the film star’s agent confirmed to Entertainment Tonight.

To its credit, Victoria’s Secret put up resistance. Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek poo-pooed the idea of grossing out customers with male models pretending to be girls. But then the outrage mob descended and he quickly apologized for being “insensitive” — i.e., insubordinate. Now this:

Leftist publications like Vogue blaze the trail into absolute moonbattery. Everyone else is forced to march along behind. Maybe Bradley Manning will be the next Victoria’s Secret model:

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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