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Mar 21 2020

Video Evidence: Media Moonbats Are as Racist as Trump

Liberal media attempts to exploit the Wuhan virus as an opportunity to castigate Trump started out feebly, with hype over the apocryphal “gag order” on Anthony Fauci. From there, they have deteriorated from lame to pathetic. Now we are told that Trump is the worst imaginable sort of person, i.e., a racist, because he has referred to it as the “Chinese virus.”

This is racist because, like the overwhelming majority of people on the planet, Chinese aren’t Caucasian. It is therefore a sin against political correctness to associate them with a disease.

Media moonbats want us to forget that until the talking point went around that saying “Wuhan,” “China,” or “Chinese” in the context of the virus is now racist, they were publicly using these words to describe the virus themselves. After all, “coronavirus” is not very descriptive, considering that a common cold can be a coronavirus.

Try not to gag on their insufferable hypocrisy:

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.

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