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Jul 27 2018

Viktor Stevenson, Beverage Kiosk Owner of Color, Joins the Hate Hoax List

Lucratively oppressed Harvard race-baiter Henry Louis Gates Jr. squawked about the police arresting him for breaking into his own house and then indulging in disorderly conduct. That got him invited to the White House. Why wouldn’t other Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation follow his example? Looks like Viktor Stevenson, owner of a beverage kiosk in San Francisco, wants to be a famous victim too. He claimed that police oppressed him on a racial basis on suspicion of breaking into his own business:

More phony bellyaching from Stevenson:

“Being black at my business minding my business and someone called the police and said I was breaking in. People die because of this kinda misuse of police resources and racial profiling everyday. I’m just blessed to be alive and to tell my story and hopefully can help spark some major changes in how these situations are handled. It’s a criminal act and should be treated as such,” he wrote.

Police were responding to an actual burglary. Stevenson was on the phone with a security company when they arrived. Yet again, bodycam video confirms that the police were complete gentlemen. No, the hoaxer’s life was not in jeopardy.

The video can be seen here. Note the absence of “almost drawn” guns as well as the swarthy pigmentation of the cop he primarily interacted with.

If the police had taken his word for it that he owned the store rather than sensibly asking to see his ID, he would scream on social media that the cops didn’t care about catching the burglar because it was a black-owned store.

The profusion of these hoaxes constitutes prime evidence that the liberal narrative is lie. No hoaxes would be needed if privileged PPPPs were even remotely oppressed.

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