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Dec 07 2016

Villanova University Gives Up on Nothingburger Hate Crime

Villanova University coughs up another entry for the Hate Hoax List:

Villanova University has ended its probe into a report of a black female student who allegedly was knocked down by young white males yelling “Trump” because the student does not want to pursue the matter, according to the university.

Radnor Township police last month announced they had closed their investigation into the matter for the same reason. Villanova spokesman Jonathan Gust said at the time that the university would continue its probe and hold accountable any individuals responsible for wrongdoing at the university level.

No doubt he would love to. But that’s hard to do when the alleged victim refuses to pursue the matter, likely because the incident never happened.

He declined to say why the student did not want to cooperate or whether the university knows the identities of the males allegedly involved in the incident.

Gust also would not comment on what the university’s probe into the matter uncovered.

Probably that means it did not uncover anything useful for advancing The Narrative.

Even assuming it ever happened, the event would hardly constitute oppression.

The incident was alleged to have occurred in a SEPTA [South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority] tunnel on campus the evening of Nov. 10, two days after the presidential election. Lt. Andy Block of Radnor Township police said that police believe the men were running through the tunnel yelling “Trump” and that the woman got knocked down, but police don’t know whether it was intentional or what the motive was.

Imagine explaining to an Auschwitz survivor that this was a hate crime worthy of weeks of investigation by the police and the university.


The closure of the investigation “does not diminish the concerns and discussions that have taken place on campus, as they have in many places throughout the country, and that have led to some important dialogue on campus,” Gust said.

On the contrary, it does diminish the bogus concerns and the counterproductive discussions — by reminding us that these incidents tend to be hyped-up trivia and/or fraudulent.

Another nothingburger piled high with racist oppression.

On tips from J, Dave F, and Steve A. Hat tip: The College Fix.

2 Responses to “Villanova University Gives Up on Nothingburger Hate Crime”

  1. JackisBack says:

    So even if it never happened, Gust feels false reporting of White on black crimes is good for open discussions. Total d–k.

  2. Vic Kelley says:

    Villanova is just begging for more malarkey from its black students who will never be appeased no matter how much bending over the university does.

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