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Jan 12 2023

Vintage Hate Hoax: Bob’s Burgers n’ Teriyakis

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery November 5, 2019:

The classic hate hoax consists of a lone person of politically preferred pigmentation or sexual derangement staging minor vandalism/harassment and blaming it on bigots to generate sympathetic attention and to propagandize on behalf of cultural Marxist ideology. But the phenomenon has been so successful that hoaxes are becoming more ambitious, involving different motives and a larger number of participants. From Seattle:

SeaTac police originally released information that at least two masked men tied up customers at Bob’s Burgers n’ Teriyakis on Oct. 19 and then demanded money from them and sexually assaulted two female customers.

Yesterday, King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht revealed it was a hoax.

“Today, I can confirm to you it was all a lie,” said Johanknecht. “Every employee present that evening, every customer, participated in a deliberate hoax.”

The motive:

Johanknecht said the people involved were trying to apply and get a U visa, which is set aside for victims of crimes and their immediate family members who have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse as a result of a crime while in the United States.

That’s one problem with giving out awards on the basis of victimhood rather than merit. Victimhood can be easier to fake.

Although details are unclear, this appears to belong on the Hate Hoax List:

The violent nature of the crime resulted in a massive manhunt for the alleged suspects, who were described as Samoan males. Sheriff Johanknecht said not only was this a false report, but also a “racially motivated one.”

At last word, there were no arrests, although law enforcement is getting sick of being sent on wild goose chases.

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